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WRECK: Jittery Post-2004 Joie de Vivre?

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 273: Jittery Post-2004 Joie de Vivre? streaming in the ether and via
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2005
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 273: Jittery Post-2004 Joie de Vivre?

      streaming in the ether and via internet: <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      6 December 2004 / 17-19.00

      "Š the rich are just like usŠ it's just where as we feel guilty for
      not being rich while living in America, they also
      feel a bit guilty, a bit, but not nearly as much as they feel
      GRATEFUL for not being usŠ"
      o Nancy Cohen, Tea for Two, a Radio Play

      "The band was not making music, it was simply murdering silence with
      a vulgar, ferocious energy.
      One felt as if witnessing a deed of violenceŠ"
      o Joseph Conrad, Victory

      We Remain Faded > Headphone Science [1]
      Es Läuft Schlecht für Bernd > Rocket Freudental [2]
      In Flight > Lusine Ici [3]
      The Evil Ones > Marcelo Radulovich [4]
      If God Were Alive (& he is) You Could Reach Him by Phone > Paul de
      Marinis & Ann Klingensmith [5]
      Surement > EZ3kiel [6]
      Church Bells > Speedy J vs Bass Communion vs Hia vs Grant Wakefield [7]
      Check fluff Filter > Phagz [8]
      Oudaïwa > Aïwa [9]
      Black Magheddo > The Seven Sages of Mesopotamia [10]
      Yawlidi > Souad Massi [9]
      Madre > Khaled [9]
      Oriental Wind > Wax Poetic [9]
      Zimmerpflanze > Rocket Freudental [2]
      Tranquility Fuckin' Bass [first Moon Walk > The Onion [11]
      Xin > Fat marley [9]
      Everyone Dub > SismX [12]
      The Fibonacci Number 4 > Prospero [13]
      Simoom > Lois V. Vierk [14]
      Showgh > Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Akbar Maradi [15]
      Simoom > Lois V. Vierk [14]
      Maqam-e Gel wa Darreh-avaz > Kayhan Kalhor & Ali Akbar Maradi [15]
      Lo-Fi Woman > Messer Chups vs. Lydia Kavina [16]

      [1] "We Remain Faded" on No Type <www.notype.com> Top 25 of 2003.
      [2] "Die Weisheit Wächst auf Bäumen" on Lautsprecher/Pavlek
      <contact@...> Uncontrolled spastic geniuses. Whittle a
      stick made of sound and jab it into unnamed human orifices.
      [3] "Condensed" on Hymen <www.klangstabil.com/hymen>. The sound of
      two-opposing thoughts caught in a cheap highway motel.
      [4] "The Evil Ones" on Titicacaman <www.titcaman.com> Great
      post-election sonic discontent.
      [5] Influential innner-life soundscapist. His work always has the
      feel of apparitions, hallucinations, misapprehensions, fleeting
      moments of satori.
      [6] "Barbary" on Jarring Effects <http://jarringeffects.free.fr> Top
      25 of 2003.
      [7] "The Force This Time" on Sub Rosa <www.firethis time.org>.
      Special Sub Rosa radio mix for Radio Libertaire & WTM-Paris.
      [8] "Popular Electronik Uzak" on Samboat <www.toolboxrecords.fr>.
      Intensely eclectic, wayward and right-on collection of weird / world
      / French electronica and sampleodix.
      [9] "World 2004" on <www.wrasserecords.com>. Non-patronizing world
      music not afraid to be non-pure and folksy. Good antidote to the easy
      listening of some Putumayo collections.
      [10] "The Seven Sages of Mesopotamia: Tales from Black Magheddo for
      Wreck this Mess" on Htz Records <www.htz-records.com>. A record I
      continue to turn to often. Top 10 of 2002.
      [11] "Vox Populari Mix" Top 10 of 2004.
      [12] "Shake the Nations! On Dubhead. Top 25 of 2004.
      [13] "Fibonacci" on Black Note <www.deconstructionist.com/blacknote>.
      Liner notes: "the fibonacci numbers are a self-creating recursive
      pattern. Each number is the sum of the previous 2 in the series. As
      the numbers grow larger, the proportion between 1 number and the next
      approaches Phi, the number that the ancient greeks revered as the
      Golden Mean, which they saw as the most beautiful and perfect
      geometric ratio.."
      [14] "Simoom" on XI. Sometimes mixes happen without warning. This one
      just came together as a mix of modern composers, post-dub and middle
      eastern pop and classical musician-composers. Simoom in Arabic means
      hot, dry, violent wind. LVV, born near Chicago in
      1951pianist-ethnomusicologist studied Gagku.
      [15] "In the Mirror of the Sky" on World village
      <www.worldvillage.com> excellent Persian music [spike fiddle, lute]
      with some yodel-esque vocals on some tracks. Mystical, elongated,
      [16] "I.D.E.A.L." on Lieu Unique <www.lieuunique.com>

      o Just trying to catch up at year's end with unposted playlists in
      this past year of incredibly intense and divergent feelings and
      emotions. I think the global tenor has begun to have a direct
      poisonous impact on the innermost feelings of humans. Then again, our
      personal un-green habits have a direct effect on the sad
      ecological/psycho-geological state of the world today. Music may be
      one of the few available tools to help bridge the gap between
      expectation and reality, hope and result. But then again, with the
      consistent genre and style mongering of commercial culture music is
      ever more used as a weapon to create disequilibrium, the suspicious
      paranoid feeling that we are being left behind when we do not
      massively consume. The feeling that we are instantly out of fashion,
      voicelessŠ this is being enforced by the structure of commerce
      because nothing leads to buying more than anxiety with the faint hope
      of hope and happiness as carrotŠ And so WTM remains as a little speed
      bump, a splintery door stop in this climate.

      o Patapoe continues to broadcast via the internet and will be back in
      the local air some time in mid-January.

      o Free Vermont!?" by Peter Lamborn Wilson / Interactivist Info
      ExchangeCollaborative Authorship, Collective Intelligence

      Should Vermont secede from the USA and declare itself independent
      again (as it was from 1777 to 1791) under the name Second Vermont
      Republic? This question was posed to attendees at a conference and a
      town meeting, both held in Middlebury, VT on the weekend after the
      national election, Nov. 5-7; and in both cases the answer was a
      nearly unanimous YES.

      The conference - Rad.Con 2 - was organized jointly by the Second
      Vermont Republic (SVR) and the UK-based Fourth World Organization
      (publishers of Fourth World Review), which sponsored the first
      "Radical Consultation" in Britain in September, 2001. American
      historian Kirkpatrick Sale contributes regularly to Fourth World and
      made the keynote speech at Rad.Con 2 in Middlebury. Fourth World
      proclaims itself (on the cover of each issue): "For Small Nations -
      Small Countries - Small Farms - Small Industries - Small Banks -
      Small Fisheries - & the Inalienable Sovereignty of the Human Spirit."

      This "platform" is largely based on the writings of the twentieth
      century philosophers, Leopold Kohr and E.F. Schumacher, summed up in
      the phrase "Small is beautiful". Radical decentralists, greens,
      bioregionalists, "buddhist economists", socialists, libertarian
      marxists, anti-globalists, Libertarians, separatists, "Third" and
      "Fourth World" nationalist movements, tribal rights militants,
      neo-luddites, true federalists, true conservatives (i.e.,
      conservationists and isolationist anarchists - and even a few
      disgusted Democrats - can all find something to admire in this

      The name Proudhon came up several times at Rad.Con 2, and I made sure
      to mention Lysander Spooner and the American Philosophical Anarchist
      view of secession: namely that small states are less bad than big
      ones; that every state has a perfect right to secede, as does every
      town, neighborhood family, group or individual; that every
      independent and autonomous individual and group has the right to
      confederate freely with others. Administration and economic
      organization should be undertaken by revokable delegates to regional
      congresses; public defense by a people's militia, etc. Š

      The question posed to Rad. Con. 2 delegates - "After the Fall of the
      American Empire, Then What?" - takes on extra urgency after the Nov.
      2nd election. And it was meant to. SVR founder Thomas Naylor felt
      certain that the Republicans would "win" and that the conference
      would therefore be riding a wave of anger and confusion. The next
      four years should see the US Empire mired in Mid-Eastern war, vast
      debt, inflation, depression (both economic and psychic). More and
      more socialist-leaning governments will win elections in Europe and
      South America. Even now many Americans feel disgusted with Democratic
      Party waffling and hypocrisy and ready for something much more
      radical. If you don't like the word "secession" call it
      ''independence''. Either way it's American as apple pie.

      The most forceful and interesting talk I heard (because I missed the
      first day) was made by Don Livingston, a professor from Emory
      University, whom Naylor called one of the philosophical gurus of the
      Second Vermont Republic. I heard that Kirkpatrick Sale's keynote
      address was also rousing. I was also very impressed by Prof. Naylor
      and his reborn Green Mountain Boys (and Girls), the core SVR
      membership. Particularly memorable were Jim Hogue and Gus Jaccaci,
      who acted the roles of Ethan Allen and Tom Jefferson at the Town
      meeting on Saturday evening - as nice a piece of political theater as
      I've ever seen. The town meeting voted to make Jan. 15 a State
      holiday commemorating Vermont's independence and first Republic,
      launched on that day in 1777 and the British Empire when the region
      seceded from New York State in one rash and dashing gesture of
      defiance. Oddly enough it succeeded.

      Delegates to Rad. Con. 2 came from England and other faraway places.
      The neighboring state of New Hampshire sent a delegate from their own
      Free State Project, a Libertarian inspired political scheme aimed at
      greater local autonomy and perhaps secession. We heard about similar
      movements in other states including Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas,
      So. Carolina and Puerto Rico. Some of these separatist movements seem
      rather right-wing, others more left-wing; all appear small, but all
      rather lively. We New Yorkers at the conference wished we could have
      said as much for our own home state. But at least we had the
      satisfaction of learning (from Prof. Livingston) that New York, along
      with Virginia and Rhode Island, actually reserved the right to secede
      when signing the US Constitution. Our revolutionary governor George
      Clinton was himself a radical democrat and Anti-Federalist who (under
      the pen-name Cato) attacked the Constitution as sheer
      counter-revolutionary reaction - which it was. Š

      * Pirate radio calls for inauguration protests, December 22, 2004
      [courtesy Pieter Punk] Washington (CNN)
      An unauthorized radio station in the nation's Capital called for
      "massive protests" in the week leading up to the January 20
      presidential inauguration. The station broadcast Wednesday at 1680 AM
      and identified itself as "Guerrilla Radio, WSQT." During the
      identification message, an announcer said, "WSQT is a project of
      urban activists in the D.C. area working on housing issues, homeless
      issues, issues of war, issues of occupation both at home and abroad,
      and issues of the environment that we all have to live in." After
      being tipped by a reporter, an official with the Federal
      Communications Commission said enforcement investigators will try to
      pinpoint the transmitter using direction-finding equipment.

      Other programming featured rap music with urgent, unsettled lyrics
      that were generally shouted instead of sung. The station's poor audio
      quality made the vocalizations nearly unintelligible. An unidentified
      announcer said, "It's time to say no to Bush and no to a Ban on
      abortions." The announcer also called on the Supreme Court justices
      to "get off your butts" and free people unfairly imprisoned on drug
      convictions, and further stated that "we know you can hear our signal
      up there, and all you people in Congress."

      There is no authorized radio outlet in the Washington area on the
      frequency used by the protesters, federal records show. CNN
      monitored the signal on a conventional car radio as far away as the
      Maryland suburbs, about 10 miles from downtown Washington. An FCC
      monitoring station is within reception range of the signal, the
      agency official said. There was no immediate response from the
      station to an e-mail requesting an interview. The e-mail was sent to
      an address mentioned in the broadcast. A number of anti-Bush groups
      have planned protests around Inauguration Day. Organized events range
      from demonstrators turning their backs on President Bush to war

      The anti-war, anti-racism group known as ANSWER has announced a
      demonstration along Pennsylvania Avenue as the president travels from
      the U.S. Capitol to the White House. A statement at
      <www.ANSWERcoalition.org> calls for participants to claim spots by 9
      a.m. Another group has urged demonstrators to come to the official
      public ceremonies and then, at a set time, to turn their backs
      collectively on the president. The group is organizing on the Web at
      <www.TurnYourBackOnBush.org> A third group, <www.ReDefeatBush.com>,
      seeks to focus attention on Perceived voting irregularities in the
      November election. (CNN's Paul Courson contributed to this report.)


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