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WRECK: Jesus & God Show

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 275: Jesus & God Show streaming via internet:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2004
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 275: Jesus & God Show

      streaming via internet: <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>
      or <http://freeteam.nl:8000/patapoe.m3u>
      [& on auto-pilot replay throughout much of the week]

      20 December 2004

      "I take Him shopping with me. I say, 'OK, Jesus, help me find a bargain.'"
      * Tammy Faye Bakker (1942-) evangelist-co-host of PTL TV ministry,
      wife of Jim Bakker and criminal

      "How we laugh up here in heaven at the prayer you offer me"
      * Randy Newman, God's Song

      "Jesus Christ was an extremist for love, truth and goodness."
      * Martin Luther King Jr.

      "Jesus was the first socialist, the first to seek a better life for mankind."
      * Mikhail Gorbachev

      "If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he
      wouldn't be able to stop throwing up."
      * Woody Allen

      "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine"
      * Patti Smith

      Jesus Cares > Murray Macon [Prison Work songs]
      Jesus is Just Alright > Byrds
      Everything from Jesus to Jack Daniels > Tom T. Hall
      Oh How I Love Jesus > Joseph Spence
      Touch Me Lord Jesus > Angelic Gospel Singers
      Jesus At McDonalds > Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
      Sleeping Nights of Jesus > Replacements

      "A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. Do you think
      when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fuckin' cross? It's kind
      of like going up to Jackie Onassis with a rifle pendant on."
      o Bill Hicks

      God is God > Forbes Family
      I Am Jesus > Lydia Lunch
      Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet > Gavin Bryars
      Fuck You Patapoe WTM ID
      God's Song > Randy Newman [Sail Away]
      Jesus Put a Yodel in My Soul > Wanda Jackson
      10 Wheels For Jesus > Beast of Bourbon
      Spirit in the Sky > Nina Hagen
      Jesus Gave Me a Yodel > Buzz Goertzen
      Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life > Bobby Bare
      God Song > R. Stevie Moore

      "How come people always flip and think they're Jesus? Why not Buddha?
      Particularly in America, where more people resemble Buddha than
      o Bill Hicks

      What do I Need Jesus For? > Mikhail Graham
      Jesus Chrysler Drives A Dodge > Screaming Blue Messiahs
      Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb > Lowell Blanchard & his Valley Trio
      Jesus Can't You Leave Me? > Jonathon King
      Bo Diddley is Jesus > Jesus & Mary Chain
      Jesus is the Rock > The Lewis family
      Jesus Was a Nice Guy 1 > Ralph Clark Chandler
      Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet > Gavin Bryars
      Jesus, Puerto Rican Boxing Champion > Elodie Lauten
      Dear Mr. Jesus > Power Source
      Will Your Lawyer Talk to God > Kitty Wells

      "There is one very serious defect to my mind in Christ's moral
      character, and that is that he believed in hell... It is a doctrine
      that put cruelty into the world and gave the world generations of
      cruel torture; and the Christ of the GospelsŠ would certainly have to
      be considered partly responsible for that."
      o Bertrand Russell, British philosopher

      Family Jesus Radio
      Jesus is my Aeroplane > Otis Brothers
      Jesus Says Hell is a Place > Marjoe vs MC 900 Foot Jesus
      Christmas Time > Dale Watson
      Quelle est votre Religion > Eddie Constantine
      Dieu Fumeur de Havanes > Serge Gainsbourg
      Jesus Christ (Guthrie) > Cisco Houston
      Jesus in a Dope Bust > Chris Rush
      Religion is MONEY > Richard Pryor
      Credit Card Gregorian Chant > SF Situs
      Jesus Says Russians are Building Missiles > Jack van Impe & Word of
      Money Ministry
      Religion is a Puppet Growth Industry > Vanilla Bean
      Religion > John Lydon

      "If Jesus had been killed 20 years ago, Catholic school children
      would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of
      o Lenny Bruce, American satirist

      First Atheist Church > Conception Corporation
      Religion Inc. > Lenny Bruce
      God's Own Drunk > Lord Buckley
      God, Jesus & You > Eric Bogosian
      Holyland Record Package > Don Imus
      Hell with the Lid Off > Marjoe
      God's Given Me a Cadillac > Marjoe
      Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring [Bach] > Leo Kottke
      Sleep Wid Dat Guy WTM ID


      "I take from you your children and you say how blessed are we / You
      all must be crazy to put your faith in me / That's why I love mankind"
      o Randy Newman, God's Song

      o Google Jesus and you get 11,900,000 hits, Google the Devil and come
      up with 21,300,000 hits.

      o Most churches in the Netherlands are now "other" types of meeting
      places: art centres, retired people activity centres, Dance centres,
      museums, cafes, bars, and that is a general incremental improvement
      in the state of society's affairs.

      o This is my sometimely "Jesus & God Show" which commenced in 1987
      and has been produced about 4 other timesŠ including 18.12.87,
      22.12.92 & 22.12.94]. The show is of course again out of order, with
      2 older playlists having to wait for this most urgent and
      time-sensitive of playlists

      o In keeping with the holiday insanity: a man recently put x-rays of
      his teeth on the internet for some $200 claiming that the x-ray
      clearly showed the image of Jesus on the cross. A miracle for only
      $200. Amazingly, he had not had one bid on this bit of profit-seeking

      o The above material plus this selection below is also in heavy
      auto-pilot rotation [during periods when there are no live DJs in the
      studio] Religion > Chaz Dean & James Siena / Be With Me Jesus > Al
      Green / Jesus Children of America > Edwin Hawkins Singers / Jesus
      Gave Me a Yodel > Buzz Goertzen / 900 Foot Jesus > Tragic Mulatto /
      Jesus > Velvet Underground / Jesus Christ (Guthrie) > Cisco Houston /
      Is God A Monster > Data Bank A Jesus Hitler > Carnivore / Jesus >
      Velvet Underground / Jesus was a Leprechaun > Snakefinger / Jesus
      Died For Me > Hank Williams / Jesus Came Driving Along > Leather Nun
      / Jesus is Here to Stay > Sister Rosetta Tharpe / Christianity is
      Stupid [exc] > Negativland / Jesus Christ Superstar > Movie Cast /
      Christmas Song > Rahsaan Roland Kirk / An Hawaiian X-mas > Jack
      Officers [Butthole Surfers] / Hawaiian X-mas > Wreckless Eric /
      Impromptu Storm > Psyclones + Deck The Halls > Tiny Lights /
      Christmas 1969 > Beatles / TV Jesus > Dementia Praexcox / Merry
      Christmas Baby > Lionel Hampton & Gene Ammons

      o Alas, in all my frantic attempts to keep the world of input and
      output in some kind of accessible order, I could not locate one of my
      favorite [critical/cynical] X-mas songs: Miles Davis with vocalist
      Bob Dorough singing "Blue Christmas".


      "2,000 years ago one man got nailed to a tree for saying how great it
      would be if everyone was nice to each other for a change."
      o Douglas Adams, British comic author and radical atheist


      Spermatagonia: The Isle of Man

      Just when you thought it was safe to read fiction again
      the long-awaited grafik-novella by bart plantenga
      [photos by NY photographer, David Lombard Autonomedia, 2004]

      "Poetry jumps from his proseŠ. Along the triple x route to the
      enlightened implosion of Laugh Man
      spermatogonia takes fascinating side trips. Read Bart Plantenga! You
      won't regret!"
      o PEEP, Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff
      "...robust, intelligent, determined, articulate... courageous, and
      cool." o Robert Coover
      "...radiant with the importance of the dead... I was overjoyed to
      silence." o J.P. Donleavy, The Ginger Man
      "...it did the job; put truth on record... It is communicating with
      the guts, genitals and five portals of sense." o Thomas Pynchon
      "Šit is fantastical creations like this that have the power to make
      us regret the world of realityŠ" o Naomi Klein

      Spermatagonia: Neither a state nor a place
      Spermatagonia includes, for the holiday spirit, a satirical look at
      the process of self-mystification and in the mean time, confronts our
      crushing contemporary zeitgeist, which has more stomach for avarice
      than amour. and details the implosion of a self-styled underground
      club boytoy gone straight and successful. Kees had been pursued by
      Angela and David Bowie, Warhol, Capote, Monie Love, Von Bulow, Jenny
      Jones, Malcolm McLaren, was pampered by Gore Vidal, tromped around
      with Tennessee Williams, had bit parts in a Serge Gainsbourg and a
      Butthole Surfer video, and had odes to him written by poetic
      homo-revolutionaries. Kees is caught between his illusory past and
      incongruous future as his memories, dreams, and musings begin to eat
      away at his sense of self like an eidetic acid.

      With shaved body and wearing blackface in Brooklyn, he vows to
      disappear - physically, spiritually, and mnemonically. As the end
      hovers, he is without email address, scent, literary allusion, name
      in a Post gossip column, a rumor, a PO Box, a memory, or even
      anything plausible dangling from the end of a rope.

      Doomed to High Praise
      Plantenga and his writing have been described as "frightfully
      intelligent" [Andrei Codrescu, National Public Radio, US],
      "incredibly talented underground writer" [Glenn Branca], "high end
      sci fi and high end erotic fiction" [New York Press], "an
      accomplished stylist" [L. A. Reader], surrealistic anarchistic
      fiction to challenge your mind and your political philosophy"
      [Annares Books], "provocative, amusing" [Frank Rich, New York Times],
      "Great fun & stylistically inventive" [Philip Leggiere, Alternative
      X], "thoughtful, clever well-written, hilarious & disturbing "
      [Paramour], "always intelligent & sharply pointed" [Review of
      Contemporary Literature], "visionary, daring, experimental, &
      incredibly rich" [Rant Magazine]Š

      "Bart Plantenga writes fiendishly inventive short pieces of fiction."
      o Russ Kick, Mind Pollen

      New Books: <http://www.autonomedia.org/newbooks/index.html>
      Bookstore: <http://bookstore.autonomedia.org>


      The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World
      [Routledge 2003 ISBN 0-415-93990-9. $21.95]
      bart plantenga <ninplant@...>

      ˆ The perfect gift for the holidays
      ˆ The perfect status symbol

      ˆ As seen on ABC-TV, as heard on NPR & BBC
      ˆ Guaranteed NOT reviewed by the New York Times
      ˆ Available on-line via Amazon & all of the others

      "Šin this knockout of a book, Plantenga does for the yodel what John
      McPhee did for oranges." o American Book Review / "Highly
      recommendedŠ Writing like the manic, gonzo son of Nick Tosches,
      PlantengaŠ" o Library Journal / "serious but fun-to-read study of a
      wide-ranging musical phenomenon." o MTV.com / "A splendid adventure
      down obscure musical pathways." o The Guardian "/ This is really a
      terrific unprecedented bookŠ." o Shuffle Boil, Jack Collom / "one of
      the most comprehensive books on anything ever published." o Utne
      Reader / "PlantengaŠ has compiled a book that will be exceedingly
      difficult for future yodel researchers to improve upon." o The Wire /
      "both goofy and heroic.. excellent treatment of an underdiscussed
      subject." o Rolling Stone / "an uncharacteristic hit." o Washington
      Post / "a honey of a folk-and-pop-fans' browse." o Booklist /
      "Finally, the book we've all been hollering for." o Museum of Music /
      "[a] delightful history of yodeling worldwideŠ" o Dallas Morning News
      / "solid, exhaustive look at yodelingŠ" o Entertainment Weekly /
      "Plantenga cracks the secret history of yodeling wide openŠ"o Vanity
      Fair / "promises to be a classic for fans of music and pop culture."
      o BookSense / "surprisingly engrossing and humorous." o Amsterdam
      Weekly / "a thorough and coolly written study of yodelingŠ" o NRC


      Dangerous Precipice a 60-minute / 40-track CD by Eddie Woods
      <metal.dragon@...>, the "Gangster Poet" with 33 of his poems, +
      seven from other pens (A.E. Housman, Lord Byron, Robert W. Service).
      Includes "Mary," "Sale or Return," "Ode to the Clap" (revised
      version), "Plastic Madonnas," "Apocalypse," and of course the title
      poem "Dangerous Precipice," and "This Time in Kathmandu." No poetry
      lover should be caught 1. with one's simile exposed, 2. with one's
      panegyric down around the knees, and 3. without this CD to enhance
      both your CD shelving unit and one's appreciation for poetry.

      Dangerous Precipice can be purchased via PayPal !!! simply go to or
      click on
      <https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=metal.dragon%40hetnet.nl> and
      follow the instructions. Enter product name + the amount you are
      paying. PayPal will instantly notify EW, including with your postal
      mailing address. You need do nothing else. Once EW has your order, he
      will dispatch within 24 hours. Dangerous Price: 12 euros for the
      Netherlands / 12.50 euros for other Euro Zone countries / £8 pounds
      for the UK / US$20 for USA / Equivalent of US$20 for anywhere else
      (including Canada). [All prices include postage, which for beyond the
      Netherlands is by airmail.]

      "[Jesus] might be described as an underprivileged, working-class
      victim of political and religious persecution."
      * Prince Phillip (born 1921)


      * Some other intellectual hipster consumable media objects:

      * "Ashes to Ashes - Dub to Dub" by Brain Damage vs Black Sifichi
      <www.blacksifichi.com> & Learoy Green. One of my top sonic selections
      for 2004. on Hammerbass / PIAS <www.hammerbass.fr> Bangarang
      <bangarang.free.fr>. More great dub from France. As noted
      months/years earlier, there is something fluid and natural about
      French dub, something to do with the way that the language falls
      right in among the deep breathtaking bass beats. This is one of the
      best of the year and not just because BS interprets an excerpt from
      our scurrilous co-written short story "Wet Dreams of the Pope" [also
      found in Wiggling Wishbone: Stories of Pata-Sexual Speculation"
      Autonomedia, 1995 <http://bookstore.autonomedia.org>]. "Wet Dreams"
      will be produced in the New Year by Sifichi & Brain Damage as a
      spoken word dub CD. Black Sifichi Radio show "Audiometric is
      broadcast on : Aligre FM, 93.1 FM Paris (Sat 22:30 - Sun 07.00
      <www.aligrefm.org> // Eko Des Garrigues , 88.5 FM - Montpellier (Mon
      19 - 22.00 <www.ekodesgarrigues.com> // RTF - 95.4 FM - Limoges (Wed
      21-23.00 <http://www.rtflimoges.com/>

      o Black Sifichi & Negative Stencil, TICK, Noise Museum
      <www.zone51.com/noisemuseum> 19 rue Colson, 21000 Dijon, France,
      Distributed in USA by Soleilmoon
      <http://www.soleilmoon.com/index.html> 61 minutes, $17, 1999 o Black
      Sifichi's debut contains a series of highly original investigations
      into various cultural clichés. Once inside these parasitic cultural
      transgressions, he sucks them dry before blowing them apart. The mind
      of this Paris-based performer-DJ-artist works on the basic principles
      of plastic explosives: slap it to the side of an issue or icon and
      watch it explode - icono-blast. All is kinetic, instinctual,
      pyrotechnical enthusiasm, sinister humor. Tick's sound, by Norsq (ex
      of the legendary Grief) and Fagus Sylvatica, (ex of the industrial
      flamenco band, Von Magnet) nurtures the moods created by the various
      texts via jagged, kinetic, reprocessed compositions. Sifichi just
      showed up with a "lot of cassettes, ideas, home-made demos,
      atmospheres and frameworks designed to enhance the texts." The
      result: a taut equilibrium between sound and text.

      Macho comes in for early broadsides. On "Tuff" - "he kills those he
      hates, kisses the woman he saves / it's real simple he's a cop, a
      super cop / one-man army ..." - Sifichi fixes his shit-detector on
      the mediated ideal of the hardened and hardboiled, offering a topdown
      stylistic deconstruction of the cop/mercenary and the public's
      admiration of these sublingual cyborgs. Where does the sumptuous
      pugnaciousness in "Tuff" come from? "'Tuff' is just me taking
      shorthand while watching Rambo." Sifichi explains, "I simply kept
      track of all the violence, its order, and how it was done. Key
      scenes! 'Tuff' is a dark relaxed mirror of the film itself. In some
      ways the film's violence, its everydayness, shocked me. This police
      crap, this image of power and order that is so prevalent in the USA
      is disturbing. Cops into Scientology!"

      "Come To Where The Flavour Is" is a beautiful barbed shaft that
      conflates the homoerotic with the homophobic and ransacks the
      perpetual illusion of mediated macho - "then smoke me, ride me, hide
      me, rope me, dope me to Marlboro Country ... tell me I'm a cowboy
      ..." A homosexual come-on corrodes its way into a détournement of
      deathwish macho. "Come" was reclaimed from "more movies, more
      advertising. Brainwashing. Cancer in full frontal public view. It's a
      Western capitalist version of Russian iconization. How big's Marlboro
      Country? Is it recognized by the United Nations? Is his cock as big
      as his horse's? Do the Village People smoke Marlboro? Š All the KKK
      stuff around the pack is sickening. I really wanted to attack the
      brand. Like the French attack McDonalds today."

      There's also a customized retake of Gil Scott Heron's "The Revolution
      will (Not) be Televised." We all know it's their media and that if
      there is some deflationary appropriational tactic to be applied then
      the revolution WILL be broadcast and it WILL pull in ratings and it
      WILL mean absolutely nothing. Rigid Us-Them demarcations have gone
      fluid without vessel, identities wrapped around opportunity - a vivid
      perception shift since the 60s - appropriation effectively
      supplanting censorship as oppressive tool. Sifichi message: don't
      bother with television, let's find our own informational (tele)paths
      divorced from TV's built-in compromises. "I couldn't have possibly
      said it better myself. Look at that popular Dutch Big Brother
      program. Talk about appropriation. You have the impression that these
      people are living a reality stronger than nature. Television and
      voyeurism in the purest sense with young people willing to be
      continually videoed. Š How do we get away from that? There are things
      here in France like Telé-Bocal, the TV equivalent of the pirate radio
      station. The Government refuses to give TV-making power to the
      people. It's a big problem. Maybe nothing will be televised in the
      future and that could be a good thing. Maybe the pirates will gain
      control, but through how much compromise?" There's also the
      blisteringly imagistic "Beat Trax," where Sifichi savages the passive
      deification / commodification of the Beats. He encourages people to
      stake out their own adventures and lives rather than idolize those
      who've mad lived for us.

      "I don't believe most people are living an adventure today Š Instead
      they've fallen into idolization of others from the past - the Beats Š
      Rimbaud in France. Oscar Wilde in Britain. They should be respected,
      they should inspire; maybe they are sacred. But they shouldn't be
      treated like the equivalent of the church. Make yourself the sacred
      cow. Take risks. Detach yourself from the material world."


      I would love to think that Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, but he doesn't."
      * Anita Brookner, British novelist & art historian


      * Roma Napoli & dix/10 <www.dix10.net> Website Dix 10: Truth Is No
      Stranger To Fiction - and Vice Versa: The conceptual art group Dix 10
      - comprised of the artists Roma Napoli and JJ Dow Jones - began its
      rise to considerable renown in Paris in 1982, a time during which
      painting was once again beginning to attract the public's attention.
      The previous decade had been rife with an overwhelming sense of
      bewilderment and lassitude caused by art's feeble drift toward
      cautious ambiguity and conceptual ambivalence, which had not only
      utterly alienated the public but had also betrayed the very intention
      of the very artists perpetrating its circulation. In the 1980s, in
      cities like Rome, Berlin, New York, and Paris, young artists
      rediscovered painting as a valid emotional and strategic response to
      the art world they were immersed in. The 1980s was a delirious decade
      that played host to the emergence of a renovated artistic dynamism -
      everyone was suddenly an artist, until, of course, the stock market
      collapse of 1987 proved to be a shocking corrective - and in among
      the febrile over-production one found a wide-range of artists and
      strategies that fairly re-imagined painting by creating highly
      colourful, dynamic images that engaged and confronted the realities
      of the everyday.

      These artists established studios in, among other places, New York's
      East Village, Berlin's Kreutzberg, and the Bastille in Paris. Roma
      Napoli & Dow Jones in their Bastille emerged out of this dynamism by
      creating not only unique pictoral experiments but by confronting the
      many issues of how art objects are conceived, viewed and purchased;
      in effect, they were examining the relationship between art producer,
      art product, and art consumer. They quickly became known as the Dix
      10 Project, with the Dix 10 [pronounced dees-dees] referring to
      10/10, or a 10 out of 10 score that is usually awarded to a perfect
      performance in competitions like the Olympics. They accomplished
      their lively and critical artworks by employing what they call
      "isonomia". These theories of "isonomia", which are informed by
      Situationist notions of the spectacle, immediately distinguished
      their work from that of other artists. "Isonomia", in the most basic
      terms, means combining the notions of circulation (of how art gets
      out there) with the rules of Vico's "verum ipsum factum" (or loosely
      "truth is constructed fiction"), which allows their work to
      effectively engage the real world of simulacrum, visual betrayal,
      post-modern relativism, and the spectacle - delirious consumerism
      leads only to its ironic obverse of torpid ennui. With "isonomia" as
      their compass, their work avoids getting trapped in that eternal
      snare of becoming the very thing one is critiquing.

      "Isonomia" also means that all Dix 10 installations are temporary and
      that all artistic value is ephemeral and relative. This means that
      each exhibition entails creating an installation where the artwork
      and the space merged to become a holistic totality: when you strolled
      into a Dix 10 exhibition - their super market exhibition, for
      instance - you walked into a virtual super market where each art
      object was priced at exactly what the product depicted would cost. To
      wander into one of their installations meant entering the work the
      way Jonah entered the whale's stomach - you are immediately
      astonished by its copious attention to detail, by its engagement of
      the chosen theme, by how you are compelled to reassess how you look
      at art. And so, any visitor to a Dix 10 exhibition can become a guide
      or instructor by merely purchasing an Dix 10 artwork and passing its
      concept [of art value] along to others. Over the past two decades,
      and now on into the 21st century, Dix 10 has developed an immense
      lexicon involving their notions of isonomia as applied to the object,
      the written subject, and the 10/10 signature and form the essential
      sources of this non-conformist group's language, which assumes the
      same varied guises and strategies as their large and varied selection
      of thematic exhibitions." * bart plantenga

      * THANX to all the labels, fans, and musicians and poets who sent
      material this year including: Pogus,Ninotscka, Ted Milton, Rob
      Weisberg, Les Disques du Soleil, Echo Beach, BVHaast, Jozef van
      Wissum, Erika Stucky, Bip-Hop, Sub Rosa, Htz, Laurent @ WTM-Paris,
      Sifichi, Dr. Benway, No Type, Magic Carpathians, Word Sound, ~scape,
      Black Note, Circumvention, XI, X-Or, Andrew Duke, Yu Hui, Randy
      Erwin, Claude Aubert, Binge, Unsavory Products, Kontranz, Jaap Blonk,
      Grrrt Jan, Empreintes Digitales, Dr. Dr. Jazz, Ronald Vlakte, Rene
      van Peer, Jarring Effects, Accretions, Erol, R. Stevie Moore, Indies
      Records, Basta, Angel Dean, Deerfrance, Jane Gilday, Progressive
      Form, Bettina Makley, Musicworks, Toni Smith, Pitchblack, Mego,
      Praemedia, Land, Rocket/Freudental, Mental Arts, Nutone, CatWeasel,
      Dubhead, Avatar, Hydrogen Dukebox, Noise Factory, BRG, Von Magnet,
      Brad Dutz, Innova, Leif Elggren, PF Mentum, Toby Twining, Tiny Bill
      Cody, Deep Listening, Select CutsŠ


      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Some day, the unveiling of new juggernaut:
      <http://wreckthismess.com/ courtesy of Pavement Tulip, a genius stuck
      in the body of a Polish skier in Brooklyn's inner denouement.
      o excerpts from my erotic-dérive novel: Paris Sex Tete on Parisiana


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