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Nihilist Spasm Band & Reynols

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  • Dimitri della Faille
    Here are some news from the Disques Hushush team... Thank you for your attention! 1. Two movies about music. End the year with some noise (Dec 17, 04) 2.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2004
      Here are some news from the Disques Hushush team... Thank you for your

      1. Two movies about music. End the year with some noise (Dec 17, 04)
      2. Audio1 & JetGroove scam
      3. Archive.org
      4. TAC5 Oboro (Dec 15, 04)



      In a co-presentation from Disques Hushush & Rough Age Projectiles, we
      will screen in Montréal two feature-length documentaries about
      aberrant behavior and music. The Montreal premiere of the acclaimed
      "What About Me: The Rise of The Nihilist Spasm Band" and
      the North American premiere of the fascinating "Looking for Reynols".

      (North American première)
      Looking for Reynols [Buscando a Reynols] Dir. Néstor Frenkel
      (Argentine/Argentina) 79 min. V.O. Espagnol avec sous-titres anglais /
      Spanish E.S.T.

      (Montréal première)
      What About Me Dir. Zev Asher (Canada) 75 min. V.O. Anglais / O.V.

      Vendredi 17 décembre - 19:00 Friday December 17th - 7 PM

      Goethe-Institut (website)
      418 Sherbrooke Est (Coin/Corner St-Denis)
      Montréal, Québec - Canada
      Metro: Berri-UQAM / Sherbrooke

      Participation / cover : 8$

      The Nihilist Spasm Band are known as the world's oldest noise
      band. Formed in London, Ontario in 1965, the band has released a
      number of recordings and retains a cult following around the world.
      They are still active and they recently played with REM! Hugh McIntyre
      from the Nihilist Spasm Band passed away quietly at the age of 68 on
      Monday December 6th, 2004 in London, Ontario (Canada). The Zoilus
      website/blog about music contains two recent posts about Hugh
      McIntyre, we advise you to read them:

      Reynols hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina and are known as the
      world's only band to be fronted by a person afflicted with Down
      syndrome. The group was formed by Miguel, a creative and energetic
      savant with an uncanny knack for creating haunting improvised chaos.
      Reynols, name chosen by a chihuahua dog, recently disbanded.

      In the winter/spring of 2005, Hushush will release a joint record by
      the Nihilist Spasm Band and Reynols.



      The Audio1 website recently opened and just as JetGroove did before,
      they are offering MP3's from the Hushush catalog. Both sites,
      sharing the same database and design are claiming all of their MP3's
      are licensed. Their claims are totally false! It appears the
      underground and independent labels featured on both Audio1 and
      JetGroove never licensed most of the material nor did the companies
      actually contacted most of the labels. Both websites pretend they are
      located in the UK while they are actually in Russia. Not only the
      files sold are not legally licensed, but it appears the whole website
      is a scam. The business model is to get people to register (it is said
      to be about 20$US) but without actually offering the download of real
      files. It's only after they gathered enough requests for some files
      that they intended to contact the targeted labels. The only audio
      files located on their server seems to be the audio previews most
      likely gathered from peer-to-peer illegal services. We advise you not
      to register with Audio1 nor with JetGroove because they will steal
      your money and they will steal our right to distribute our music the
      way we intend to on the very day they are going to actually sell any
      music. These websites are totally misleading you with their claims to
      be able at one point to offer some of the 500 000+ titles listed.
      There are about 4000 albums to be downloaded from the netlabels
      section at archive.org and that includes dozens of our deleted
      releases. Oh yes, did we forget to mention it's free and legal! Please
      visit :


      3. ARCHIVE.ORG

      We invite you once again to visit our collection at archive.org
      (http://www.archive.org/audio/collection.php?collection=hushush) where
      we made 13 releases available! They include deleted releases from our
      catalog as well as hard to find releases from like minded people. We
      still have a few other releases to be made available online in the
      coming weeks. More than 4500 albums and files where downloaded so far!
      Oh yes, did we mention it's all free and legal?



      4. TAC5 - OBORO (DEC 15, 04)

      For those living in Montréal, we would like to remind you a special
      concert/live presentation this coming Wednesday

      TAC 5 - Wednesday December 15th, 9:00 pm
      Nancy Tobin
      John Sellekaers
      David Kristian +I8U
      Mathias Delplanque

      Oboro, 4001 rue Berri ­ New Medias Lab, 2nd floor
      Montréal, Québec - Canada
      Métro Sherbrooke
      9 PM, doors open at 8:30 PM
      Participation / cover 10$

      Only since recent days, electronic composers have discovered the
      possibilities of multi- channel diffusion. But rarely have they built
      a multi-channel environment in their studio. With the support of Oboro
      and its New Media Lab, recently opened, TAC 5 and TAC 6, offer 4 days
      of workshops, only accessible to the artists, followed by concerts,
      presenting the audio results of their collaborative efforts with sound
      designers Nancy Tobin and Stéphane Claude.

      During two full days, Nancy Tobin, John Sellekaers, David Kristian,
      I8U and Mathias Delplanque will work together, share ideas and
      experiences, adjust, and finalize new compositions made for the
      multi-channel systems installed in the space. On the 15th, at 9 :00
      PM, they will deliver the results of long days of works and
      expectations to the public.



      That's all for the day
      Dimitri della Faille (for Disques Hushush)

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