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STEIM Workshop

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  • Kim Cascone
    Workshop: “Emergent Content Creation Using Simple Genetic Algorithms” STEIM - Amsterdam Oct 21 - 24 2004 Instructor: Kim Cascone for this workshop you will
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      �Emergent Content Creation Using Simple Genetic Algorithms�
      STEIM - Amsterdam Oct 21 - 24 2004
      Instructor: Kim Cascone

      for this workshop you will need to bring:
      - a laptop (XP, Mac OSX, or Linux)
      - an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi card
      - audio software you like to work with
      - a web browser
      - a chat client
      - willingness to work in a group structure
      - your imagination and enthusiasm

      in this workshop each participant acts as a active node in a creative
      network using technologies such as TWiki and chat. Using software you
      normally use we will embark on an experiment to breed a piece of audio
      art. We will evolve a sound piece starting with a library of sound
      files provided by the .microsound list and then will mutate and
      cross-breed them until a work of sonic art emerges. The final piece
      will then be performed for the public by the group at the end of the

      * Please sign up soon for this workshop as space is limited.

      Contact: Robert Van Heumen - robert@...
      Online Registration: http://www.steim.org/steim/workshops.php
      Workshop TWiki site:

      a n e c h o i c
      location: San Francisco.California
      listening: field sounds of coastal suburbia
      books: 'Emergence - From Chaos to Order' - John H. Holland
      'Blue Light' - Walter Mosley
      film/video: --
      weather: alternating fog and sun
      US Cell: +1 415 215 5975
      EU Mobile: +32 472 505 273
      'It was a complex mathematical shape,
      turned into some kind of melody.
      Waveforms. A slow, quiet pulse along the spectrum.'
      - Jeff Noon - 'Falling Out of Cars'

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