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WRECK: Back From Nowhere

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    *****Special announcement: Patapoe is currently web-available at with the local ether aspect coming this week. We will be heard
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      *****Special announcement: Patapoe is currently web-available at
      <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/> with the local ether aspect coming this
      week. We will be heard locally AND globally..
      Listen to Wreck This Mess today via internet
      and hear a special show on Animals
      [an homage to today's political leaders worldwide]******


      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 263: Back to Somewhere Almost
      SIMUL-streaming wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 263: Back From Nowhere
      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      "George W. Bush and his allies don't trust you and me. Why on earth
      should we trust them?"
      * Ron Reagan [via Eduard duBois]

      "Where has all our money gone? To Wassenaar [where many millionaires live]!"
      * Demonstrators in Amsterdam, 2 October [it rimes in Dutch]


      Intro Murder CBP > One Kilo of Black Bondage [1]
      Murder CBP > One Kilo of Black Bondage [1]
      Search for Compassion > Ran Slavin [2]
      So Cruel, So Inhumane [Rumsfeld] > Trip Tech vs Kyron [3]
      Silent Siren > Ran Slavin [2]
      Southern Yukon > Coin Gutter [4]
      + Laser Treatment > Jerky Boys [5]
      + Glasses > Jerky Boys [5]
      Querer Libera > Emisor [6]
      Superfan > SuperStoned [7]
      Ghostlake > Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori [8]
      Inner Circle > Trip Tech vs Kyron [3]
      London Fix 6 > Tom Hamilton [9]
      Cinderella Rockefella > Frank Valdor Band [9a]
      Amplification > RFCL [10]
      Cut 5 > RFCL [10]
      Leaving the Barber > Steve Buchanan [11]
      Al-Andalusia > Steve Buchanan [11]
      Tortue de Mer > Daniel Kientzy [12]
      Yellow Rose of Texas > Judy Nylon [13]
      Les Enfants sont des Éponges > Ghislain Poirier [6]
      Waterbed > RX:TX [14]
      Vasulka Vauban's "A Day in the Good Life" > Janek Schaefer [6]
      Nothing > Standing Offer vs Francis Picabia [15]
      Easy Listening Gin n Juice > Disembodied Voice vs Vox Populari [16]

      [1] "One Kilo of Black Bondage" Pre-release. Great cracked crackling
      punk hip hop electronica with some poesie some Bukowski some great
      Parisian post-electronica musicianship and mucho decibels - soothing
      and stimulating, anger with some finesse.

      [2] "Product Cronica 009-2004" <www.materiaprima.pt> Beautiful
      electronica that your ears lap up like earwax designed by killer bees.

      [3] "Persistence of Secrets" <www.deconstructionist.com/blacknote>
      Ethereal and righteous gloom arises gothically and rhizomically out
      of info culture.

      [4] "All Your Dreams Are Meaningless" on No Type <www.electrocd.com>.
      Throw an untuned radio into a trash barrel and then have the band
      members fumbling for the dial looking to fine tune it. In their
      failure to fine tune they come up with some sounds that may reveal
      evidence that there are indeed phantoms residing on the airwaves. The
      airwaves undergo a post-war exorcism.

      [5] "Uncensored" Some great hacking phone-phreaking-phun done best
      here on their non-commercial work when they went all out to take the
      piss out of straight and narrow folks.

      [6] "Bip_Hop Generation vol. 7" <www.bip-ho.com> great series of
      music[s] that turns inward and inward and inward until the guts of
      one's DNA begin to shine like the spiral of the Milky Way.
      Exceptional series of electronic post-glitch works.

      [7] "Superman/Superfan" on Jarring Effects
      <www.jarringeffects.free.fr>. Out of the dental cavity of Manchester,
      the anal cavity of the Velvet Underground, the ruminal cavity of Sig
      Sigue Sputnik comes this shambles of what genius used to look like in
      the time of Tiny Tim and T. Rex. See also Norscq & Black Sifichi.

      [8] "Phantom Orchard" on Mego <www.mego.at>. Two of the most
      relentlessly experimental of [female] experimenters. Interesting
      synthesis of organic and digitalised sources. Something verging on
      spectral and a kind of makeshift respite from undesired noise

      [9] "London Fix" <www.muse-eek.com> Initiated by the restoration of a
      damaged violin, TH converts computer stock charts into musical notes,
      and something like [early-sounding] computer music.
      Self-mystification? Somewhat. The music follows the contours of the
      spot gold market in London.

      [9a] "Trompeten a Gogo" Constanze/Somerset vinyl. As easy listening
      tried to transform hippiedom into slacker consumption we have this
      bit of camp. It is frightening to see how much of this faux-music
      there is/was/continues to be.

      [10] "Black Valley" <www.deconstructionist.com/blacknote>. There
      isn't much beach-blanket-bongo blitheness in California anymore.
      Things have grown hard, inflexible and survivalist.

      [11] "Tiny Grimes" on Hanan <hanan555@...>. Interesting mix
      of poetic exploration, inspiration by under-regarded guitarist TG,
      world music[s] rebooted, folk meets disintegration theories.

      [12] "Kientzy Plays Johnson" on Pogus <www.pogus.com> baritone
      saxophone tuned an octave lower creates an aura of a mounting storm
      over a busy harbor. But is indeed a lively interpretation of
      intellectual investigational-play = geometry seen in sand drawings on
      the isle of Vanuatu [South Pacific], the logic of which is here
      converted to music.

      [13] "Unreleased" produced by Stuart Argabright [Voodooists among
      many other great projects] <argabright@...>
      <DeMeDo.blogspot.com>. soon to be released on Troubleman Unlimited.
      This is a forlorn and sonorous and yet sinister [with a bit of
      vengence] interpretation of this cowboy standard. AS if Mad Max were
      coming to Texas to kick some oil man's ass.

      [14] "Drosophiles et Doryphores" on Rx:Tx <www.rx-tx.org>. Brilliant
      flawless electronica renovates inspired jazzŠ and now that absinthe
      is again legal in the EU [I've seen it in shop windows, bought a
      bottle at my local "dealer"]Š the perfect sonic aperatif.

      [15] "Tools of Drafting" Raincoat Recording, 1984. Great old number
      from a band that combined the best of Devo and the Dadaists in Albany
      where the scene in the early 1980s was hopping. Ed Atkeson may very
      well be the Keith Moon of lark Street.

      [16] "Vox Populari Mix" on Jarring Effects
      <www.jarringeffects.free.fr>. Genius synthesis and thievery on the
      level of Negativland, Culturcide, KLF. This is a cold Ken Nordine or
      - better yet - some vapid documentary voice over reading of a Snoop
      Dogg "poem" which, divorced from all the beats and noise, sounds
      about as interesting as Dr. Seuss lobotomized and stuck in a
      moulinexŠ Bring on the flat 40 ounce. Where's the bubbles, man? Look
      rectally you rapper baron.


      o First, the good news, Patapoe has its new transmitter, a longer
      antenna [dildo etherus] and we are ready to take on the sonic
      marketplace, which has become a ghetoo of dumb-down sound that goes
      hand-in-hand with the dumb-down strategies of those in power.
      Entertain them to death. The idea is that thinking is boring and
      anything stupid smells of fun and pleasure. We at Patapoe think
      differently. We believe the airwaves are there the way walls are
      there - to grafitti with personal expression. The ether is not unlike
      a public space/park. It should be available to all without some
      commercial enterprise guiding our desires at every turn, doubt, and
      twinge of desire. The new Patapoe [luxurious new ergonomic studios -
      by our measure in any case] plus new transmitter and the pent-up
      desires of 50 DJs should lead to some incredible outbursts of
      ultimate sonic surprise.

      o More relatively good news: Went to the demo on Saturday with
      partner and daughter. Paloma wore a banner on her back that said
      JOINT SCHOOL FIGHTER, an allusion to Joint Strike fighter, the latest
      toy in the arsenal of frustrated boys, already behind schedule, it
      will no doubt make its maiden flight just as it is declared obsolete.
      The March assembled in Dam Square and winded through Amsterdam's
      center on its way down the Marnix Straat to the Museumplein where it
      was already so crowded we never got into the terrain behind the Van
      Gogh Museum. The weather held up and so the turnout was somewhere
      between 200 and 250,000 people [the largest march since the early
      1980s] of all stripes, colors, sizes, mentalities, idealisms, and
      plenty of prankster and ludic participants. Although the FNV union
      seemed to dominate the visuals and the agenda I noticed plenty of
      unaligned folks - from little old ladies, flexi-workers, freelancers,
      Clean Clothes Campaign, Groen-Links [Green-lefties], Socialists,
      Communists, pragmatists, grafitti-artists, concerned individuals,
      Turkish families, the black-hooded squat scene, various
      chaos-instigators with their amusing chants and a ready bakfiets
      [bike with a large box in front to carry heavy things - such as
      paloma and another child! This made the march do-able. Thanx to the
      squat punks for paloma's free ride! The march was to show
      dissatisfaction with the present ruling parties and the cabinet's
      arrogant and draconian dismantling of a social system recognized the
      world over as pretty fair and citizen-friendly. The "liberals" [VVD]
      has used the current world economic crisis as an excuse to introduce
      American-economic-darwinianism. [Next step is to press for a
      no-confidence vote in the current coalition cabinet to force a new
      popular vote...] Here follows a report posted on Indymedia.

      o Report anti government demo Amsterdam Turn the tide - 02.10.2004
      20:56 [via indymedia] On Saturday 2 October, more than two hundred
      fifty thousand demonstrators were in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This
      was the biggest trade union demonstration in Dutch history, and the
      biggest demonstration of any kind in Amsterdam since the anti nuclear
      missiles demonstration twenty years ago. The people protested the
      plans of the Dutch government for drastic cutbacks on social services
      and pension rights, while following George W. Bushís disastrous war

      According to public opinion polls, if there would be new elections
      now, Prime Minister Balkenendeís three party coalition would lose its
      majority to opposition parties to its Left. One of the demonstrators
      today was Klaas Zantingh, CNV trade unionist and chair of
      Balkenendeís CDA party in Emmen. However, if the CDA does not change
      its policies, he said, I will resign from the party.

      Besides the three Dutch trade union federations FNV, CNV (Christian),
      and MHP (higher and middle level employees), about 500 big and
      smaller organizations also participated (political parties, refugees
      rights organizations etc. etc.). The Keer het Tij (Turn the Tide)
      platform includes these 500 organizations.

      Even from Brugues, Ghent, and elsewhere in Belgium, many trade
      unionists had come by bus. A young Dutch Yugoslav man carried a
      hammer and sickle flag of the Yugoslav Communist League with the
      Serbo-Croatian slogan: Workers of all countries, unite! He told me
      his father had died recently and as his last wish, had asked his son
      to carry that banner on this demonstration. ìSo, in a sense, my
      father demonstrates here as well.î

      Mass meeting at Dam square: People arrived on Dam square, already
      about 10 oíclock. At 11 oíclock, when rock band Bots from Eindhoven
      started to play, Dam square and the road from Central Station to it
      were already very overcrowded. Among the slogans on many signs and
      banners were: ìNo to Balkenende and the [expensive US warplane which
      the government wants to buy] Joint Strike Fighter. 'Yes to pension
      rights.' 'No to cutbacks, to occupation of Iraq, to racism.'
      'Government pension plans: CTRL-ALT-DEL.' 'Government, resign.'
      'Ministers, cut your own high pay.' 'De Geus (Social Affairs
      minister) on the dole'. 'Against privatization of energy.'
      'Construction corporations scandal: Betuwe railway, High Speed
      railway: the bosses get fraudulent profits, the workers get screwed.'

      There were stands by many organizations, including the International
      Socialists and the VVMC, a railway workers union, member of Keer het
      Tij, but not attached to a union federation. I am very grateful to
      them, and so should you, as they gave away ballpoint pens, enabling
      me to write this report after my own ballpoint ran out.

      There were red and black anarchist flags, a Frisian flag with red
      PvdA [Labour] balloon attached to it, Che Guevara, and FNV and CNV
      union federation flags. Firefighters made pyrotechnic explosions.

      The first speaker was Gregor Falkenheim, of the ver.di union in
      Germany. He represented the German Monday demonstrations against the
      Schroeder government anti unemployed measures. On this 2 October,
      there was also in Berlin a big anti cutbacks demonstration.
      Falkenheim spoke of robber baronsí practices across Europe. Next came
      [a speaker from] the Refugees organizations in The Netherlands. She
      said refugees in The Netherlands have big problems with government
      plans to expel them. However, they have also big problems with
      anti-poor people government policy in general. Immigrant and
      non-immigrant people should fight these policies together.

      Next was Ms. Femke Halsema, the Green Left political party leader in
      parliament. Then, Herrie Hoogenboom, from the biggest union in the
      FNV federation. An activist at Heineken beer breweries in
      Zoeterwoude, he told about the strikes there of a few weeks ago and
      today. He said the government always talks about people taking their
      responsibility. Well, look around here, demonstrators everywhere,
      THESE are really people taking their responsibility!

      Next, the Reverend Ms. Ineke Bakker (a Protestant preacher, speaking
      for the Sociale Alliantie, a network of anti poverty organizations),
      was asked whether Prime Minister Balkenendeís administration still
      had any right to call themselves Christians. She said that Christian
      churches, together with humanists, would continue to press for social
      justice. Jan Marijnissen, of the Socialist Party, said that the
      government was already getting scared of the protests. This is just
      the beginning; we will continue the fight! Ms. Kim Toering (National
      Students Union) attacked education policy, which threatens 15.000
      Euro university fees, making education available only for the rich.
      Maria van Sambeeck (League of unemployed people) attacked the
      governmentís making poor people poorer and poorer. Ruud Koole (chair
      of the PvdA; sister party of British Labour etc) said the government
      was indecent. Vera Dalm (of the League for Defense of the
      Environment) pointed out there would be the Dutch Social Forum in
      Amsterdam, 26-28 November, and called on all people present to come
      again to the Dam on 28 November for its concluding demonstration.

      At 11.55 uur, we were told to go demonstrate to the Museumplein by
      Ms. Agnes Jongerius, vice chair and action coordinator of the FNV,
      the biggest Dutch trade union federation with over a million members.
      She said the government says their problem is communicating their
      policies, implying the people are too stupid to understand, so the
      solution is supposedly more spin doctors and PR. No, she said, the
      people understand the government very well. That is why we are here!
      "Do we want to go the Museumplein?!" "YES!!" "Then we are going to
      the Museumplein!" [a paraphrase of a famous saying at a trade union
      demonstration twenty years ago: "Are we going to the Dam?"

      The demonstration went from the Dam square to
      Raadhuisstraat-Rozengracht-Nassaukade-Overtoom-1e Constantijn
      Huijgenstraat- Van Baerlestraat- Museumplein. People shouted:
      "Resistance to this government". They sang the Internationale; and a
      new version of the old Dutch song "Berend Botje ging uit varen". It
      was originally about a skipper, who usually sailed in the Northern
      Netherlands, but suddenly disappeared. The new version went: ì1, 2,
      3, 4, 5, 6, 7 [zeven], where is Balkenende now [gebleven]? Heís not
      here, he is not there [daar]. He is with that murderer [moordenaar;
      Bush in Washington. In the original last line, Berend turned up in
      "America"]. The song can also be sung with: "Where has all our money
      gone? To Wassenaar [where many millionaires live]!" Signs said:
      "Welcome to the 51st US state?". "Bush, Blair, Balkenende: Big

      Many thousands of people arrived late, or not at all, in Amsterdam
      because of a lack of trains. As I, amid ten thousands of
      demonstrators, approached the Museumplein, many people went into the
      direction opposite to us to make space for the newly arriving. Still,
      the biggest square of Amsterdam was extremely crowded. Š [here
      debates and singing] and Children made drawings. One of them said: "I
      am certain that my parentsí working hours are long enough".

      * SOMEONE ELSE FOR PRESIDENT By EDDIE WOODS [exceprt] ... I know who
      George is listening to, and so do you. "Pleased to meet you/Hope you
      guess my name." Did he or didn't he guess? Does he know who he's
      working for, or is he getting hoodwinked? Evil or stupid or both, it
      adds up to the same thing: bad news all around. The Almighty works in
      strange ways. George is another test case. Drop the bastard, like hot
      coals into the devil's furnace. That's what God's telling me. Funny
      how He does it; He uses my own common sense. Yo!

      Politics today. The Far Right (neo-Nazi nutters 'n such) push the
      Right even farther to the right, to more or less adopt some of their
      extremist policies (on immigration, for instance) in order to get
      additional voter support and stay in power, or in the running for it.
      The Left (which in Britain and America no longer even resemble the
      'true Left,' not by any stretch of the imagination) then move more &
      more to the Center, and finally well over the Center into the
      left-hand side of the right-wing camp, in order to steal enough of
      the Right's thunder to keep their own asses either in power or within
      sniffing distance. And We, the People, are given the 'privilege' of
      choosing between them; given it with so much fanfare and hoopla that
      sometimes we still believe that there is a real choice. Well, there
      isn't. And yet there is.

      We still possess enough free breath to choose the lesser of two
      evils. And that lesser evil, once elected, once in office, may, just
      may, start listening to some of the rest of what we're saying, saying
      about what we want and don't want, about what we insist on as a very
      minimum if they want to stay in office. They may-after they are in
      there; in there because we got rid of the other crew so they could
      get in there-if we then holler so loudly and so often that they can't
      help but hear us. No guarantee. But one thing is for certain: the
      alternative, the nightmare waiting to happen again, the George Bush
      Horror Show, is totally deaf when it comes to anything we might say.
      Where the future is concerned, at least in the short term (and
      possibly for a lot longer), it is odds-on for us with Kerry. Go for
      George and you're playing against a stacked deck. It's that simple.

      I'm leaving you now. I've had my say and I won't be saying it again.
      I'll be speaking out on other matters, as time goes by, but not this.
      The 2004 election, including how much more vocal to get about it, is
      in your hands. Will I be voting (I hear some of you asking)? I've
      already voted, on the typer, with my famous ten fingers, like I did
      four years ago. (Right, they don't call me 10-Finger Eddie for
      nothing.) I'll decide later whether to make it official, do the
      absentee bit. And then keep it to myself, one of the better American

      As you may be aware, the title of this article, or polemic if you
      will, is from a bumper sticker Ron Reagan spotted in Seattle and then
      quoted by way of closing his own excellent essay, for Esquire, "The
      Case Against George W. Bush." I'll take an extra step and end by
      saying: please, ye gods, anyone else for president!

      [for complete article:
      <http://www.home.zonnet.nl/joke.kaviaar/eddiewoods.html> or

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