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London: Sprawl Nov. w. FM3 / Starks / Czinczel / Garrelfs

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  • douglas benford
    ================================ S P R A W L November 2004 bulletin ================================ SPRAWL at the Charterhouse Bar ** THE LAST SPRAWL OF
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2004
      S P R A W L November 2004 bulletin

      SPRAWL at the Charterhouse Bar

      ** THE LAST SPRAWL OF 2004! **

      DATE: weds 10th November

      live line up:

      FM3 (Bip Hop, Staalplaat) - live
      fm3 play quiet music. very, very quiet music. The kind of music that
      turns up your ears and makes you sit. Very, very still... Some
      reviewers describe fm3's live act as "daring." Audience members
      often call it "cathartic." Others say listening to fm3 is painful... fm3 is
      US-born but long-term China resident Christiaan Virant. Active
      in the Beijing music underground for nearly a decade, Virant
      founded fm3 in late 1999 as China's first-ever experiment in live,
      abstract electronica. Working with lo-fi computer software and
      a host of home-built instruments, fm3 distills ancient Chinese
      folk tradition into a barely-there organic glow.

      GAVIN STARKS - live
      After being Experimental Officer at radio telescope
      Jodrell bank (with a degree in Radio Astronomy), Gavin now
      produces rich provocative sounds from its processed data &
      cosmological radio recordings - he recently performed some
      pieces at the Virac telesope in Latvia - and is known also as a software
      developer, internet broadcaster, studio consultant, investigator
      of virtual reality audio & computer musics.

      IRIS GARRELFS (Bip Hop) - live
      Iris Garrelfs (formerly BitTonic), musician and co-curator of Sprawl; has
      recorded tracks for numerous compilation albums, and has also collaborated
      with Freeform, Robert Lippok (to rococo rot), Kaffe Matthews, Scanner
      and others. She has also played at the CCA, ICA, the Scala, Podewil (Berlin)
      The Batofar (Paris), plus created installations for Glasgow's CCA,
      Watermans art centre, Marseille's Arborescence festival, Reading's Art at
      the Centre/city stages; her debut album due out soon on Bip hop.

      GUEST DJ
      ALEX CZINCZEL (Horse Hosiptal/Germany)
      German born purveyor of fine obscurities (eg Moondog, Mapstation)
      and resident DJ and curator at the infamous Horse Hospital, Alex
      has impeccable taste.

      resident dj + curator
      si-cut.db (uk/bip hop/fallt/highpoint lowlife/tennis)

      Upstairs at the Charterhouse bar
      38 Charterhouse Street
      London EC1
      tel: 020 7608 0858
      email: info@...
      ADMISSION 4 pounds, concs. 3 pounds 7.30pm - 11.30pm

      Next Sprawls in 2005:
      * NINTH BIRTHDAY EDITION, Jan 12th: Pirandelo (italy/mou-lips),
      Katzo (Countenance, jp), J-Lab tbc, o.acam (miso)
      * INTERPLAY 3: Feb 9 & 10: acts TBC at The Spitz
      * Sprawl March 9: Tuner (Fr), The Bohman Brothers, Rashamon, e/n
      [no.signal] TBC.

      On the radio:
      Next Sprawl Small Pieces show: November 19th; a special on
      radio telescopes with guests Honor Harger & Gavin Starks (tbc)
      Sprawl are part of Small Pieces slot in conjunction
      with [no.signal], Highpoint LowLife, slow sound system & D-fuse).
      Resonance FM 104.4, midnight thru' to 1am GMT (fridays).

      R.I.P. JOHN PEEL; thanks for opening my ears. (douglas)

      si-cut.db, Iris Garrelfs - live/dj sets

      NOV 26
      SI-CUT.DB live + stephan mathieu, mileece,
      alku, top lap, farmers manual & others
      Huddersfield, England http://www.ultrasound.ws

      DEC 3
      presenting Field 61 on Resonance 104.4 FM.
      9.30-10.30 GMT http://www.resonancefm.com

      JAN 14
      SI-CUT.DB live + DJ ip@... (fr.)
      Reset Electronic, Bern, Switzerland

      JAN 15
      SI-CUT.DB live + DJ ip@...
      SAS, Delemon, Switzerland

      best wishes

      Iris Garrelfs [BitTonic]

      si-cut.db [d.benford]

      E-MAIL <sprawl@...>
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