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WRECK: Kennedy Deads 22.11

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 271: Kennedy Deads streaming in the ether and via internet:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2004
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 271: Kennedy Deads

      streaming in the ether and via internet: rds.http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>
      we now also stream at <http://freeteam.nl:8000/patapoe.m3u>

      22 November 2004

      For in the final analysis, our most basic common link, is that we all
      inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air,
      we all cherish our children's futures, and we are all mortal.
      * John F. Kennedy, Speech in June 1963

      "He didn't even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil
      rights . . . . It's ó it had to be some silly little Communist."
      * Jackie Kennedy, after hearing a "leftist" had been arrested for her
      husband's murder.

      I didn't shoot anyone, I'm just a patsy.
      * Lee Harvey Oswald

      "Gentlemen, I want to tell the truth, but I cannot tell it here. If
      you want a fair shake out of me, you have to take me to Washington...
      Well, you won't see me again. I tell you that a whole new form of
      government is going to
      take over the country, and I know I won't live to see you another time..."
      * Jack Ruby, who shot Oswald, talking before the Warren Commission

      The American Dream has run out of gas. The car has stopped. It no
      longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams,
      its fantasies. No more. It's over. It supplies the world with its
      nightmares now:
      the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Vietnam...
      * J. G. Ballard


      God Save the Queen > Sex Munks [1]
      Oh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb > Mir
      19 > @c [2]
      Breath > Andrew Wedman
      Americans Are Sleep Walking [JFK & Cuba] > Stefan Tischler [3]
      22 > @c [2]
      Rainy Day, Dream Away > Jimi Hendrix Experience [4]
      Voltige > Jac Berrocal [5]
      Hada Raykoum > Khaled [6]
      DJ ro3 > Pascal Contet [5]
      Wreck This JFK RIP 1987 Radio special mix [7]
      Stück 5 > Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget [9]
      The Motorcade Sped On > Steinski & the Mass Media [8]
      Stück 6 > Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget [9]
      The Day John Kennedy Died > Lou Reed [10]
      Flex > Pitch Black [11]
      Errors > Manasseh [12]
      C.I.A. Man > Fugs [13]
      That Was the President > Phil Ochs [14]
      The Random Smiler > Pitch Black [11]
      Order of Death > PiL [15]
      Religious Vomit > Dead Kennedys [16]
      Democracy > Leonard Cohen [17]
      Assassination K > Wolfgang Press [18]
      Constant Machinery > Brad Dutz [19]
      Tribute to Marilyn Monroe > Star Sister [20]
      Wordy Rappinghood > Chicks on Speed vs Playgroup [21]

      [1] A bit of a deconstruct of anarchy as pop music. The Sex Munks
      were ex-bank robbers, a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, a
      defrocked priest who advocated LSD as a means to reach god, and
      Subara who supplies most of the voices using helium-altered falsetto.
      Playing the cut was meant to at least compliment if not tweak the
      show before me with its decided mono-retro-punk theme.

      [2] "V3" on Cronica <www.cronicaelectronica.org>. Minimal and yet
      expressive electronica. A thin vibrant veil shrouds our discontent
      with a filagree of bio-electricity.

      [3] "Excess of Speech" on Extreme, 1992. Minimal soundtracks for
      non-existent movies. This cut is a great point by point retelling of
      what REALLY happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which, of
      course, led to the eventual the far right hawks' disappointment with
      JFK because of his wimpy appeasement efforts toward both Russia and
      Cuba, which further led to their suspicions that he may not cooperate
      in their anti-commie efforts.

      [4] "Electric Ladyland" on Reprise vinyl. "And on he walked until
      after crowning Ethel the dog Only Qeen of Ears, the sky cracked wide
      open and split many of his brothers' and sisters' heads all over the
      world apart at approximately the same timeŠ 'That's law and order,'
      said the Border GuardŠ" Hendrix from the liner notes.

      [5] "Tokyozone Musiques" on Tokyozone <wwwtokyo.zone.org>, a
      French-Japanese collaboration that sounds electronically
      simultaneously pleasant and extreme. Exploration for exploration's
      sake is mitigated by near harmonious and trance scapes that allow the
      listener to glean some melodic pleasure out of the abstraction.
      Includes Japanese Progressive Form minimal electronica pioneers and
      some French technauts like the excellent veteran Jac Berrocal.

      [6] "HADA RAYKOUM/ RAI KING OF ALGERIA" on Triple Earth, 1985. First
      Rai album to go international in 1987. "Before rai there was poetry,"
      Khaled Hadj Brahim [29 February 1960, Sidi-el-Houri, Algeria] once
      noted. "In wahrani, we didn't talk about chicks or drink alcohol. To
      describe love, we talked about a pigeon. I say things directly - I
      drink alcohol; I love a woman; I am suffering." Born the son of a
      policeman in Oran around 1960, Khaled Hadj Brahim quickly turned to
      music, dropping out of school, and singing and playing accordion at
      weddings and recording his first single at age 16. By the mid-80s,
      Cheb [meaning 'youth' in Arab, later dropped when he got older]
      Khaled had hits like the incredible pop song "Hada Raykoum" ("So That
      is What You Desire" / 1985). This alarmed Islamic conservatives
      because it moved people away from spirituality or at least the
      militant control over what spirituality was to entail - a god-fearing
      people ready to be manipulated by religious leaders. With lyrics
      like, "Hey, Mama, your daughter wants me" he quickly won the dubious
      honor of being the recipient of death threats and became the subject
      of many heated discussions among the young and in the press. After
      several serious fundamentalist threats against him and his family, he
      settled in France.

      His early influences were Arab musicians with the trance-dance
      rhythms. But he was also influenced by greats from the colonial
      empire of France. He loved Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Jacques
      Brel. He broke through in 1985 and quickly became known as "The King
      of Rai". "Kutche" was Khaled's first European recording. Produced in
      collaboration with Safy Boutella, it introduced a more sophisticated
      sound, incorporating elements of funk, jazz and reggae. The album
      rai/rock/electro funk fusion album "Khaled" producsed by Don Was sold
      over 100,000 copies in 1992, and contained the hit, "Didi" went
      worldwide [not the US] even producing a Hindi version for India. The
      follow up, "N'ssi N'ssi" in 1993, was used as the soundtrack for the
      film "1-2-3 Soleil" and earned him the Caesar Prize for best
      soundtrack in France. Khaled continues to produce masterful Arab pop
      with western influences. His "N`SSI N`SSI" Barclay, 1993 was again
      produced by Was/Not Was' Don Was. Khaled's warm voice gets trumped up
      with some punched up rhythms mixed with lush strings, modern jazz
      elements and funk. Was compares the highly charged and seductive
      magic of Khaled to that of Elvis in his ability to win over
      audiences. His charm had a similar effect on Middle Eastern youth in
      the mid-80s especially in Algeria and Oman but later in Paris as
      well. "Sahra" [1996] recorded in Jamaica by producer Clive Hunt and
      local musicians such as Dean Fraser and the I-Threes, he showed the
      natural extrapolations of rai with reggae.

      [7] In 1987, I produced my first lengthy choppy raw sound bite piece
      on the death of JFK, perhaps one of the single most important events
      in recent history - yes, it indirectly led the US onto the path it
      has now careened, one of self-doubt [a national crisis of faith], the
      hiding of that self-doubt behind a blind and monolithic belligerence,
      the further swing to the right [not that JFK was a lefty's wet dream]
      but he seemed to be an impediment to the fast-tracking power format
      of those attracted to dictatorship. Consolidation of power and a
      swing to the extreme right has been a result. Over 70% of the
      population believe there was a conspiracy [an many believe that the
      FBI and/or CIA, and/or organized crime were involved but this same
      70% lives in a kind of state of amnesia exacerbated by severe
      cognitive dissonance having had little problem electing men that have
      swung the US ever further away from what the [landed gentry] founding
      fathers had intendedŠ

      [8] great single using basic cut and paste technology to produce one
      of the first educative-dance-sample numbers. Pure genius in the same
      vein as Negativeland.

      [9] "Low Tide Digitals" on ECM <www.ecmrecords.com> Excellent
      electronic minimalist soporifics. Necessary to steady increasing
      anxiety when one actually contemplates the full picture of past and
      present events.

      [10] "The Blue Mask" on RCA vinyl 1981. "I dreamed I was the
      president of these United States / I dreamed that I was young and
      smart and it was not a waste / I dreamed that there was a point to
      life and to the human race / I dreamed that I could somehow
      comprehend that someone shot him in the face."

      [11] "Ape to Angel" on Pitchblack <www.pitchblack.co.nz> is dub
      streamlined and polished so that it's humanity has been wittled away
      but somehow this does not matter. PB like Zion Train produce dub to
      send out into outer space to lure other beings into our midst.
      Precise and trance-effective.

      [12] "The Missing Two Weeks (Covert Dubs)" on Echo Beach
      <www.echobeach.de>. Some of the most unassumingly beautiful and
      complex new dub style using historical samples here to pay tribute to
      the dath of JFK. Definitely top-notch highly recommended dub, both
      mellifluous and pushing some kind of seductive envelope.

      [13] "Virgin Fugs" on ESP vinyl 1965. You can't beat these Groucho
      Marxists for satirical excellence and political critique. Groucho
      Marx meets Woody Guthrie in a downtown coffeehouse.

      [14] Always a second place finisher to Dylan, he was gifted and
      earnest but wanted to be Elvis and Dylan at the same time. His lack
      of over the top fame certainly must have had an effect on his
      ultimate demise.

      [15] "This is What You Want" on Virgin, 1984. I liked this disc a lot
      at the time and it holds up but not as sturdily as earlier PiL. I
      gave up after hearing Lydon begin to use his band more and more as
      some backing group willing to incorporate the most cliched heavy
      metal mannerisms. I continue to be amused and hopeful about herr
      Lydon: "This is what you want / This is what you get / This is what
      you want / This is what you get / This is what you want / This is
      what you get (repeat)Š Here now / Night light / Windows / Waiting /
      Weakness / Waiting / Silent Š Here now / Ending / One life / One

      [16] "In God We Trust, Inc." on Alternative Tentacles. "All religions
      make we wanna throw up / All religions make me sick / All religions
      make me wanna throw up / All religions suckŠ"

      [17] "The Essential Leonard Cohen" on Columbia, 2002. "ŠFrom the wars
      against disorder, / From the sirens night and day, / From the fires
      of the homeless, / From the ashes of the gay: / Democracy is coming
      to the U.S.AŠ. / It's coming from the sorrow in the street, / The
      holy places where the races meet; / From the homicidal bitchin' /
      That goes down in every kitchen / To determine who will serve and who
      will eat. / From the wells of disappointment / Where the women kneel
      to pray / For the grace of God in the desert here / And the desert
      far away: / Democracy is coming to the U.S.AŠ."

      [18] "They murdered my husbandŠ"

      [19] "Obliteration percussion Quartet" on Dutz 5594. Pleasant,
      spritely, surprising, cacaphonous, dynamic and inventive percussion.

      [20] My ex-wife used to sing Nina Hagen, Serge Gainsbourg, and Star
      Sister in the shower. Of course, JFK and Marilyn is a natural subject
      for endless speculationŠ Whatever else can be said, JFK at least had
      better taste than all of the other politicians caught with their
      hands fondling moist panty linings. If you are going to use power to
      seduce, Herr Clinton, then at least have the good taste and sense of
      opportunity to shoot high.

      [21] "Modern Wild Dub: Dread Meets Disco Punk Rocker Downtown" on
      Echo Beach <www.echobeach.de>. With liner notes by Mark Stewart.
      Great shambling clash of forces. Trickery of mind and taste,
      upsettery of style and haste. This is one of the great records of the
      year. Youngsters mash up the palace right near the nerves in your
      face. Great.


      By Bart Plantenga [Appeared in Lowest Common Denominator, WFMU's
      program guide, Winter/spring 1988, p. 18 and 55]

      The Warren Commission, the official body entrusted to investigate the
      assassination of President Kennedy, set out to prove their own
      pre-conceived conclusion: that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone crazed
      gunman. The Commission felt, perhaps, that the notion of conspiracy
      would have been too cataclysmic for America to weather. Thus,
      somewhat unwittingly, they played into the hands of the conspirators.
      In its quest to drain the, event of hysteria and political paranoia,
      the Commission was forced to overlook and distort valuable evidence.
      This led to the formulation of the desperately absurd Single Builet

      Oswald, positioned behind and above the motorcade in the book
      depository, could only have fired and hit the motorcade twice in the
      documented elapsed time. Thus, the Warren Commission had one bullet
      passing through the bones and flesh of Kennedy and Texas Governor
      Connally Rve times without suffering any distortion itself. This was
      the same bullet that made a mid-air ninety-degree turn before
      entering Connally. The "magic" bullet stands at the crux of the
      absurdity between the convoluted official explanation and the
      contrariness of the facts.

      Fact: Oswald was a very poor shot, and a was using an old and
      innaccurate rifle with an inoperable scope. Fact: ballistics and
      acoustics experts discerned 3 to 4 s of it shots. Fact: marksmen with
      the best rifles could not duplicate Oswald's "performance" in
      re-enactments - even with the target standing still! Fact: the
      Zapruder film corroborates countless witness' testimony that JFK's
      brains were blown out the BACK of his head. That's why a motorcycle
      policeman following the motorcade was splattered with brain matter,
      which logically implied a gunman positioned to the FRONT. The "magic"
      bullet was meant to counteract the devastating and disturbing facts
      that strongly implied conspiracy, a conspiracy that could have
      severely undermined the people's perception of their own government's

      Unauthorized surgery was performed on the CORPSE of Kennedy en route
      from Dallas to Washington which is why the Washington autopsy differs
      so greatly from Dallas'. Bullet trajectories were altered and exit
      wounds became entrance wounds. This enabled the plotters to hoodwink
      the Commission (who saw only SKETCHES of the wounds -NO PHOTOS!) and
      make the Single Bullet Theory feasible. This surgery enabled
      attention to be deflected from the grassy knoll gunmen to that of the
      book depository scenario. Despite the fact that the grassy knoll, to
      the right and front of the motorcade at the moment of the shots, is
      where over 50 witnesses (all but ignored by the Commission) saw or
      heard evidence of shots. Eighteen of these contradictory witnesses
      died within several years of the assassination. Twelve violently!

      The statistical probability of this happening was estimated at well
      over a TRILLION to one! A major ploy of those actually responsible
      was to associate Oswald with Russia, leftist groups, and Cuba. There
      was his well-documented "defection" to Russia and the well published
      altered photos of him toting his rifle and radical literature. Then
      there were his documented protests on behalf of a pro-Cuban group
      which had the same New Orleans address as Mob-CIA operatives who were
      plotting to re-invade Cuba. Some of these highly visible ploys
      failed. Both Russia and Cuba denied him permanent residency. All this
      evidence was tailored to fit the leftist-Commie-Cuban gunman scenario
      which was employed in an attempt to topple the Castro government via
      a wave of Anti-Cuban sentiment and collective American patriotic
      rage. When, in a post-assassination press conference, the Dallas DA
      implied that right wing extremists might be involved he was quickly
      "corrected" by one Jack Ruby, posing as a reporter. But this
      POLITICAL scenario failed to coalesce when the Commission went for
      the more innocuous crazed lone gunman package. The conspirators DID
      man to deflect the heat by providing the commission with the neatly
      packaged Oswald solution. And when Oswald began to sing his "patsy"
      tune, he got his from Jack Ruby, stripjoint owner and to Mobsters,
      Teamsters and Dallas cops. With the designated fall guy silenced, the
      mob quickly offered to defend Ruby. Who stood to gain? The Mob, The
      CIA, the FBI, the Teamsters, Army Intelligence and Anti-Castroite
      leftovers from the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Each had their gripes
      and motivations. Each, in their own way, needed to avenge the heat
      JFK and RFK were applying, forcing each group into desperate corners.
      Each interest group was seeking to recoup monetary losses, their
      power and secrecy that the Kennedy brothers were intent on
      controlling. The Mob wanted their lucrative casinos in Cuba back. The
      CIA, in a fit of twisted patriotism, wanted to avenge the Bay Of Pigs
      failure and reassert its influence over foreign policy. The invasion
      was bring orchestrated by none other than Nixon "plumber" E. Howard
      Hunt, a virulent Kennedy hater. But this was not to be. More and more
      it seemed that the Kennedy Brothers were intent on running contrary
      to the interests of the involved conspirators, all of whom could have
      boon involved in the assassination through a complex network of
      overlapping and mutually beneficial motives.

      Kennedy riled them all by singing a tune of conciliation and peace
      with both Russia and Cuba. He reviled the CIA for their continued
      attempts to poison Castro and for assassinating President Diem in
      South Vietnam behind his back. He fired CIA head Dulles, calling for
      restrictions on the CIA and urging FBI and CIA accountability, which
      led J. Edgar Hoover to jealously try to undo JFK's efforts.

      JFK met with DeGaulle to discuss backing out of Nam. Peace there
      threatened ail the principles involved. No more S.E. Asia heroin
      dollars for the ClA-Mob-Army. No hope for Mob casinos in Cuba. JFK
      and RFK were hotly pursuing the Mob's siphoning of the Teamster
      Pension Fund. The Mob was reeling from indictments and prosecutions.
      They called for JFK's death. Teamster boss Hoffa was indicted three
      times and was going to trial, as were several Cuban-involved Mobsters
      near the time of the shooting.

      After JFK's death, pursuit of the Mob, and CIA/FBI accountability
      dramatically slackened. In '72 Nixon pardoned jailbird Hoffa in
      exchange for Teamster campaign contributions. In '73 E. Howard Hunt
      was caught up in Watergate and threatened to blow Nixon's cover if he
      didn't get an adequate defense fund. Hunt threatened, "The Watergate
      bugging is only one of a number of highly illegal conspiracies
      engaged in by one or more of the defendants at the request of White
      House officials. These undisclosed crimes can be proved." Nixon
      nervously warned John Dean and John Haldeman that Hunt "might blow
      the whistle." Ad infinauseum. Want more? Check out "They've Killed
      The President" by Robert Sam Anson.


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