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Re: [thewire] Redux: free latin jazz?

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  • Jason Witherspoon
    ... Okay, lemme see what I can do here off the top of my head: Johnny Colon _Boogaloo Blues_ Joe Cuba _Bustin Out_ Fania All-Stars _Latin-Soul-Rock_ Orchestra
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 7, 2004
      >At 9:29 PM +0300 8/25/04, sarah-michelle geller wrote:
      >>checking out jazz releases on amazon.com, i came across 'garvey's ghost'
      >>by max roach and wondered - does free LATIN jazz exist?
      >* Jason Witherspoon <arzachel@...>:
      >>Aw heck yeah. I'd recommend picking up a boatload of Eddie Palmieri
      >>& Ray Barretto records first. Pretty much everything both of them
      >>did from '67-'75 is amazing. If you want really OUT THERE, start
      >>w/Palmieri's Live @ the University of Puerto Rico.
      >>A lot of my favorite latin stuff isn't strictly latin jazz, but hard
      >>salsa/boogaloo that veers into jazzier or more "out" territories.
      >>Will compile a shortlist if anyone seems interested--
      >Knowing some of your music interests from Kozmi, downtempo & elsewhere
      >I would certainly be interested in a shortlist, as well as your top
      >2 or 3 Palmieri & Barretto LPs (avail. on CD) from the above period.

      Okay, lemme see what I can do here off the top of my head:

      Johnny Colon _Boogaloo Blues_
      Joe Cuba _Bustin' Out_
      Fania All-Stars _Latin-Soul-Rock_
      Orchestra Harlow _El Exigente_ (or _Everybody's
      Got Something to Hide Except for Me & My Monkey_)
      King Nando _Shing-a-Ling with King Nando & his Orchestra_
      Latinaires _Camel Walk_
      Sabu Martinez _Afro Temple_
      Louie Ramirez _Ali Baba_
      Pete Rodríguez y su Conjunto _Latin Boogaloo_
      Bobby Valentin _Let's Turn On/Arrebatarnos_

      I've given my favorite album of the moment from
      most of my favorite artists in the genre, which
      should be a good jumping off point. Just as
      almost all of the above have a dispensable ballad
      or two, they also have numerous smoking descargas
      & son montuños (my favorite styles).

      I've left off amazing bands like Sapo, Seguida,
      Chango, Nico Gomez, Black Sugar, & Tierra coz
      they're way more Latin rock-- but they're all
      firmly rooted enough that they'd probably make a
      good transition from a rockist stance to the hard
      salsa/boogaloo bands above.

      Good sources for this stuff:



      Hope that helps!

      Jason Witherspoon
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