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ear_drum / AMM_M / horn_bill

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  • Nathaniel Catchpole
    ear_drum: a concert of solo percussion music from: Shakeeb Abu Hamdan Paul Hession Steve Noble Edward Perraud Eddie Prévost Mark Wastell 28 November 6pm £6
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2004
      a concert of solo percussion music from:

      Shakeeb Abu Hamdan
      Paul Hession
      Steve Noble
      Edward Perraud
      Eddie Prévost
      Mark Wastell

      28 November 6pm £6
      291 Gallery,
      291 Hackney Road
      London E2
      020 7613 5676


      The history and context of an instrument, a music, a concert and a piece are
      some of the main concerns of ONGAKU:enjoy_sound. The idea of back-to-back
      solos is one approach to the field between these two poles. Ongaku's first
      solos concert, 'Trumpet: solo_improvisations' in March 04, mapped some
      fascinating territory, and its successor 'ear_drum' is a concert of six
      back-to-back percussion solos from three musicians who have never performed
      at ongaku and three who have.

      Shakeeb Abu Hamdan is an exciting young London musician who uses samplers,
      minidiscs, drum machines, drums and electric bass in the groups: Isambard
      Kingston Brunel, 'Shakeeb Abu Hamdan and Oliver Reese Play the Screams of
      Prince', Las Palmas Doradas and Metal Finger. He is also a sometime member
      of 9! and has succeeded in making some rare, fresh music.

      Better known for his work on cello and amplified textures than tam-tam, his
      instrument for this concert, Mark Wastell is a key figure among British
      improvisers today. The tam-tam on which he will perform has its own history,
      hand-crafted in Tuscany, Italy and a part of the collection of percussion
      instruments, which Roger Sutherland used in performance with British group

      Edward Perraud comes to London from Paris especially for this event, having
      last performed a superb set in London with Hubbub at Freedom of the City
      2003, later aired by BBC Radio 3. He has played and recorded with a wide
      range of musicians from Arthur Doyle to Can's Damo Suzuki.

      Paul Hession, Steve Noble and Eddie Prévost have all performed at past
      events in various settings:

      An endlessly inventive drummer, Paul Hession, the power behind the great
      Hession/Wilkinson/Fell trio and collaborator with greats like Peter
      Brotzman, played with Joe McPhee and John Edwards last February, when he
      gave us an excellent impromptu drum solo. He makes the trip South again for
      this concert.

      One of the great drummers, blessed with an astonishing finesse, humour,
      touch and ability to pitch, derived in part perhaps from influences like Sid
      Catlett, Pete LaRoca and J.C. Moses, the wonderful Steve Noble makes a rare
      and timely solo appearance.

      Eddie Prévost performed at the very first ONGAKU:enjoy_sound, in duo with
      Derek Bailey. A founder member of AMM, a brilliant musician and deep musical
      thinker, he continues to ask questions of himself and us all.


      13th December 2004 - AMM with Sachiko M
      Museum of Garden History, Lambeth 8pm £10

      9th January 2005 - horn_bill: solos from John Butcher, Nathaniel Catchpole,
      Kai Fagaschinski, Lou Gare, Evan Parker & Seymour Wright
      291 Gallery, 6pm £8

      more information from www.ongakusound.com
      season ticket for all three events available for £20 from
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