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[Highpoint Lowlife] September Newsletter

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  • thorsten@8bitrecs.com
    Some London shows and free downloads some of you may be into.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Highpoint Lowlife September
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2004
      Some London shows and free downloads some of you may be into..

      Highpoint Lowlife September Newsletter

      September, best month of the year! Read on for our upcoming
      highlights, releases, radioshows and gibberings..



      Starting on the 10th of September, Highpoint Lowlife along with
      [no.signal], Slow Sound System, Sprawl and Coombe Records, will
      be sharing a weekly friday night radio show on London's Resonance
      FM. The show will be between midnite and 1am, and we'll be on
      rotating duties, so you'll get to hear plenty of our mumbling
      ineptitudes, rants, views and the most dope music anywhere on the

      8bitrecs.com - August saw the whole 8bitrecs catalog come back
      online, and the website has been rebuilt, still as clean and
      simple as ever. Over 90 mp3 downloads available from Highpoint
      Lowlifes mp3 imprint, including exclusive tracks from Donna
      Summer/Jason Forrest, Shitmat, Greg Davis, Esa Ruoho,
      Broker/Dealer, Hans Appelqvist, Janek Schaefer, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma,
      Random Number, Tigrics and many more...

      [FOR THE DIARIES...]

      Tuesday 7th September //
      MULTI-VITAMINS @ The Pool Bar, London.
      8pm to 1am free entry. Thorsten Sideb0ard will be laying down a
      DJ set at this weekly London Electronic evening, joining Doudou
      Malicious and Tokuto Denda on the turntables, and with live sets
      from Ross Lambert and Katzo (Countenance).
      Expect lots of unreleased and upcoming Highpoint Lowlife sounds.

      Wednesday 15th September //
      NOT CLICKABLE V5.0 @ The Foundry, London.
      7:30pm - 11pm free entry.
      Highpoint Lowlife label night, featuring three live acts -
      Recon, Fisk Industries and Rashamon. If you were at this years
      London Placard headphone festival you will know what a night of
      great music this promises to be.

      Praise for Recon's "White Label":
      "Recon's music is detailed, marshal and mesmeric" BBCi Experimental.
      "Glimpses into infinite rhythms that will go on reverberating long
      after we've redirected our ears" The Wire.

      Praise For Fisk Industries' "Isle Of Wight EP":
      "Tastily treated breaks given weighty ballast by generous swathes
      of cybernetic low end." The Wire

      [NEW RELEASES...]

      Sticking with the digital exclusives this month, we've put two
      new albums and a live set from Marshall Watson up on the site
      for free download...

      Scheduled to be our second release almost three years ago now.
      Due to varied problems, delays, finances and the best laid plans,
      the album hasn't ever seen the light of day which was a complete
      shame as the music contained on it is pure genius. We thought it
      best to get it out there rather than languishing on our hard
      drives gathering bit-rot!

      Dalglish is a newer pseudonym for Chris Douglas, better known to
      the world (or more correctly, to the obscure experimental
      audiophiles of the world!) as O.S.T. or Rook Vallard/Vallad(e).
      Originally based in San Francisco, Chris left at the age of 14
      for Detroit and then New York to find creative freedom outside
      the classical piano and keyboard lessons of his childhood
      - only to return to San Francisco after pleasantly crossing
      paths with Richie Hawtin and Mad Mike of fabled UR Records.
      Back in San Francisco Chris made quite a name for himself,
      cutting his teeth alongside Kit Clayton, Twerk, and Kid606.
      Never one for making things easy for himself, Chris' music is
      as uncompromising and original as the man himself, veering
      more into Stockhausen territory than the party driven anthems
      of his San Francisco contemporaries. He has released on imprints
      ranging from Dimitri Fergadis' Phthalo to Simballrec, Plug
      Research, Diskono, Worm Interface, Polyrhthmic and Emanate. He
      was invited by Autechre to play at 2003's All Tomorrows Parties
      festival, and has since resided in Berlin.

      Second album up is Recon's "White Label Decontruction", a
      companion piece to his recently released White Label album.
      Chris Coode, the man behind Recon and also known as Motion
      (12k, Fat Cat) had many pieces of source material left over
      from his Recon project and while working on a live set
      for this years Placard festival, had reworked an other
      albums worth of material which he has fashioned into this
      web release mini album - 8 tracks of bit-mapped micro-dub,
      processed textures and subtle acoustics.

      And if they both sound a bit too experimental for ya...

      Marshall Watson recorded his set from his Album release
      party in July, a beautiful 40 minute piece of crunching beats,
      soaring harmonics, and beautiful melodies. A nice companion
      piece to have and compare against his recent "Time Was Later.."
      album. More uptempo and danceable, yet still maintaing the
      unique melodies that make his music so recognisable.

      Grab them all from our download page at:


      Stay tuned for next months exciting newsletter with more,
      newer and fresher (even!) news than this!

      take care!
      Highpoint Lowlife


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