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Re: Jandek on Corwood -- Review in the Wire

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  • alexsecor
    Did you ever get this? You know, I started to type it in and then I finally just had to stop because I was editorializing every sentence and I m sure you
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 14, 2003
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      Did you ever get this? You know, I started to type it in and then I
      finally just had to stop because I was editorializing every sentence
      and I'm sure you didn't need that. But it's very problematic. Anyway
      the gist: The essence of Jandek is implacable so oh the hubris at
      these guys thinking they could document him but surprise JOC is,
      "against all the odds a fantastic evocation of one of the most
      compelling soundworlds ever to orbit the contemporary underground."
      Keenan then refers to the movie's reliance on "Jandek scholars and
      obsessives", just what the world needs, right?

      Trying to explicate Jandek's cultural significance is anathema, nay
      destructive to his whole project. And that these guys made the movie
      not because they'd had any significant prior engagement with Jandek's
      music (they had NONE) but because they had some disposable income
      burning a hole in their pocket and thought a documentary would be neat
      so shopped around for something that would be suitably amusing is just
      fucking exploitative. Though I'll hold my nose and watch it for the
      interview at the end. And these guys will profit from it. Great. I
      don't like that this will introduce people to Jandek whose interests
      are totally inorganic, studied, academic, dilletantish etc....The
      movie intellectualizes what should be a profoundly, if not the most
      profound, emotional experience. It desecrates the essence of Jandek.

      The review of course evokes the music and experience of Jandek in some
      insightful ways but it doesn't question the presumption that a
      documentary won't by nature compromise the experience of the music.
      "But ultimately JOC is a huge success, proof that even this far into
      the game there are certain semi-desolate corners of the underground
      that remain impregnable to colonisation by the ever - encroaching
      monoculture and its accompanying pressures and pay - offs. No matter
      what the truth is, it makes you believe." If this documentary itself
      isn't proof that nothing is sacred, nothing is "impregnable to
      colonisation by the ever - encroaching monoculture" then I don't know
      what is. And I have absolutely no truck with this idea that the only
      excusable pause in one's adulation of Jandek is because he "fetishizes
      dysfunction". Perhaps the worst part of Jandek's reticence is that he
      thereby becomes the domain of these people.

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      > Hey,
      > I'm 150 miles away from the nearest store selling 'the Wire' and I'm
      > anxious to see what they had to say about Jandek on Corwood in the
      > latest issue.
      > Is there anyone out there that can transcribe the text for me?
      > Not trying to take revenue away from one of my favorite mags by
      > making their content available online... just a rabid Jandek fan who
      > can't wait for the review, and has no access to the mag.
      > (I'll spring for the subscritpion someday.. I promise)...
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