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Sylvian, Organum, Dumitriescu

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  • Simon Fay
    ... beginning of the ... in the new issue ... being ... Hey, ... the issue David! You don t have to be a terrorist to want or predict the end of US
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2004
      At 05:33 a.m. 7/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
      > "On a page in history the seeds were sown for the
      beginning of the
      >end of the American empire." Came across this quote
      in the new issue
      >and my mouth dropped open. I didn't realize Osama was
      >interviewed for The Wire. Oops, it was David Sylvian.
      >congratulations on uttering the stupidest words of
      the issue David!

      "You don't have to be a terrorist to want or predict
      the end of US
      intervention outside of its own borders
      (which is how i read Sylvian's words but I haven't
      seen them in the
      they were printed)."

      In the same piece Sylvian goes on to espouse the idea
      of "World Citizenship", a project that would surely
      have those underwriting the neo-con project rubbing
      their hands with delight. Apparently the idea came up
      during a rap at Ryuichi's pad - 'internationalism'
      comes more easily to this lot in their various
      file-swapping territories, I suppose. (and no, I don't
      wish to see loads more ordinary Americans hit by Osama
      and co)

      Thanks to all concerned for the Organum views pre-Xmas
      - my overenthusiastic careless net-use has resulted in
      me having two copies of 'Birds Wings Were Glued To
      Their Sides...' So if anyone's interested and you've
      got anything to trade, try me.

      In the course of the above someone mentioned the
      Romanian composer Dumitriescu as somehow related -
      anyone willing to enlarge or recommend?



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