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London: Sprawl is BACK! NEW venue, NEW acts.

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  • douglas benford
    ================================ S P R A W L September 2004 bulletin ================================ SPRAWL IS BACK! at a new venue! next week: DATE: Weds
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      S P R A W L September 2004 bulletin

      at a new venue!

      next week:

      DATE: Weds 8th September

      SAME ACTOR (UK) - live
      Chris Cook from Brighton, has been making electronic music of all kinds
      for many years and operating under the names Remote and Hot Roddy, plays
      sitar along with his beats at every gig. Using various stringed instruments
      and building up soundscapes on the fly, Cook uses no pre-recorded or pre-
      sequenced material, but plays with alternative tuning systems and world
      rhythms. Chris is an active member of Spirit Of Gravity collective hosting
      their radio show on Totally Radio.

      LANCE MARTINS (UK) - live
      Musician, film maker, and proud father, Lance is also a DJ on Resonance
      FM presenting 'better on headphones', a fortnightly show, every other
      sunday night 8 to 9pm, his 4 cd discmen produce a multi layered
      soundscape. When playing live he uses drum machine, sequencer,
      minidisc and slides.

      JAMES lll (UK) - live
      James and his amazing linked up contraptions ('the N.A.G.'),
      embracing cut & paste way synthy assemblages & soundscapes,
      with 8mm films, have recently been making ther marks at the Creative Swing,
      Cargo, Resonance FM, playing at a David Toop book launch and supporting
      infamous punk person Spizz.

      DOUDOU MALICIOUS (Fr.) - DJ set
      Born in Pontoise (95) near Paris. He started mixing at the age of 16 years
      old. Doudou Malicious is a versatile dj who plays all kind of different
      experimental sounds. He has played Clubs such as Herbal, Crash,
      Aka Bar, Telegraph, The Fortress, Spitz, 333, Roof Gardens, Kemia Bar at
      Momoís, Long Bar at the Sanderson, The Rhythm Factory, Mezzanine D
      Alcazar (Paris), Batofar (Paris).

      resident djs + curators
      Iris Garrelfs (BitTonic/germany/bip hop)
      si-cut.db (uk/bip hop/fallt/highpoint lowlife/tennis)

      Upstairs at the Charterhouse bar
      38 Charterhouse Street
      London EC1
      telephone: 020 7608 0858
      email: info@...
      ADMISSION 4 pounds, concs. 3 pounds 7.30pm - 11.30pm

      Next Sprawls:
      oct 13th: Mike Cooper, Greg Headley, Un Caddie Renverse dans l'Herbe
      nov 10th: FM3, Gavin Starks, Alex Czinczel

      Announcing some SPRAWL radio:
      Sprawl will present a regular programme in the new Small Pieces
      slot on Resonance FM 104.4, midnight thru' to 1am (fridays).
      1st show: September 24th TBC http://www.resonancefm.com
      (in conjunction with [no.signal], Non Clickable, Midrange, & D-fuse)

      [] some related artist activities

      si-cut.db, Iris Garrelfs - live + dj sets

      SEPT 11
      SI-CUT.DB live + Duncan Speakman, Respray,
      TC McCormak, Machines From the Future, DJs Gillian & Phoebe
      PVA festival, Bridport, Dorset

      SEPT 14
      SI-CUT.DB dj (CDR/mp3 mix) set 10 -11pm + dj Doudou Malicious
      Multi Vitamins @ Pool Bar. Free.
      104-108 Curtain Road, London EC2

      SEPT 23
      SI-CUT.DB live + POLE live + Djs
      Spitz, Old Spitalfields Market, 109 Commercial St., London E1 6BG

      SEPT 26
      SI-CUT.DB live music for D-Fuse's 'Data Flow'
      VJ Performance: D-Fuse
      Nokia Lab, Moscow, Russia

      SEPT 29
      IRIS GARRELFS (live + DJ) + David Toop live
      BiP_HOp @ Arborescence festival
      Cabaret Aléatoire / La Friche - Marseille, France

      OCT 28
      SI-CUT.DB live
      New forms Festival, Vancouver, Canada

      best wishes

      Iris Garrelfs [BitTonic]

      si-cut.db [d.benford]

      website hosted by d-fuse.com
      E-MAIL <sprawl@...>
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