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  • al margolis
    --For Immediate Release-- PBK and others set to perform at The Knitting Factory on September 19th. Sonic artist PBK makes a rare appearance in Manhattan on
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2004
      --For Immediate Release-- PBK and others set to perform at The Knitting
      Factory on September 19th. Sonic artist PBK makes a rare appearance in
      Manhattan on Sunday September 19th at The Knitting Factory along with If
      Bwana, Adam Mokan, Damian Catera, and Dataclast. This event begins at
      More details can be found online at www.knittingfactory.com or by calling
      club at 212-219-3132. The Knitting Factory 74 Leonard Street New York City,

      NY 10013 212-219-3132 PBK Since his early cassette releases in the mid-
      1980's, Flint, Michigan's PBK has released numerous records around the
      and gained the reputation of a relentless collaborator working with artists

      such as Jarboe, Artemiy Artemiev, AMK, Government Alpha, Wolf Eyes, and
      Utilizing a 'broken DJ' technique while performing, it is clear that PBK is

      in control of his music, but how much control he really has leaves you
      guessing at all times and unsure where the composition will end up. His
      latest album titled 'Under My Breath' is set to be released on the Russian
      imprint Electroshock Records in early 2005. More information can be found
      PBK at http://pbksound.com If, Bwana Formed by Al Margolis, a leader in the

      1980's cassette underground and founder of the now defunct Sound of Pig
      label, 'If, Bwana' (an acronym for It's Funny, But We Are Not Amused) is
      known for its array of electronics, tape loops, acoustic instruments, and
      other forms of musical expression. Margolis has toured in the U.S., Canada,

      and the U.K. with countless other performers over the years since forming
      Bwana. In 1989, Margolis co-founded the Pogus record label. More details
      be found at http://www.pogus.com Damian Catera Damian Catera is a
      sound installation creator, and new media artist. He has performed and
      displayed various works around the globe. Utilizing custom algorithms
      in the MAX/MSP software environment, Catera has begun performing
      live 'deCompositions' for live electronics, guitar, and more. In 1998
      created the Harsh House record label to release his work and collaborative
      projects with others such as KK Null, Freakout Modulation, and Skyline.
      Details on Damian Catera can be found at http://catera.net Adam Mokan For
      almost a decade, Flint, Michigan based Adam Mokan has worked hard to pull
      audio from his thoughts and put them on one form of media or another. As a
      performer, Mokan formed the three-piece noise act 8-Bit Porno in 2003 and
      recently toured the east coast along with PBK and Japan's Government Alpha.

      He is also a member of the Ann Arbor, Michigan music and art collective The

      Data Regeneration Project. As a solo artist, Mokan's compositions focus
      heavily on improvisation and dynamics. You can find out more at
      http://www.m00k13.com Dataclast By taking the harsh styling of grindcore
      metal and combining them with electronics and drum machines, the New Jersey

      duo Dataclast has made a name for themselves in short order. In 2003
      Dataclast teamed up with digital manipulators The Earwigs for a split
      on Crucial Blast records. This performance marks one of the few live
      appearances by Dataclast in the last year. Information can be found at
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