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WRECK: Beware Sound Polluters

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 249: Beware Sound Polluters Maandag, 15 Maart 2004 (17.00 to 19.00)
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      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 249: Beware Sound Polluters

      Maandag, 15 Maart 2004 (17.00 to 19.00)

      "Every gun made, every warship launched, every rocket fired,
      signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are
      not fed, from those who are cold and not clothed. The world of arms
      is not spending
      money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of
      its scientists,
      the hopes of its children."
      * Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953 [courtesy of the Gangster Poet]

      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      Caterpillar > Marcelo Radulovich [1]
      + Hoedje van Papier Remix > De Damrakkertjes & Hans de Jong [2]
      Wolfen > Marilyn Lerner [3]
      + Extemporaneous Ululations > MC Pal/Oma [4]
      D'Or et de Lumiere > Arturo Parra [5]
      Ma Peine > Von Magnet [6]
      Ain't life Ironic? > Zenzile & Jamkia Meets Cello [7]
      Highland Dub > Vibronics [8]
      Granular Bastard > Apparat [9]
      Are You Going Out? > MAE [10]

      "...we have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry
      of vast proportions. Added to this, three and a half million men and
      women are directly engaged in the defence establishment. We annually
      spend on military security more than the net income of all United
      States corporations. This conjunction of an immense military
      establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American
      experience. The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual
      - is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the
      federal government. Š we must not fail to comprehend its grave
      implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so
      is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government,
      we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence,
      whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The
      potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will
      persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger
      our liberties or our democratic processes."
      o Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces during
      World War II and 34th President of the United States. In his farewell
      address to the nation in 1961

      Bong: Spring Cleaning! > BMB con [11]
      Clocks > Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson [12]
      Tic Toc > Raymond Scott [13]
      Reconstruction > Matmos [14]
      Chronophonie > Jean-Jacques Perry vs David Chazam [15]
      Polly Wolly Doodle > Varsity Singers [16]
      Drunken Trumpet > Kid Koala [17]
      Cinderella Rockefella > Trumpets a Gogo [18]
      Misprints > Matthew Herbert Big Band [19]
      Jesus Donuts > Poulette [20]
      Bo Diddley is Jesus > Jesus & Mary Chain [21]
      Tarantella > Anonymous in Capri [22]
      California Couldn't Pay Our Education > The Foremen [23]
      Let's Put Out the Lights > Ray Coniff Singers [24]
      Germ-Free Celebrity Surgical Mask > Vanilla Bean [25]
      Ageing Young Rebel > DJ Food vs Ken Nordine [17]
      Objectivity > R. Stevie Moore vs Yukio Yung [25]
      Elvis Phone Sex > Vanilla Bean [26]
      + Sonatas [Beethoven] > Alfred Brendel

      [1] "Hello" on Accretions <titicacaman.com>. Brilliant loopy
      wormholes into the social fabric that we no longer know how to wear
      with any grace.

      [2] "Zingen 42 Bekende de Kleuteren Kinderliedjes" on EMI-Bovema.
      Popular Dutch kid's songs sung by way too many kids.

      [3] I just have no idea where this came from.

      [4] "Outtakes & Starry Tights" My daughter knows what jazz is
      [anything with a sax] and what yodeling is [any vocals that make you
      smile and don't sound like singing] and she knows what echo is: the
      mirror of self-consciousness and the awareness of one's place in
      one's body and society. Heck, she just loves to toast over almost any
      music. I am the sound system; she is the toaster. Sunny & Sure?

      [5] "Parr(a)cousmatique" on Empreintes Digitales <www.electro.cd> AP
      is a Bogota Columbia-born composer and guitarist who here interprets
      the works of 5 contemporary acousmatic composers which AP recomposed
      as a piece for guitar and tape. "On the shore, a thousand ecstatic
      bodies resonate to the sound of cries and chantsŠ" transcendental
      music made of earthly sounds on tape and guitar. Like the troubled
      souls of grumpy beings cracking open the cocoon and buzzing right
      into a bright veranda light in a Spanish summer night. Beautiful.

      [6] "How to Breathe" <www.vonmagnet.net> The prosthetic grafting of
      flamenco and industrial 20 years later. Still at it and a perfect
      compliment to Parra's piece. Von Magnet's performances are always an
      intense experience.

      [7] "5 + 1" on Small Axe is a FR/UK dubby and ornery Massive Attack
      of beats, style and lyrical content. The birth of sinister and
      festering cool.

      [8] "Dubliftment" on Universal Egg <www.wobblyweb.com> has that
      classic mark of bright and ethereal dub produced by Zion Train and
      Universal Egg. Joyous and deep, fervent and melodious. Whatever
      edginess there may be is wrapped in a velvet scabbard.

      [9] "Duplex" on Shitkatapult is the sound of Buddhist bells inside
      the exploded of tech gadgets about to go the route of sabotage. There
      is melody and a moment of happy face confrontation as we flee the
      flood of information rain, in fact there are survival tactics that
      involve taking the glitch and dissonance and making it into a drum n
      bass meets flamenco affair. I am somehow reminded of what Durruti
      Cloumn or Sylvain Chauveau would sound like in a studio with all the
      wires and inputs and outputs exposed to the corrosive effects of
      humidity, mold and rust.

      [10] "MAE Journal" on X-Or <http://www.xs4all.nl/~xorluc>. A weirdly
      composed Dutch ensemble of personages and instruments interprets some
      contemporary world composers including Dutch composer Jan-Bas Bollen
      whose piece is described as "raw, repetitiveŠ obsessiveŠ" this piece
      has a distinctly John Cagey feel [although the composer, Piet-jan van
      Rossum was born 1966!] and combines ensemble composition with tape
      and loops and the entire disc has the sound of happy happenstance, of
      directed surprise, of giddy fusions of asymmetrical approaches to pop
      of strange time-piece and remnants of almost recognizable folk musicsŠ

      [11] "Sounds Like" on BMBcd <http://this.is/bmbcon> is the latest
      Justin Bennett project which combines lots of noise-generated improv
      with percussive clang. JB is one of the more versatile of the
      post-noise improv soundsmiths operating in Europe today. Found sound
      is offered a framework where we can create peripatetic and eidetic
      narratives based on our own psychic tuning.

      [12] "The Best of Dimension 5" on Dimension 5. Brilliant
      appropriation of dumb retro culture that reminds one of Reefer
      Madness or something produced in the boudoir of John Waters.

      [13] "Soothing Sounds for Baby" on Basta. The renowned RS here
      'scientifically' composes to help parents with the chore of putting
      their babies to sleep. Divided into 3 [shortish] volumes for babes of
      1-6 months, 7-12, and 12-18, these are supposed to be the lullabyes
      of the mechanistic electronic era. Well, my daughter found them more
      cause for rousing and glee than heavy-lidded drifting off to dreamy
      dreamy land.

      [14] "The Civil War" on Matador. Is a crazed and witty kaleidoscopic
      view of sound and erudition, of citation and almost queasy reuse of
      licks that are puzzlingly familiar but just out of our grasps, add to
      that psycho-sonic destabilization effects and you have a thoroughly
      smart and yet somehow furtive and suspicious success.

      [15] "I.D.E.A.L.: Disque de Musique Inclassables, Décalées,
      Eclectiques, Acoustiques & Electroniques #1" on le Lieu Unique
      <www.lelieuunique.com> is an interesting collection of French bands
      showcased in all their human and inhuman eccentricity with , of
      course, mixed results.

      [16] "Songs of America" on Concertone are kind of scrubbed-clean
      versions of old faves done cheery and upbeat style.

      [17] Ninja Tune is one of the great labels of inventive loopy beat
      dis-re-engagement. Full of mirth and mendacity, sonic appropriation,
      recombination, trip hop, dub and strip hop. Never under estimate the
      participating musiciansŠ

      [18] "Trumpets A Gogo" on Constanze vinyl. Made for devil-may-care
      partying 60s style. Here a triumphantly awful version of that weird
      60s hit by an Israeli duo singing a Mason Williams composition
      complete with yodeling all done Euro-Vision style here given a kind
      of Herb Alpert meets James Last going over.

      [19] "Trax #63" This excellent and mysteriously seductive single is
      on Accidental Records.

      [20] Some weird-ass flattened-emotion post-pop. I think its from a
      Birdland Records compilation which I can't put my hands on right nowŠ

      [21] "Barbed Wire Kisses" on WEA. This was a magical next-generation
      Velvets band in the mid-80s. Their sonic reverb and distortion high
      waves of disturbance were melodic and guaranteed back then to clear
      any dance floor at any party I was DJing. Some partygoers irritating
      you? Play some of their first album. It was guaranteed to tee them
      off even worse. Most of the time they would just grab their coats in
      a huff and leave with a dirty look about to crack into a nervous tic.

      [22] "Italian Tour" on Folkways vinyl, 1956. Recordings of Italian
      folk music from 1954 by Walther Hennig. Very nice vocals throughout.

      [23] "The Twist & Shout 6 O'Clock Good News" on Reprise is a horrible
      compilation of stupid bands trying to be meaningfully meaningless.
      Except this cut which is an excellent and uncanny replica of early
      60s Kingston Trio type groups, here testifying to the destructive
      aspects of privatisation and the dismantling of the excellent
      education system California had until Reagan became governor.
      California's public school education dipped from first in the nation
      down to below 25th in qualityŠ

      [24] "It's the Talk of the Town" on Philips vinyl.

      [25] "Objectivity <www.rsteviemoore.com> Perfect synthesis of now and
      then in this Nick Lowe-ish and Wreckless Eric-ish pop sound with lots
      of buzz, crackle and crunch with the Phil Spector of a healthy dose
      of XTC on the twinkly brow of this consummate post-nihilist.
      Breakfast cereal for those who have seen too much light.

      [26] The Vanilla Bean was the avenging-gremlin of WFMU who felt it
      his obligation to reinvent Lenny Bruce for a sick 1980s society.

      oo In the time between this playlist and my late-date attempt at
      catching up [2 months] the entire world has again changed again. Not
      since 9.11 has there been such earth-shattering and paradigm shifting
      news: the "minute" problems at various "coalition" prisons holding
      Iraquis have been amplified to there true magnitude and tenor with
      all evidence pointing and extrapolating from those "home" snapshots
      all the way to the highest of high places. What it basically
      indicates is a rerun of the Nuremburg Trials. The Geneva Conventions
      have not been violated anomalously but systematically, as a matter of
      policy and administration character [blind hubris combined with
      messianic desperation]. Or so it is beginning to appear.

      oo Jose Geraldo Soares, a 43-year-old Presbyterian pastor, died while
      watching 'Passion of Christ' in Brazil of an apparent heart attack
      while watching the Mel Gibson film "The Passion of the Christ."
      Halfway through the movie, Soares' wife noticed that he was no longer
      awake. A doctor who was also watching the film tended to Soares, but
      the priest was already dead. Soares is at least the second person to
      die while watching "The Passion." Peggy Scott, 56, died of a heart
      attack on Feb. 25 in Wichita, Kansas while watching film's climactic
      crucifixion scene.

      oo Richard A. Clarke, the former White House counterterrorism
      coordinator, [no lefty] accuses the Bush administration of failing to
      recognize the al-Qaida threat before the Sept. 11, 2001, terror
      attacks and then manipulating America into war with Iraq with
      dangerous consequences. He accuses Bush of doing "a terrible job on
      the war against terrorismŠ It was as though they were preserved in
      amber from when they left office eight years earlier," Clarke told
      CBS "60 Minutes" program. "frankly I find it outrageous that the
      president is running for re-election on the grounds that he's done
      such great things about terrorism. He ignored it. He ignored
      terrorism for months, when maybe we could have done something."
      Almost immediately after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Clarke said the
      president asked him directly to find whether Iraq was involved in the
      suicide hijackings. "George Bush wanted me to come back with a report
      that said, 'Iraq did this,"' said Clarke, who told the president that
      U.S. intelligence agencies had never found a connection between Iraq
      and al-Qaida. "He came back at me and said, 'Iraq! Saddam! Find out
      if there's a connection,' and in a very intimidating way," Clarke

      o* Treasury Department Is Warning Publishers of the Perils of
      Criminal Editing of the Enemy By ADAM LIPTAK February 28, 2004:
      "Writers often grumble about the criminal things editors do to their
      prose. The federal government has recently weighed in on the same
      issue - literally. It has warned publishers they may face grave legal
      consequences for editing manuscripts from Iran and other disfavored
      nations, on the ground that such tinkering amounts to trading with
      the enemy. Anyone who publishes material from a country under a trade
      embargo is forbidden to reorder paragraphs or sentences, correct
      syntax or grammar, or replace "inappropriate words," according to
      several advisory letters from the Treasury Department in recent
      months. Adding illustrations is prohibited, too. To the baffled
      dismay of publishers, editors and translators who have been briefed
      about the policy, only publication of "camera-ready copies of
      manuscripts" is allowed. The Treasury letters concerned Iran. But the
      logic, experts said, would seem to extend to Cuba, Libya, North Korea
      and other nations with which most trade is banned without a
      government license. "It is against the principles of scholarship and
      freedom of expression, as well as the interests of science, to
      require publishers to get U.S. government permission to publish the
      works of scholars and researchers who happen to live in countries
      with oppressive regimes," said Eric A. Swanson, a senior vice
      president at John Wiley & Sons, which publishes scientific, technical
      and medical books and journals. Nahid Mozaffari, a scholar and editor
      specializing in literature from Iran, called the implications
      staggering. "A story, a poem, an article on history, archaeology,
      linguistics, engineering, physics, mathematics, or any other area of
      knowledge cannot be translated, and even if submitted in English,
      cannot be edited in the U.S.," she said. "This means that the
      publication of the PEN Anthology of Contemporary Persian Literature
      that I have been editing for the last three years," she said, "would
      constitute aiding and abetting the enemy."

      oo MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS: From Military Use of Mind Control
      Weapons by Judy Wall, Editor and Publisher of Resonance, the
      Newsletter of the Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group [Nexus
      Volume 5, Issue 6 October/November 1998, nexus@...: "Š The
      mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology:
      the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes called "S-quad" or
      "Squad". It was developed by Dr Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia,
      and is described in US Patent #5,159,703Š as: "A silent
      communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or
      very high audio-frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic
      frequency spectrum are amplitude- or frequency-modulated with the
      desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally,
      for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of
      loudspeakers, earphones, or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated
      carriers may be transmitted directly in real time or may be
      conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic, or optical
      media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener."

      Š it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human
      emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these "emotion
      signature clusters" on another computer and, at will, "silently
      induce and change the emotional state in a human being". Silent
      Sounds, Inc. states that it is interested only in positive emotions,
      but the military is not so limited. That this is a US Department of
      Defense project is obvious. Š The system was used throughout
      Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully. Š By using these
      computer-enhanced EEGs, scientists can identify and isolate the
      brain's low-amplitude "emotion signature clusters", synthesise them
      and store them on another computer. In other words, by studying the
      subtle characteristic brainwave patterns that occur when a subject
      experiences a particular emotion, scientists have been able to
      identify the concomitant brainwave pattern and can now duplicate it.
      These clusters are then placed on the Silent Sound[TM] carrier
      frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same
      basic emotion in another human being!" Š Beneath the musical
      broadcast that you hear in stores and shopping malls may be a hidden
      message which exhorts against shoplifting. And while voice commands
      alone are powerful, when the subliminal presentation system carries
      cloned emotional signatures, the result is overwhelming. Free-market
      uses for this technology are the common self-help tapes; positive
      affirmation, relaxation and meditation tapes; as well as methods to
      increase learning capabilities.

      Š It may sound "science fiction and far-fetched" but it is not.
      However, that is just what the powers-that-be want you to believe, so
      as to leave them alone in their relentless pursuit of...what? The
      idea behind non-lethal weapons is to incapacitate the enemy without
      actually killing them, or, in the case of riot control or hostage
      situations, to disable the participants without permanent injury,
      preferably without their knowing it. The electromagnetic
      mind-altering technologies would all fall into this class of weapons,
      but since they are all officially non-existent, who is to decide when
      and where they will be used? And why should selected companies in the
      entertainment industry reportedly be allowed access to this
      technology when the very fact of its existence is denied to the
      general public? As recently as last month [February], this stonewall
      approach of total denial or silence on the subject still held fast,
      even toward committees of the US Congress!

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/>
      o Selected Playlists at http://www.romanapoli.com/black/wreckthismess.html
      o Soon, the unveiling of new juggernaut: <http://wreckthismess.com/>
      courtesy of Pavement Tulip, a genius stuck in the body of a Polish
      skier in Brooklyn's inner denouement.


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