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    Two new releases from Praemedia- 1.Tim Perkis- Motive (praecd002) Originally completed in 2000 and released as an exclusive MP3 album in 2002 on Artifact
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2003
      Two new releases from Praemedia-

      1.Tim Perkis- Motive (praecd002)

      Originally completed in 2000 and released as an
      exclusive MP3 album in 2002 on Artifact Recordings. A
      meditation on modern electronica by a veteran computer
      musician, Motive is a pulse-driven array of
      electronics informed by a long history of
      improvisation in the electronic music field.

      Perkis has been working in the medium of live
      electronic and sound for many years, performing and
      recording in North America, Europe and Japan. His
      sounds have appeared on the labels 482 Music, Tzadik
      and Artifact in the U.S. as well as Sonore and
      Meniscus. Perkis´┐Żs projects and passions have ranged
      from creating spatial sonic environments to building
      electronic instruments based on the behavior of genes
      in biological systems. His work has been largely
      concerned with exploring the emergence of life-like
      properties in complex systems of interactions.

      2. Stars Like Fleas - Sun Lights Down on the Fence

      This is organic sounding music with a sound and
      coherent logic, yet cleanly avoids sounding like
      either an exercise in conceptual interrogation, or
      merely stylistic fusion; these are "damaged blues for
      the post-everything castaways, torch songs for a newly
      scorched city. The songs are lyrical & romantically
      confused, confrontationally beautiful, syntactically
      fucked; they demand attention and encourage drift".
      Sad bassoons, happy robots, clouds of pink noise,
      stuttering auctioneers promoting body-modification
      while playing Webern etudes on the pedal steel, hoarse
      little rock stars with five string banjos on the dance
      floor, dancing electro-nasty with Werner Herzog and a
      brass band, a chorus of bleeding, coked-up cicadas,
      humming in tune with the primordial drone.

      Includes members of Other Dimensions in Music, TEST,
      No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Out Hud, Gold Sparkle
      Band, At The Drive-In, and Mercury Rev, among others

      Still Available-

      Various Artist, Praeface (praecd001)

      Tracing various intersections of genres from
      improvisational jazz to plunderphonic electronics to
      field recordings, diverse splinters and fragmented
      roots sprout off into calm matrixes of sound. From
      Japan (Haco) through New York (The Gold Sparkle Band)
      to Italy (Mou, Lips!), the sounds merge in San
      Francisco. Pioneers of networked computer music (Tim
      Perkis) mix with modern masters (Wobbly), alongside
      unheard musicians and odd collaborations. Avant-jazz
      damaged blues sparks drum and bass roots to forage in
      an electrostatic world.

      Also includes Stars Like Fleas, HSoA, Nanaqui, Lisle
      Ellis, Tom Djll, Lance Grabmiller, Quiet American and

      Preview MP3s and purchase can be found at

      Praeface is also available from
      www.mimaroglumusicsales.com and Amoeba Records in
      Berkeley, CA USA.

      Thank you.

      Lance Grabmiller

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