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website warning: Jetgroove.com

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  • Greg Clow
    Hello, all... This is a warning about a new website that was lauched earlier this week called Jetgroove.com The site is an MP3 sales site, something like
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2004
      Hello, all...

      This is a warning about a new website that was lauched earlier this week
      called Jetgroove.com

      The site is an MP3 sales site, something like iTunes, only concentrating
      mainly in electronic music. They appear to have a catalogue of thousands of
      titles available from labels big & small. They claim that "all our music
      content is properly licensed".

      However, according to posts that are flying around on many music mailing
      lists today, none of the artists and labels who are listed on the site have
      ever heard of them before the site launch. And when you try to buy anything
      on the site, nothing seems to actually be available - every title I
      selected went into a "Not Yet Available" section in my shopping cart.

      Several labels who have contacted Jetgroove.com have received back a form
      letter which is quoted below. The gist of it is that they launched this
      site with nothing actually available for download, and somehow intended to
      get permission to sell releases after the fact. It's a very strange way of
      doing business, and quite frankly, it reflects badly on all of the artists
      and labels who are listed on their site.

      I strongly ancourage EVERYONE to spread the word about this far and wide.
      If you are an artist or run a label, check to see if any of your titles are
      listed, and if so, send them a complaint and request that your titles be
      removed. If you are just a listener, contact them to complain about their
      misleading and shady business practices. Hopefully, we can cause them
      enough grief that they will either change their business model to one that
      is more upfront and honest, or they will just disappear completely.



      Dear Sirs and Madams,

      My name is Ulukman Mamytov and I am the attorney for jetgroove.com.

      I bring you apologies from JetGroove for making you worry about your
      copyrights infringements and your music repertoire being presented on our
      website. I want to assure you that jetgroove.com having started a new
      Online Music Download Service pursues the objective of making your music
      more wellknown and accessible and ONLY BY LEGAL MEANS.

      That means we DO NOT SELL any of your music without obtaining a proper
      permission (License) from you or other respective rightholders. You can
      easily check this by trying to purchase any of you music. Everything that
      you choose to put in your cart will have status: "Not Available For
      Purchase Yet". It could only be put "ON HOLD". And we do not change that
      status untill the contract is signed and your permission is granted. In
      this case all of your music will be given "Allowed for Selling" status and
      people who have it in their shopping carts will be able to buy it.

      The experince of showing your music on our website without distributing
      aimed to draw your attention to us, with further goal to make contacts with
      you on friendly terms with a perspective of mutually beneficial
      partnership. We're glad to inform you that your music is getting popular
      indeed through our website and we can let you know at any time how many of
      your tracks were put on hold and which ones.

      However, we deeply understand your concerns and would like to assure you,
      if you find our relationships impossible, we will IMMEDIATELY delete all of
      your music from our music collection.

      Hope you'll find our offer to make your music more popular through us
      rather reasonable and we can start that mutually beneficial partnership.

      Very Truly Yours,

      Ulukman Mamytov
      Jetgroove LLP
      Legal Department

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