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Highlights from the forthcoming Resonance104.4fm schedule.

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    Here are some highlights from the forthcoming Resonance104.4fm schedule. 21 January 2004 7.00-8.30 Clear Spot Chip music , using sounds from old computer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2004
      Here are some highlights from the forthcoming Resonance104.4fm schedule.

      21 January 2004
      Clear Spot
      'Chip music', using sounds from old computer hardware, is becoming
      universally popular and well aknowledged in the underground scene. Mixing audio from two Atari STs, sound artist gwEm presents the latest releases and classic tracks from the Amiga, Commodore 64 and Atari ST demo-scenes.

      22 January 2004
      Clear Spot
      Doug Shearer of mp3 label "sijis" presents new work that tires to bypass
      current methods of industrial music-making by using instead barter,
      internet and word of mouth.

      23 January 2004
      Clear Spot
      "Major Malfunction": Tom McCarthy discusses Disaster, History and Poetry with Ken Hollings and Mark Pilkington of "Strange Attractor" and "Fortean Times" magazines.

      24 January 2004
      Hello Goodbye
      Hardcore all-female indie rock outfit The Schla La Las are live in session.

      Taking a Life For A Walk
      Caroline Kraabel's daughter Regine is in the pushchair now. She is nearly 13 weeks old and getting used to occupying the spot warmed up by brother Clement over the last eighteen months.

      Jonny Trunk is joined by DJ Justin Spear, who will be bringing in one of
      the oddest and most entertaining soundtrack collections you will ever hear.Expect anything from the sound of Jaques Tati to Italian Vampire film music.

      25 January 2004
      One Way Single Parent Family Favourites
      Comedian, writer, producer Stewart Lee is joined by Lizzie Roper for this
      lively magazine programme.

      London Wireless Soundscape Project
      Tom Wallace sends his Special Agents to utterly banal locations around
      London, distinguished only by the proximity to a wireless node. This allows anyone with a laptop and a microphone to stream events in real time back to the studio for remixing and broadcast. Instead of individuals phoning in their opinions, this is radio where realtime dramas unfold from the fabric of urban life. From crowds milling aimlessly at bus stops to a drunken derelict being ejected from a cafe by the police, this is a show where accident and design coincide to shine a light on the city.

      One Hour As
      Civyiu Kkliu: One Night as Providing Access to a Sound Utility
      A cumbersome subtitle to a midnight-till-dawn radio experiment in which the radio "functions as do light and heat in a room. It is to be turned on and thus differs from music, which is to be played. It is antithetical to: for
      sitting before, for facing, for listening to. Increasing and decreasing
      volume does not increase and decrease effectiveness; different volume
      levels yield different effects, and standards will vary with and within
      temperaments. Like light and heat, this utility is to be kept on according
      to the need for the effects generated."
      Resonance104.4fm permits the opportunity for persons to turn on a machine (i.e., the radio) to effect a desired change in a place; and turn off that machine for the same reason. Fundamentally, the utility is designed (like light and heat) to be accessed any hour, any day, for any amount of time; this broadcast of the utility, lasting 6 hours, is to serve as a duration representative of such a situation. During the broadcast, every 32 minuets there exists a short absence of sound during which different effects of the work are perceivable. It should be also noted that, in multiple rooms on multiple radios simultaneously, the work might be left on, to effective ends.

      26 January 2004
      From Here To Now
      Having inerviewed most of the people involved with ResonanceFM, Alfredo Genovesi now gives a personal retrospective of his 2003.

      The Dinks
      Comedians Dan Antopolski, Tony Law and Craig Campbell continue with their digressive comedy show.

      Clear Spot
      Pagan sites in London are explored by Emily Hall and friends.

      27 January 2004
      Unknown Country
      Part 2 of a Dreams Special documentary, covering The Nightmare World of Dion McGregor; Sleep Exposure; and the Dream Recording Project.

      Resonance 104.4 FM - The Art of Listening

      London's experimental radio art station: broadcasting live across central London and webstreamed around the world via


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