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Delire Actuel's Top 20 albums of 2004

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  • François Couture
    Hello friends, So, the year s end is upon us and the time has come to release my top 20 for the year. I know some of you find this exercise pointless, but my
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
      Hello friends,

      So, the year's end is upon us and the time has come to release my top 20 for
      the year. I know some of you find this exercise pointless, but my radio
      listeners request it.

      2004 was a generous year. 599 albums have been considered. Of those, 70 made
      the long list. Of those 70, 20 have selected and put in relative order,
      ranks 1 through 20, although these are highly arbitrary. On the other hand,
      I feel strongly about the albums that made the first ten and the second ten,
      and I do believe these are the best (that came to my ears) that 2004 had to
      offer. After lengthy deliberations with myself, I opted to focus solely on
      new releases.

      One inclusion may surprise a few people. I have given the top seed to
      Magma's new CD. Even though some people may not consider it as being
      "avant-garde" -- but, damn it, it IS the CD I have listened to the most this
      year (and it came out only two months ago) and I just couldn't leave it

      The first 12 to 14 positions will be part of a special Delire Actuel
      presentation on CFLX 95.5 FM in the first week of January.

      Delire Actuel is broadcasted on CFLX 95.5 FM (Sherbrooke, Quebec) every
      Tuesday from 9 to 11 pm (Eastern Time) and produced by Francois Couture. The
      show is devoted to all forms of creative, new, experimental, avant-garde
      (insert your favorite term here; mine is "demanding") music. It has been on
      the air since May 1996.

      And the winners are...

      1. Magma / K.A (Kohntarkosz Anteria) (Seventh)
      2. John Shiurba / Adobe (Spool)
      3. Nathan Hubbard / Skeleton Key Orchestra (Circumvention)
      4. Natsuki Tamura / Ko Ko Ko Ke (NatSat)
      5. Ernesto Rodrigues & al. / Cesura (Creative Sources)
      6. Jaap Blonk & al. / Five Men Singing (Victo)
      7. Faust & Dälek / Derbe, alder respect (Staubgold)
      8. Joel Ryan / Or Air (Psi)
      9. Tim Brady / Playing Guitar (Ambiances Magnétiques)
      10. The Phonographers¹ Union / Live at Sonarchy Radio (Accretions)

      11. Gail Brand & Morgan Guberman / Ballgames & Crazy (Emanem)
      12. Ahvak / Ahvak (Cuneiform)
      13. Daniel Heïkalo: Musique pour guitare... (Heïkalo Sound Productions)
      14. Martin Archer / Heritage & Ringtones (Discus)
      15. Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer / Songs for Europe (Asphodel)
      16. John Butcher & Gino Robair / New Oakland Burr (Rastacan)
      17. +minus (Bernhard Günter, Graham Halliwell & Mark Wastell) / First
      Meeting (Trente Oiseaux)
      18. Evelyn Petrova / Year¹s Cycle (Leo Records)
      19. Norbert Möslang / lat_nc (For 4 Ears)
      20. Brian Woodbury / Variety Orchestra (ReR Megacorp)

      thanks for your time and sorry for any crosspostings,

      François Couture
      Rédacteur, journaliste (All-Music Guide), traducteur, réviseur.
      Réalisateur de Délire Actuel et Délire Musical, CFLX.

      Francois Couture
      Writer, journalist (All-Music Guide), translator, proofreader.
      Producer of Delire Actuel and Delire Musical, CFLX.

      400, 9e avenue
      Weedon, Quebec
      J0B 3J0 Canada

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