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SF, USA - Friday, April 30th - JiffyScuttler 4

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    Jiffy-Scuttler Four: Friday, April 30th Doors Open: 8pm Music Begins: about 9 at Rx Gallery -- 132 Eddy (near Mason) -- 1 block north of Powell Bart San
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2004
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      Jiffy-Scuttler Four: Friday, April 30th
      Doors Open: 8pm
      Music Begins: about 9
      at Rx Gallery -- 132 Eddy (near Mason) -- 1 block
      north of Powell Bart
      San Francisco, California


      Brian and Chris
      Takeshi Kojima

      Wobbly � special guest DJ
      Pepito � www.pepito.net

      Pepito is Jos� M�rquez and Ana Machado. Though of
      Cuban and Mexican origins, respectively, the members
      of Pepito are based in San Francisco, California. The
      Pepito sound has been called "experimental pop,"
      "indietronica," and "electronic punk rock." This
      clutter of adjectives is likely due to the newness of
      the Pepito sound: an effort to reinvent pop music as a
      vehicle for tender rebellion carefully crafted and
      energetically delivered. According to Static Discos,
      "Pepito is punky IDM with both English and spanish
      lyrics, optimistic modernism, political discourse with
      the gratification of an ever expanding universe,
      crafty songs that hook you up and never let go, smart
      bombs, sexy cars and pop deliverance. " Many Pepito
      songs feature lyrics sung in Spanish, electronic
      elements and rhythms along with electro-accoustic
      instrumentation. Music critics have likened this
      combination to the Postal Service, Tortoise, Buffalo
      Daughter, Sonic Youth, Cornelius, and Schneider. Their
      first release, "Migrante" (2002) earned them "Best New
      Band" at the 2002 Latin Alternative Music Conference
      in New York. While mostly involved in studio
      production, the team have played with indie pop and
      electronic music groups like Orixa, El Vez, Loopdrop,
      DNTEL, Tussle, Los Skarnales, Dealership and the
      French Kicks in venues such as Galapagos (NYC), the
      Stork Club (Oakland), Bottom of the Hill (SF), Yerba
      Buena Center for the Arts (SF), Fais Do Do (LA),
      SilverLake Lounge (LA), and the now defunct Don Loope
      (TJ, MX). Pepito completed its first album "Migrante"
      in October of 2001, released in the U.S. in May of
      2002. Pepito's second album will be released in the
      Spring of 2004 by Static Discos of Mexico and
      distributed in the U.S. by Darla Records.

      Brian and Chris � www.brian-and-chris.com

      brian_and_chris are Brian Fraser and Chris Palmatier.
      They are two friends who met in the mid-1990's in
      Chapel Hill, NC. In 1996 Chris moved to San
      Francisco, followed shortly by Brian, who had been
      asked to score a friend's movie. Chris had access to
      a studio, and thus brian_and_chris was born. Their
      music explores the intersecting edges of rock, IDM,
      downtempo, dub, and anything else that strikes the
      fancy of the players. Brian mostly plays drums, but
      can also be heard playing guitar, various keyboards,
      bass, and using his voice. Chris mostly plays guitar,
      bass, and keyboard, but is also known to do glitchy
      drum programming and the occasional bit of singing.
      Both players actively participate in the
      recording/editing process and consider the studio
      itself to be a primary instrument in their
      music-making process. Their first CD (s/t, This Record
      Label) was released in late 1999, followed by
      "Vectors" (Megalon Records) in late 2000 and a 12"
      vinyl EP for Dielectric Records in early 2004. Their
      third full-length recording, appropriately titled "3",
      will be released mid-2004.

      Takeshi Kojima

      Born in 1969 in Kobe, Japan and currently based in
      Osaka, Takeshi Kojima has performed regularly (about
      40 concerts a year) in Japan, France, Spain, England
      and Italy. He has organized experimental/improvised
      music concerts called "Electro Future Pop" in Osaka
      since 2000. Beside solo works, he has performed with
      Suzuki Akio, Otomo Yoshihide, Sachiko-M, Massonna,
      Haco, Takemura Nobukazu, Gene Coleman, Paul Hood,
      Thomas Ankershumit, Barre Philips, Sam Bennet, CCM4,
      Bruno Meillier, Hans Koch, Martin Schutz, Broken
      Consort, members of Trummerflora, Jacob Draminsky, and
      Carl Stone, and has composed music for theater and
      dance. Originally a drummer, in 1995 Kojima began to
      play computer (MAX/MSP and M) in the improvised music
      scene. Since then, he mainly plays a laptop and
      samplers. His sonic style is colorful and his digital
      computer sounds have the soul of rock drumming. His
      current sonic theme of "impressive experiment of the
      auditory nerve" explores the combined use of digital
      synthesis, sound systems and venue. In his solo
      performances, Kojima plays a specialized sound system
      with 8 speakers. In 1994, his first solo work was
      released on his own label. Since then, he has
      continued to compose and release both solo and
      ensemble works.

      JIFFY-SCUTTLER is a music series at Rx Gallery in San
      Francisco co-curated by Blevin Blectum, Lance
      Grabmiller, J Lesser and Sean Rooney. Last Friday of
      every month. Electronic music that doesn't cower,
      quiver with fear or fade into the woodwork. Have a
      beer, have a conversation, check the gallery and hear
      music you won't tag "erase". Jiffy-Scuttler --
      electronic music for today, tonight and all of your
      special tomorrows!

      Jiffy-Scuttler website:
      Jiffy-Scuttler booking info: srooney@...
      directions and gallery info: http://www.rxgallery.com

      The Jiffy-Scuttler gang:
      Blevin Blectum, Lance Grabmiller, J Lesser and Sean

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