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Free Monthly Download - Matt Borghi

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    Hello all, and Happy Holidays!!! The December 2003 download is up at http://www.mattborghi.com. This track is a little more ambitious, full of layers, and a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2003
      Hello all, and Happy Holidays!!!

      The December 2003 download is up at http://www.mattborghi.com This track
      is a little more ambitious, full of layers, and a variety of different
      timbres, yet still wholly ambient in nature. This track clocks in at about
      23 minutes, and is the longest of the set so far. The influences on this
      track run the gamut of electronic music, everything from Zoviet France to
      a bit of a Harold Budd/ Brian Eno feel with a little of dense sonic float
      ambient fabric underneath. Get it now, as the direction is going to be
      starting to change a bit in 2004.

      Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!!!

      Matt Borghi

      w. www.mattborghi.com
      e. info at mattborghi dot com

      Taking orders now for the 2003 Muslin Bag Set...

      - 2003 End-Of-Year Muslin Bag Collectors Set

      This collection comes enclosed in a natural, unbleached 6" x 9" muslin
      bag.Included in this collected are three CDs that comprise the individual
      monthly downloads from June03 - December03. This collection also comes
      complete with a brand new full length release - Three Meditation Cycles,
      which will only be released in this form, and in this limited edition set
      of 40. As well, each package comes with an individually wrapped
      hand-numbered, and signed painting of 40 from the Pairanetha series.

      - This set is limited to 40, and when it's gone, it's gone, there won't be
      any represses of this one...

      - Price is $40.00

      Here's an itemized listing of what the set includes, as well as a
      description -

      - 2003 Free Monthly Download Collection
      3 CDs of the Complete Unedited 2003 Monthly downloads
      (because this started in June, the collection is June03 - December03)

      - 1 Previously Unreleased Full-Length CD - Three Meditation Cycles

      Three Meditation Cycles is a collection of three longer form works that
      I've been using for sonic, and mindfulness meditation, as well as for
      yoga. Each of these works is right around the 20 minute range. While I use
      these works for meditation, and yoga, these are also a set of deep
      ambiences that have the wide open spaciousness of Steve Roach, or
      Exuviae's work, and synth-style approach of vidnaObmana or in some cases
      Mychael Danna (Danna and Clement).

      - 1 Sealed original painting from the hand-numbered Pairanetha series of
      40 paintings

      This series of paintings was done especially for this collection. After
      the first monthly download people started asking if I would sell them, at
      first I was against the idea, until I realized just how many people are
      using dial-ups, and couldn't get these tracks just because of sheer size.
      I knew that this would be sold as a set, because there would be at least
      three CDs... So I started working with the idea of a package, and a

      I wanted the painting to emphasize the recordings, if not visually, then
      conceptually. I wanted to use an element that was simple, and easily taken
      for granted. I settled on a 5" x 7" sheet of watercolor paper that was
      dipped in white paint on one side, then dipped in a rich bed of soil near
      my garden. For me, this painting symbolizes the coming up from earth, and
      the parting unto ashes when we expire. It also emphasizes the passage, and
      developments of time much like the origins from which the monthly download
      series emerged. At the same time, contemplating the soil, and the earth
      during meditation is somewhat of a secondary use for the Three
      MeditationCycles recording.
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