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Von Lmo

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  • Stevo
    Has anybody here heard this?I m just wondering how essential it is? http://makeashorterlink.com/?G44521D48 VON LMO Tranceformer (Future Language 2.001) (CD)
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2004
      Has anybody here heard this?I'm just wondering how essential it is?
      VON LMO 'Tranceformer (Future Language 2.001)' (CD)

      The definitive anthology of NYC´s Sci-Fi & avantgarde punk pioneer.
      He´s been around since the Dolls, Suicide, No Wave, and still plays
      occasionally in NYC (most notabily in CBGB´s ). Some call him crazy,
      some others think he´s a genius. This is the ultimate Von Lmo
      anthology you can´t miss. Sci-Fi avantgarde by futuristic punk


      Much before DEVO, and while the first man was landing on the moon,
      this astonishing character who adreesed himself as VON LMO was
      already experimenting with drums and syntethizers, way ahead of his
      time! Munster Records re-issues now a double LP and CD containing
      part of his work performed in 1981. His pioneering work in the
      destruction of musical forms and instruments spans back to the late
      60s, with his combo FUNERAL OF ART, with Sal Meida (Roxy /
      Milk'n'Cookies / Hilly Michaels Band...). His next major contribution
      to culture came in the form of a band named KONGRESS during the mid
      70s. Originally a synth/drums duo with erstwhile Aleister Crowley
      buff Otto Von Ruggins 666, the combo grew into a larger conglomerate
      incorporating bizarre spear-chuckin' Australian cleric Geoffrey
      Crozier amongst others. By 77, decided to join forces
      with 'antisocial' guitar shredder Rudolph Gray, to form the legendary
      and fire-raiser combo RED TRANSISTOR (their first gig saw Von Lmo
      donned a straight jacket and proceeded to chop up a lot of stuff...!
      A year later went on to form THE VON LMO BAND, a later incarnation
      of this unit recorded this "Future Language", after which Von went
      into 'suspended' animation for a while... From his records, you could
      count on a muscular kind of insect music, like Devo, Chrome,
      Residents, Suicide or Silver Apples, but the truth is a little
      louder...! Von Lmo ripped up heavy punk loops with really abrasive
      feedback and high-end hurting; a formula borrowed from him by Sonic
      Youth. He looked like George C. Scott towards the end of "Hardcore",
      demented and shellshocked. Munster Records now issues under the name
      of "Tranceformer: Future Language 2001" his "Future Language",
      originally released in 1981, a noisy and frenzy blend of wild-
      schizoid-futuristic punk, well ahead of his time featuring sounds
      maybe you could realte to Devo meeting Rob Zombie??!! Available on
      220 gram double LP and CD.

      Np Blackfeather On This Day that I die
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