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  • Matthew Saint-Germaine
    Last year i emailed a bunch of you kooks to send your materials in for play on the station I DJ at. Many of you did. Some of you however didn t, what the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2004
      Last year i emailed a bunch of you kooks to send your materials in
      for play on the station I DJ at. Many of you did. Some of you
      however didn't, what the fuck was your problem. I'm glad to hear
      you've gotten cooler. Maybe you're worried we won't put a damn cdr
      into rotation and you'd be way wrong. We now have 5 back to back
      sweet shows on Wednesday and i guarantee there is gonna be some
      greating charting this year. We had our first day on the air today
      and it was a success. A grand success. Pat from Ova! is doing a
      show as well as the cool 3 regulars from last year and me rounding
      out 10 ours from noon till 10pm. Your stuff will get heavy play. We
      are also working out getting the station set up for live performance
      in studio. Send discs to MSG 1230 washington st ne mpls mn 55413.
      We can take Cds, CDr's, any vinyl and i will transfer cassettes to a
      playable format at the station. SEND IT ALL. Here's our full
      playlist from the 5 shows yesterday.

      here's tonights playlist:

      Taylor and Dave

      Cheap Trick = Dream Police
      Megadeth = Ratt wheel
      Mastodon -=
      Devo = mongoloid
      Locust - #4
      Malachi Constant – Saigon kick
      Kompressor -= You Need Words
      Rhapsody – 1+2
      Zeni Geva =
      Kraftwerk= Computer Zone
      Captain Beefheart – Run Paint Run Run
      The Faint – I Dissappear
      RPTC = Middle
      Tom Waits – Everything goes to hell
      New Order – Sub Culture
      David Bowie – Ashes to ashes
      Mammouth = God Lifted Me Up
      Of Montreal – The Problem with Monday
      Yoko Ono – I felt Like Smashing

      Issac- 2-4

      PIL – Theme
      Trumans Water – Sad Saiker Story
      Seawhores = Sweaty Man Attack
      Kid Commando – urban Bushman
      Oneida – Number Nine
      The Get Hustle – Another one bites the dust
      X27 = Ride Me
      Screamers – Mater Dorores
      Dazzling Killman=Medicine Me
      You Fantastic
      Tim Gamgan – Looking Around the Garden
      Laddio Bolocko – The Man Who never Was
      Colossamite – Pee Dio
      Grand Ulena – Neosho
      Sicbay – Listening To Sound
      The Ex – White Liberals
      Gravitar =- #5
      Terror At the Opera – Magic dream
      Ova! – Medusa's Threshold
      Panicsville – Bride of Yars Revenge
      Gorge Trio – Intimate Addtion
      No Doctors – Big East
      Ex Models – Sex Automata
      Vaz = Drive By Swordfight
      Noxagt – The Hebbex
      DNA = Size
      Swans = Seal It Over

      Megan – 4-6

      Melt Banana
      Zombies – A Rose for Emily
      Point Line Plane
      Mastodon – Blood & Thunder
      Night Ranger – Sister Christian
      Mae Shi – jubilee
      Quad Muth – Modern Sugar
      Gories – Smashed
      6 Finger Satellite – Simian Fever
      Gene Defcon –frankenstien
      Thee Headcoatees – Davey Crockett
      Shirelles = Baby its you
      Andrew W.K. – I get Wet
      Motorhead – In the name of tradegy
      Frog Eyes = The Fence Feels its post
      Malachi Constant
      Trumans Water – Sad Sailor Story
      Big Black – The model
      Converge – Last night
      Daniel Johnston – nervous love
      The Damned= neat, neat neat
      Turbonegro – Are You Ready For Some Darkness
      Los Crudos
      Gene Defcon – Hold You in My Hands Like A Smurf

      Pat & Katia 6-8

      Noise Queen Ant – Track 03
      The Eagles (ITA) – Desperado -vocals MSG/
      Rabuye – Pizza Hut
      Xex – SNGA
      Caninus – Human Rawhide
      Lightning Bolt – live New Year's 2001
      Holy Dragons - Mr. Drunkenstein
      Hellwitch - Svzvaial Miscreancy
      Jerry Reed - Lord Mr. Ford
      Hale Zukas – Track 04
      Let My People Come – I'm Gay
      Entombed – T.R.S.S.T.S.T.T.
      Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off Baby
      Quad Muth – Geometric Dystopia
      Dear Earth – Cry of the Whale
      Hank Williams – Jambalaya
      Kompressormusic – Kompressor d/n
      Charles Manson – Shakespeare's Clown
      The Eagles (ITA) – Midnight Flyer
      Can – Moonshake
      Earth – German Dental Work
      Black Keys – Thickfreakness

      MSG 8-10

      Oneida – Sheets Of Easter
      No Doctors – Biggest
      Hair Police- Old Hundred Vs. King Bad
      Quad Muth – Modern Sugar
      Wolf Eyes – Stabbed In The Face
      To Live & Shave In LA II – Lady Shave *mixed by TS & AWK
      Ryan Bloomer/Scott Hodgins – Audible Resolve 1
      To Live & Shave In LA III – only track
      To Live & Shave In LA II – Kill Misty
      Wolf Eyes – Battlesnake Shake
      Wolf Eyes/Black Dice – Chimes in Black Water 3 #2
      Avarus - #2
      Yellow Swans – no title 2 track cd #1
      Matthew Valentine – Jud The Obscure
      Avey Tare & Panda Bear = Penny Dreadfuls
      Death Beam – Fig 53 #3
      Noxagt – Mek It Burn
      Coachwhips – I Put it in, way down south
      Numbers – human replace
      Ceramic Hobbs – Atomic Clock
      Deerhoof – L'Amour Stories
      Lightning Bolt #4
      No Doctors – Future Awaken Widen

      We hope to hear from you!

      91.7 FM WMCN ST-PAUL MN (only 8 blocks from BIG V'S)

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