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Picturesque: new cd on Glasvocht

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  • Filip Gheysen
    Out now on Glasvocht GVCD03 PICTURESQUE: A Final Expression Remains to be Found (cd, 10 EUR) A few years ago, Filip Gheysen (also from Teledroom and The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
      Out now on Glasvocht

      GVCD03 PICTURESQUE: "A Final Expression Remains to be Found" (cd, 10 EUR)

      A few years ago, Filip Gheysen (also from Teledroom and The Ordinary Seaman) started with Picturesque from the ide a of making a soundtrack for paintings of his favorite painters like Francis Bacon or Mark Rothko and recorded the tape "Dedicated To Painters", in the time that he also started Glasvocht as a tape label. The tape "Imaginary Paintings", was a noisetape made by the idea of making imaginary paintings, made by sounds instead of a brush.
      Next to other projects which he collaborated with, like Random Reflections, Alfa and R.O.T., many Picturesque works were based on structured sound and accident, using guitar, samples, electronics and toys, which did result in the cd-r "The Chaotic Comfort of Electronic Sex.".
      The very first cd-release "A final Expression Remains to be Found" is an album with seven untitled tracks, but they overflow into eachother, so you can behold it as a long piece of � 45 minutes. Synthnoise and guitardrones, slowly constructed to melodic electronics, samples and loops, results into an abstract expression, remains for the listener to be found...

      To order: filip@...

      Also still available:
      GVCD01 Noxagt/ Flies Inside The Sun/ Random Reflections/Lovely Midget/ Metralleta/ Loren Connors: "Woman Taken In Adultery"
      GVCD02 Teledroom: "Two Two's"

      And don't forget:
      thursday 5 february 20h
      Unit, Erpelsteeg Ghent
      Glasvocht event with live-acts from
      BUFFLE + Picturesque
      Dijf Sanders (with Jon Birdsong)

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