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WRECK: Knobsters

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 259: knobsters Maandag, 28 Juni 2004 (17.00 to 19.00) Every step of
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      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 259: knobsters

      Maandag, 28 Juni 2004 (17.00 to 19.00)

      "Every step of progress means a duty repudiated, and a scripture torn up."
      o George Bernard Shaw

      "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise
      and the weak things to confound the strong."
      o Corinthians 1:27-28).

      "Voting has humiliated the nation for decades."
      o Benito Mussolini
      Transfer > Matthew Rogalsky [1]
      A Magic Square of 5 to Look At > Paul Panhuysen [2]
      + 1995 Answering Machine Messages Chez Nina
      + Go Away Fatty [3]
      Lu Me Sceccu > Catania Cobbler [4]
      Farewell > Matthew Rogalsky [1]
      God Song > R. Stevie Moore [5]
      Damaged Bedroom Minimalism > Shannon Fields vs Martin Nieznanski [6]
      Live @ Diapason Part 1 > Matthew Rogalsky & Jane Henry [7]
      What About Me > Quicksilver Messenger Service [8]
      Ghostlake > Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori [9]
      Live @ Diapason Part 2 > Matthew Rogalsky & Jane Henry [7]
      + Close to the Lord > Repentant Ex-Rocker
      Burchfield Nines > Michael Franks [10]
      Deft > Phantom Orchard [9]
      Bush > Black Sifichi [11]
      9 > Coin Gutter [12]
      Umbo Weti > Leon Thomas [13]

      [1] "Transform / Farewell" <www.mrogalsky.net>. The sound of a dark
      star giving birth to a pop star in a hospital fronting as a
      speakeasy. Solution: corkscrew and duckdown pillow to the inner ear.

      [2] "A Magic Square of 5 To Look At" on Plinkety Plonk
      <www.beequeen.nl/plink.htm>. Liner notes: "A magic square is a series
      of numbers arranged in a square grid so, that the sum of each
      horizontal and vertical row of the corner diagonals is always the
      same. Magic squares reveal harmony of number and refer to the nature
      of existence and cosmic order dominated by mathematical regularity."
      Not rock and roll, then. One of the more interesting

      [3] A Self Hypnosis Tape for those who want to lose weight while they
      are sleeping. It is all about changing your attitude, baby. We all
      now know that the inverse relationship: as adventure vanishes from
      everyday life, we see an increase in the need to compensate via oral

      [4] "Folk Music from Italy" on Folkways. Not by Allen Lomax but
      brilliant folk singing recordings from around Italy. "My Little
      Donkey" is a song sung by a wagon driver about his donkey who was 40
      years old when he died. Complete with incredible human impressions of
      donkey sounds.

      [5] "Objectivity" on RSM <www.rsteviemoore@com>Does the "R." stand
      for "Roger" or "Rewind"? This is one of thousands!!! Of RSM releases.
      He may be more [re]productive than the Fall. But most of it is worth
      it. He brings a strange blend of strained pop vocals that can wander
      off into effective jazz phrasing [like here], passion, irritation,
      annoyance, sarcasm, anarcho-imprudence, noisy-self-destructive &/or
      self-effacing lyrics and all presented with snippers of fluffy
      hopefulness creating a body of work that can be likened to the
      Beachboys in a head-on collision with XTC, with Wildman Fisher on the
      collision scene as the investigating officer. Ignore Him At Your Own
      Peril! "God Song" is a haunting jazz loungy rendition of a kind of
      atheist declaration of independence
      God Song (Robert Wyatt, Miller)
      What on earth are you doing God?
      is this some sort of joke you're playing?
      Is it 'cause we didn't pray?
      Well I can't see the point of the words without the action
      Are you just hot air breathing over us?
      and overall is it fun watching us all?
      Where's your son? we want him again
      Next time you send your boy down here
      Give him a wife and a sexy daughter
      - someone we can understand
      Who's got some ideas we usually relate to
      we've all read your rules - tried them.
      Learned them in school then tried them
      They're impossible rules
      you've made us look fools
      Well done God but now please don't hunt me down for heaven's sake!
      You know that I'm only joking. Aren't I?
      Pardon me - I'm very drunk
      but I know what I'm trying to say
      And It's nearly night time and we're still alone waiting
      For something unknown Still waiting
      So throw down a stone or something
      Give us a sign for Christ's sake

      [6] Praemedia <www.praemedia.com> Excellent sampler of North American
      sound strategies that straddle a musty couch somewhere between music
      that enhances dining and/or the mass slaughter of barnyard animals -
      for a good cause.

      [7] "Diapson Sept 2001" <www.mrogalsky.net>. The sound of transistors
      melting in a magnetic storm. The immediate visuals that are
      instigated by hearing MR live is a seismograph set up near the North
      Pole then mixed with similar recordings taken in the middle of Death
      ValleyŠ Is this the sound of our heart drifting further and further
      away from the rest of our internal organs? This show was dedicated to
      the fact that 2 hours after this show, Matthew Rogalsky was playing
      as part of the 301 OT Kraakgeluiden [kraak having a double meaning of
      crackling sound and squattingŠ] Very nice to meet him again.

      [8] "What About Me" on Capitol. Typical hippie blend of hair, drugs,
      revolution, self-righteousness. Who ever said that LSD leads to
      creativity! I thought so. Some records I hold on to regardless of how
      much face I lose in the process! I keep them to see what it is I
      liked about them then and why I can't STILL like them. "If you stand
      up for what you believe / be prepared to be shot downŠ I'm a fugitive
      from injustice and against most of your laws". This is the kind stuff
      Playboy/Esquire/New Yorker used to make fun of in their pages in the
      1960-70sŠ They should talkŠ

      [9] "Phantom Orchard" on Mego <www.mego.at>. Two of the most
      relentlessly experimental of [female] experimenters. Interesting
      synthesis of organic and digitalised sources. Something verging on
      spectral and a kind of makeshift respite from undesired noise

      [10] "Burchfield Nines" on Warner Brothers, 1978. This singer is
      stuck on the mild side of Mose Allison and the jazzy side of James
      Taylor. My first wife and I broke up in such a tumultuous huff back
      in 1985 that she didn't even want this record back. Charles
      Burchfield is a great New England based early-20th century painter of
      psychologically tinged landscapes that make you think of
      illustrations for a Washington Irving or E.A. Poe book. ""The Dali
      drools, the Hartley shines / But all I see is those Burchfield NinesŠ"

      [11] "Fellatio Praecox: Outspoken Word Trips"
      <http://www.blacksifichi.com> <http://www.romanapoli.com>. the
      pre-release rougher versions of his excellent "Tick" on Noise Museum.
      Imagine Ken Nordine as a renegade mercenary who after reading the
      Surrealists turns against his former mates. This is a piece based on
      a poem me and BS wrote via email [i believe]. It's about Bush senior
      but who cares in the world of scarry clones.

      [12] "All Your Dreams Are Meaningless" on No Type
      <www.electrocd.com>. Throw an untuned radio into a trash barrel and
      then have the band members fumbling for the dial looking to fine tune
      it. In their failure to fine tune they come up with some sounds that
      may reveal evidence that there are indeed phantoms residing on the
      airwaves. The airwaves undergo a post-war exorcism. A battle played
      out in the mists of a radio-active ether. Beings just melt into thin
      air. Voices remain detached from anything resembling bodily ballast.

      [13] "Leon Thomas in Berlin" RCA/Bluebird/BMG rerelease. Excellent
      example of Thomas' energy, working here with Oliver Nelson and
      brilliantly yodeling his head off. Incredible channeling of Pygmy
      spirit voices that come in loud and clear over the transmitter
      implanted in the late Leon Thomas's soul. If you want to hear the
      future of vocals you're gonna have to go back to 1969 here. The
      yodeling is nothing short of mind-boggling [I assume you still have
      one to boggle].


      -----> Radio update: Patapoe is in regeneration mode! Although it has
      been a lengthy hiatus. We ether-addicts are just biting through
      highly valued vinyl waiting to go back on the air. Good news on
      almost all fronts. PTP HQ has been totally remodeled. Nice and
      ergonomic. Got rid of the squat-trash chic decorative details. Now to
      replace some of the ailing equipment. A recent meeting revealed that
      we have a new transmitter: our last 2 met with their own timely
      deaths - one bit the dust after our massive mast/antenna was struck
      by lightning, the second just kept overheating in the terrible August
      heatwave. So terrible that everyone was happy to lay in sunny Vondel
      Park. The meeting also produced a secret donor of many hundreds of
      euros. This allowed us to purchase a new transmitter. It has been
      installed and for a half a day we were sending out very clear signal.
      Then the distress calls: the transmitter was mirroring and thus
      interfering with commercial stations [the kind of stn who depends on
      bad djs spinning bad music to lure in bad advertising]Š and so here
      we are again off the air. But with some slight adjustments, we should
      be on the air in a week - stronger, clear, with more of a sense of
      purpose, mission and mischief. [This playlist is way out of order:
      but what is chronology but the artificial lockstep of time made way
      too linear.]

      -----> Some FBI Instructions for 4th of July Terrorists [not kidding!]:
      The FBI bulletin repeated for local authorities a previously released
      list of indicators often associated with suicide bomber attacks
      overseas. These include:
      o Irregular, loose-fitting clothing not appropriate for warm weather,
      possibly with "protruding bulges or exposed wires"' or a noticeable
      chemical odor.
      o "Sweating, mumbling (prayers) or unusually calm and detached
      behavior.'' In addition, people who refuse to show their hands,
      possibly to conceal a detonator.
      o Disguises, including military, police, medical or firefighter
      uniforms or someone posing as a pregnant woman.
      o Large or heavy baggage not appropriate for the location, such as a
      big duffel bag carried into a restaurant.

      [the scary/joke part is this could easily describe half of Americans]

      -----> Are We Hooked on Happy Pills? By Linda Marsa
      Americans' use of medications like Prozac has soared over the past
      few years. Is our growing pill habit a necessary antidote for our
      increasingly stressful lives, or do we just feel entitled to
      happiness on demand? Š antidepressants have brought relief. The SSRI
      (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs, such as Prozac,
      Zoloft, Paxil, and Celexa, which boost levels of the mood-altering
      brain chemical serotonin, have proven to be useful in controlling
      depression. Increasingly, doctors are dispensing these SSRIs for
      their anxiety-ridden patients, too. As a result, the number of
      prescriptions being written for SSRI medications has soared, with
      more than 142 million dispensed in 2003, up from 98 million in 2000,
      an increase of 45 percent. And millions even take tranquilizers, such
      as Valium, the "mother's little helpers" that our parents' generation
      used to calm the jitters.

      As use of SSRIs becomes more commonplace, some mental health experts
      have tried to sound a cautionary note. They worry that a growing
      population of Americans is medicating what are really just normal
      variations in temperament. ("Feeling sad? Anxious? Imagine being
      allergic to people," are some common pitches.) But many of these
      people actually fall into a gray area, these experts say, where they
      are occasionally hampered by anxiety but are not debilitated by it.
      And yet these same people, who may suffer nothing more than everyday
      angst, now have the option of powerful medications that can be taken
      long term. "It's as if there's no such thing as normal behavior
      anymore," says Paula Caplan, PhD, a psychologist at the Pembroke
      Center for Teaching and Research on Women at Brown University, in
      Providence, Rhode Island, and author of They Say You're Crazy: How
      the World's Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who's Normal (Perseus,
      1996). "Getting irritated and angry or feeling fearful or frustrated
      is a natural response to the often overwhelming stresses in life. It
      doesn't mean you need medication." The upshot, some critics say, is
      that we're becoming a nation of pill poppers who reach for a potent
      prescription rather than grapple with the underlying causes of our
      unease. This change began in 1988 with the U.S. introduction of
      Prozac, a then entirely new kind of antidepressant, which didn't seem
      to cause the side effects, such as sedation, of the earlier
      generation of medicationsŠ And adults aren't the only ones affected.
      From 1987 to 1996, the number of children on mood-altering drugs
      nearly tripled, according to a 2003 University of Maryland study,
      which also found that 6 percent of American children and teenagers
      were taking psychiatric medications. The creation of these mood drugs
      in the first place is an example of necessity becoming the mother of
      invention. Given that the country seems to be in the grip of a
      protracted stress overload, the effectiveness of SSRIs at relieving
      symptoms of anxiety and depression has a guaranteed audience.

      o Re: JG Ballard: "Remember publishing J.G Ballard's "Why I Want to
      Fuck Ronald Reagan" when I was editor of International Times in
      London, winter '67-'68. Remember him as a nice man." Bill Levy,
      author of "Natural Jewboy" and hundreds of alternative-cultural
      observations, tracts, essays, spleen-venting, etc.

      o Netherlands placed 5th in UN quality of life report 16 July 2004 /
      The Netherlands is the second best country in the EU for quality of
      life, according to new United Nations figures. The UN's Human
      Development Report 2004, which was released on Friday, also ranks the
      Netherlands fifth in the world in terms of health and life
      expectancy, education and earnings. It is placed second in the EU
      behind Sweden. Sweden was second overall with a GDP per capita of USD
      26,050 and an average life expectancy of 80, the highest in the
      world. The Belgians came in sixth overall. For the fourth year
      running, Norway comes out on top of the human development index, with
      a life expectancy of 78.9 years, 98 percent of its population
      enrolled in education and GDP at USD 36,600 per inhabitant. It is
      closely followed by Sweden, Australia and Canada. Five of the top six
      countries had an educational index of 99, with Canada one point
      lower. The US came eight on the index, although the GDP per capita at
      USD 35,750 was second only to Norway. Average life expectancy in the
      US was 77 years and the educational index was 97. The UK was listed
      in 12th place, with an educational index of 99, but an average life
      expectancy of 78.1 years and GDP per capita of USD 26,150. [i may
      have reported on this earlier... i only re-report it to reiterate
      that things suck but some things suck less in some places. people
      complain about the dutch being a country of complainers. this is the
      same thing i used to hear about NYers from NYers, and Parisians from
      Parisians, ad nauseum... there is plenty to complain about here -
      it's no paradise - but let's at least put it in some vague
      perspective.] Every time someone in the western world says "I'm
      starving" [read, i haven't had a meal in 3 hours] my face begins to
      twitch uncontrollably... Who woulda thought so many elephants and
      dinosaurs could fit into NY. The protests [violent or demonstrative]
      against the Republicans will be perfect free advertising for their
      own reelection. every violent act perpetrated against the elephants
      will only give them 50,000 votes because as author thomas frank says
      in his fascinating WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS?: The conservatives
      [now the overwhelming norm in the US] continue to project themselves
      as a beleaguered minority - this is easier to handle when you are
      vigilante martyrs for the cause of one's own undoing. I.e.,
      conservatives are addicted to anger, and righteous indignation....

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/>
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Soon, the unveiling of new juggernaut: <http://wreckthismess.com/>
      courtesy of Pavement Tulip, a genius stuck in the body of a Polish
      skier in Brooklyn's inner denouement.


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