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      Subject: Kevin Coyne R.I.P.

      I've just heard that Kevin Coyne has died.
      He'd been suffering for some time from a debilitating and complicated
      condition, resulting in fibrositis of the lungs.

      As well as being a great singer/songwriter, he was an author, a
      painter/cartoonist of renown and a droll story teller.
      Anyone who saw his show at the New Roscoe a few weeks back would have
      thought he was at his peak.
      He played a blinder!...even though he was breathing with the aid of an
      oxygen cylinder.
      I know some of you were there, as Brendan Croker said today, "We were

      Kevin was one of the great British characters, yet Britain didn't
      recognise it, so he went to live in Germany where he was appreciated.
      It says a lot for his talent that when Jim Morrison died, Kevin was
      offered his job in The Doors...and he turned them down!
      John Peel noticed the extra magic that set Kevin apart from the rest,
      and signed his band, Siren, to Dandelion records.
      'Marjorie Razorblade' was an 'oft played' track on Peelie's show in the
      early seventies.

      I promoted Kevin several times, but felt frustrated because I could
      never bring in the crowd he deserved.
      That's the problem with this country we don't support our true originals
      until they are departed.
      What's the betting that there will now be glowing eulogies in the papers
      and magazines that largely ignored him.

      Rest in peace, Kevin.


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