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Re: Crazy question about a mystery 7"

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  • keefycub
    Black Lodge Elephants On Parade. K. ... releases wall at ... titles and I ... music ... being a girl ... side, large ... looking ... with ACU-REC*S ...
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      Black Lodge "Elephants On Parade."


      --- In thewire@yahoogroups.com, jamello@a... wrote:
      > Not much to go on here but figured I'd ask the experts...
      > About five years ago, I bought a cool 7" single off the new
      releases wall at
      > Rough Trade in London. The record doesn't list the artist/song
      titles and I
      > don't remember the name listed on store wall display. Here are
      some details:
      > - it's on Acupuncture Records, released 1999.
      > - one side is a crazy Raymond Scott/Foetus-type big band cartoon
      > track; the other side is a great funky track with the only vocals
      being a girl
      > repeatedly singing "ding ding dong, ding-ding-ding-ding ding dong."
      > - plain brown cardboard sleeve with red vertical stripes on each
      side, large
      > hole to show the record label.
      > - on one side, the label has a drawing of a head of a tribal-
      > four-eyed character. The other side has a large "A" in the center
      with ACU-REC*S
      > underneath. Copy ringing the label are the words "Edited at Black
      > Studios for Acupuncture Records 1999 ACU1".
      > - Etched in the run-off groove is AH 15711.
      > I emailed the Rough Trade folks and they said it might be a band
      called the
      > Flying Medallions. Does anyone have any clue?
      > Thanks.
      > Jack
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