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  • gradyfinklemyer
    Maybe Gen couldn t find a suitable bra for the occasion. He wanted to premier his new boobies in style. ... about ... flight ... as ... year on ... as ...
    Message 1 of 5 , May 5, 2004
      Maybe Gen couldn't find a suitable bra for the occasion. He wanted
      to premier his new boobies in style.

      --- In thewire@yahoogroups.com, "Herbert Chris" <c.herbert@f...>
      > >I don't know the location but just wanted to express my anger
      > the producers who canceled the event two weeks before the date ,
      > knowing that lots of people around the world already paid for
      > hotels etc. I hope they will lose all their buisness and bunkrupt
      > soon as possible.
      > I really hope they don't, foundation have an enviable reputation for
      > promoting excellent gigs and the outstanding atp festival which
      year on
      > year has been a constant source of delight and inspiration. I'm sure
      > they are as bitterly disappointed at having to reschedule the event
      > many of those who hoped to attend but they are not fly by night
      > racketeers - think about how tight the margins are trying to stage 3
      > days of bands of this calibre plus accommodation for less than it
      > for a similar spell in a grotty b&b.
      > >"Despite good sales for the event (in excess of 1600 tickets),
      > unexpected cost rises and scheduling complications would have
      > the festival virtually to sell out before enough funds were
      generated to
      > stage the RE~TG festival in the manner originally intended by T.G,
      > Smith and Foundation ."
      > While it doesn't compensate people from travelling from distant
      > at least they care enough to offer a conciliatory event in addition
      > admission to the re-scheduled festival, something I doubt your
      > promoter would bother with. I know it must be disheartening for
      > who were looking forward to seeing TG this spring but I've always
      > impressed with the level of commitment and organisation at events
      > attended so I'm going to stick up for them a little.
      > Jean-Christophe: according to the website ticket holders should have
      > been emailed with the details of the session. I hope your friends
      > make it and salvage something from their weekend.
      > <http://www.atpfestival.com/events/news.php?event=11&view=165>
      > http://www.atpfestival.com/events/news.php?event=11&view=165
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