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Resonance FM highlights, 25 August to 1 September 2004

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    25 August 2.00-3.00 Late Lunch With Out To Lunch Presenter Ben Watson broadcasts a recent gig by Derek Bailey, legendary hard man of the British musical
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      25 August
      Late Lunch With Out To Lunch
      Presenter Ben Watson broadcasts a recent gig by Derek Bailey, legendary "hard man" of the British musical avantgarde. Watson has just published a 400-page biography about the 74-year-old Sheffield-born guitarist - Derek Bailey & the Story of Free Improvisation (Verso) - and so is well equipped to discuss his latest venture: Bailey playing with the Tony Bevan Trio at the 291 Gallery. It'll be interesting to hear the great Orphy Robinson - vibes-player who emerged with Courtney Pine and the Jazz Warriors in the 1980s - in this context. For anyone who's new to Free Improvisation, or intimidated by its formidable reputation, this may be the ideal way in. As Watson's biography shows, there's more humour, anti-establishment spleen and vitality in Free Improvisation than anyone expected.

      Hooting Yard On the Air
      Frank Key reads contemporary literary masterpieces characterised by their digressive and off-kilter qualities.

      Clear Spot
      A rare enactment of public grief as writer and journalist Marcello Carlin
      presents with a tribute to his late partner Laura on the third anniversary
      of her death. "The programme will mostly take the form of my playing some of Laura's favourite music, combined with readings from some of her favourite writers... I am very conscious of the necessity of avoiding
      becoming the Paul Burrell of music journalism - after all it is Laura's
      life which I shall be celebrating."

      26 August
      Back in the Zeros
      Andy James interviews Richard Holloway, former Bishop of Edinburgh who has just written a book on Spirituality in the twenty first century, which compares the practice of morality to improvised jazz. And Greg Dulli, who used to be singer of The Afgan Whigs.

      Clear Spot
      The Gentlemen's Club: "Due to exceedingly popular demand, those rum coves from The Gentleman's Club are back to spread their suavity and panache as liberally as they spread their whiskey marmalade. Professor Devereux, Cornelius Chapman and Gideon Farquharson are joined by ladies man Miles Alltoft and Italian correspondent, Lord Montgomery Sinjeon (pronounced Saint John.) Featuring their adventure serial, "The Men From T.R.O.U.S.E.R" and the premier of a new hard drinking documentary series, "The Priority".
      For all of those of us out there who enjoy a little cadding about now and
      then, mix yourself and extra dry martini, fire up a robusto and settle in
      for a bit more classic wireless entertainment."

      27 August
      What on Earth
      World music and roots show. This week David Evans is joined by flautist and journalist Clive Bell, who talks about and plays records from Cambodia.

      Clear Spot
      Sound Artist Joel Cahen presents a live mash-up collage, mixing up sounds regardless of style, ranging from field recordings to pop.

      28 August
      Jonny Trunk plays extrordinary film music from the French New Wave Cinema movement: Godard, Melville, Truffaut, Melville etc.

      One Hour As
      Extreme audio art. Mike Shannon, Jeph Jerman and Luca Miti present: "90 minutes as Spring-Summer 2002." Recorded in Cottonwood, Arizona by Jeph Jerman, Rome, Italy by Luca Miti, and Seattle, Washington by Mike Shannon; mixed by Mike Shannon at Joy Street Studios, Florida April 2004.

      29 August
      One Way Single Parent Family Favourites
      Pete Sargeant's guest is darkside folkrocker Felix from Hey Negrita.

      Better on Headphones
      Lance Martins is joined by improvising guitar player Andy Cox live in the

      30 August
      New Art on Mondays
      Feature on visual artists making sound projects. Guests include Kelly Large (QSL Middlesborough radio project), Melanie Clifford and Rob Grant (Sound Postcards from Bow), Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich (How the Universe Sang Itself Into Being). Presented by Cecilia Wee.

      Musa Lusa
      Musa Lusa is a new weekly radio show promoting exploratory music from Portugal on Resonance 104.4FM. Hosted by Miguel Santos (director of both the Anglo-Portuguese Cultural Relations programme at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and of the annual music festival Atlantic Waves), it promises a breathtaking variety of music, ranging from contemporary fado to experimental electronica, alternative pop to ethno/folk, jazz, modern composition, upfront club music and many other genres you would never dream come from Portugal.

      Clear Spot
      Mapstation live in session. Mapstation is the nom de guerre of Stefan
      Schneider (To Rococo Rot, ex-Kreidler). His music has been release via
      Staubgold records and is closer to minimalist techno, but brings the
      euphoria of the genre together with charming slow-downs of pace and bpm.

      31 August
      Middle East Panorama
      Can Cyprus be united? - a talk and discussion recorded during Marxism 2004,

      Resonance 104.4 FM - The Art of Listening

      London's experimental radio art station: broadcasting live across central London and webstreamed around the world via


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