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Highlights on Resonance104.4FM 15 - 22 September

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    15 September 2.00-3.00 Late Lunch With Out To Lunch What s happening in Germany? Last week presenter Ben Watson and Germanologist Esther Leslie visited
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2004
      15 September
      Late Lunch With Out To Lunch
      What's happening in Germany? Last week presenter Ben
      Watson and Germanologist Esther Leslie visited
      Hamburg, where kindred souls are also involved in a
      community radio called FSK, broadcasting a weekly
      radio show on materialism and dialectics. Kerstin
      Stakemeier also explains what her monthly show -
      "Against Representation" - is all about. Marxism,
      nationality, anti-fascism and the meaning of pop music
      as both soul food and propaganda receive a thorough
      interrogation in a discussion which actually does
      "cross borders".

      Clear Spot
      Gemma Whitehouse and Jess Chesney have classical
      Indian Table player Zafar talk and play live; and an
      interview with 679 recording artist Martin Craft;
      plus Decoration live in the studio.

      16 September
      From Here to Now
      Alfredo Genovesi visits the 6000 Chairs festival in
      Crystal Palace.

      Clear Spot
      Bridget Nicholls goes on a walk to track down bats,
      with guests including the inventor of the Bat

      Alternative Radio Bulletin
      Culture and Imperialism. A talk by Edward Said
      "Imperial power is constructed on a bedrock not only
      of force but of culture as well. Culture provides the
      underpinning, justification and validation of empire.
      Its crudest manifestation is perhaps Kipling's "White
      man's burden." A more refined version is the French
      "mission civilisatrice," civilizing mission.
      Imperialism is often thought of as a European
      phenomenon of the past. In fact it continues today in
      new shapes and forms. The US carries out its imperial
      policies behind the facade of democracy and freedom.
      Culture and politics produce a system of control
      that transcends military power to include a hegemony
      of representations and images that dominate the
      imaginations of both the oppressor and the oppressed.
      This classic from the AR archives was first broadcast
      in 1993. "

      17 September
      What On Earth?
      David Evans is joined by Phil Polley who will be
      talking about and playing selections of New Orleans

      Clear Spot
      Laptop musician Ben Drew is live in session with

      Small Pieces Loosely Joined
      Eric Namour presents the second of a new series, the
      aim of which is to provide a platform for a spectrum
      of experimental/electronic musicians, djs and
      promoters operating in the city's music network. The
      focus is on electronica, drone, post-techno,
      microsound, impro, soundscaping and the digital vibe.

      18 September
      Hello Goodbye
      Dexter Bentley has The Cut-Outs live in the studio.
      The Cut-Outs feature members of Airport Girl and The
      Fat Tulips and play garage rock for pop kids with
      short, daft guitar solos; and with a member of
      Londonís all girl 60s dance troupe The Actionettes on
      drums, there's always at least one band member on the
      beat. They've been going for just over a year now and
      have songs on two compilations on Where It's At Is
      Where You Are Records, one a compilation of songs
      about Valentines Day, the other a compilation of 60
      songs of 1 minute long. They've just completed their
      first UK tour with Californian C86ers The Frenchmen
      and East London Quietests Pipas.

      19 September
      Calling All Pensioners
      Retired bank robber Harry Haward and East End diamond
      geezer rants against the government in this lively
      pensioners' action slot.

      20 September
      From Here to Now
      Alfredo Genovesi is still at the 6000 Chairs
      exhibition at Crystal Palace, talking to artists and
      audience. Part 2.

      Clear Spot
      DJ Rupture is live in the studio.

      You Are Hear
      Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse introduce Mira Calix live
      in the studio.

      Alexander Wendt previews the 12x50 carbon release by
      Matt Rösner.

      21 September
      Open Air
      Students from the School of Oriental and African
      Studies present the second in a new series of world
      music and deep roots.

      22 September
      Late Lunch With Out To Lunch
      A documentary about Les Fils de l'Invention, a bizarre
      organisation of Frank Zappa fans based in Paris, by
      Ben Watson, notorious Zappa champion and author of the
      600-page Frank Zappa: the Negative Dialectics of
      Play. Les Fils have just published a 42-page
      all-colour fanzine called "Le Pingouin Ligoté", which
      Zappologists among you may recognise as a direct
      French translation of the title of one of his mid-70s
      favourites "Penguin in Bondage". Field recordings of
      the launch at a club in Paris, plus airings of recent
      cover bands, and some rare arcana by the king of genre
      collage, avant boogie and smut rock.

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