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MATMOS unique UK Showcase: london 06.06

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  • eric.namour
    (pardon for x-post) Hello all Hope you will be able to make it as it promises to be quite a good one. Do contact nosignal@sonomu.net to stay in touch with
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2004
      (pardon for x-post)

      Hello all

      Hope you will be able to make it as it promises to be quite a good one.
      Do contact nosignal@... to stay in touch with incoming special
      entrance list and competitions.


      SUNDAY JUNE 6 | 7.00 (doors sharp) > 12.00 am
      275 Pentonville Road |

      �13.50 (in adv.) from

      further info/details @ http://nosignal.slab.org (flyer, biographies &
      press release)
      contact: nosignal@... | 07721 748756

      :: competition with CDs and FREE entries coming up soon.Visit
      http://nosignal.sonomu.net for further details.

      :: M A T M O S (sf_usa / matador records | locust)
      http://brainwashed.com/matmos/ | http://www.matadorrecords.com/

      electronic/instrumental set with a m�lange of traditional British music
      and 19th century Americana, marching bands, country melodies spliced
      together with crisp digital editing techniques. The performance also
      includes a continuous video footage from the American Civil War.

      | Martin C Schmidt / Drew Daniel ~ amplified sound textures and
      manipulations |
      | Mark Lightcap ~ guitar / horn |
      | Steve Goodfriend ~ drums |

      :: D I C K S L E S S I G C O M B O (sf_usa)
      an astonishing (and still un-published) trio of post-rock-drone
      repetition based on arrangements of existing composition through
      mathematic expansions of classic pop songs.

      | Mark Lightcap ~ guitar / horn / tuba |
      | Steve Goodfriend ~ drums / portasound |
      | Carl Bronson ~ bass/hammond organ / gas can guitar |

      :: S O F T P I N K T R U T H (sf_usa | accidental records)
      Drew Daniel's disco/funk/techno side project with red light projections
      recalling the duo's other side project of sound-tracking Pornographic
      | Drew Daniel ~ audio live set |

      :: L E A F C U T T E R J O H N (london_uk | planet mu)

      'Fragments of sound hang together with the inviolable conviction of a
      fine haiku�. Rob Young,The Wire
      John Burton) has been defined as �one the bourgeoning stars of
      post-electronica� (Tony Herrington, The Wire). �The Housebound Spirit�,
      John�s 3rd and latest album released on Planet-Mu Records in 2003, was
      featured in The Wire Magazine�s top 50 records of 2003.

      :: Y A X U P A X O (london_uk | slaboratory)
      Gut-wrenching techno messing with a programmer's mind pre-occupied with
      computer code. You see the programmer play live, the same as you see a
      guitarist play live - the process is brought back to the fore. Must see

      :: OWL project
      the Owl Project have been using the log1k to perform their own brand of
      electronica, which combines electro-magnetic fields and signals to
      produce complex beats and ambient sound.

      :: THE W I R E Sound System (london_uk | the wire magazine)
      http://www.thewire.co.uk | adventures in modern music

      || press quotes ||
      'A gentle, slow, intimate, funny and rather wonderful process we might
      feasibly describe as pop' (David Toop, The Wire).

      'Electronics, computers, memory, instruments, folk music, unpredictable
      influences, political discontents and objects are central to Matmos
      modus operandi and aesthetic.'
      David Toop, The Wire magazine (issue 235)

      'The [Civil War] title is meant to suture the English Civil war of 1640
      with the American Civil War of 1865 with the domestic civil war between
      us as boyfriends and as band mates with the current civil war in
      America between those who support Bush and those who despise him'.
      Drew Daniel, in conversation with David Toop (ibit)

      Article from our online media partner KultureFlash

      || partners ||

      :: Matador Records | http://matadorrecords.com

      :: KultureFlash ~ headlines from london | http://www.kultureflash.net
      check out the weekly 'must have' London cultural guide for the most
      insightful events around the capital.

      :: sonomu ~ sound.noise.music | http://sonomu.net
      an online tool for the independent music sector

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