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2 new bpa cds:josephson/wachsmann/blume/smith/lindsay & genetti/smith + lonberg-hlom

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  • Damon Smith
    just released: bpa 005 sense of hearing carol genetti/damon smith + fred lonberg-holm bpa 007 zero plus philipp wachsmann/martin blume/aurora
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2003
      just released:
      bpa 005 "sense of hearing"
      carol genetti/damon smith + fred lonberg-holm

      bpa 007 "zero plus"
      philipp wachsmann/martin blume/aurora josephson/jacob lindsay/damon

      recently released:
      bpa 006 "voice imitator"
      frank gratkowski/jerome bryerton/damon smith

      secure ordering (visa, mc, amex, discover) @;

      also available:
      bpa 004 "desert sweets"
      biggi vinkeloe/mark weaver/damon smith

      bpa 003 "three october meetings"
      wolfgang fuchs/jerome bryerton/damon smith

      bpa 001 "mirrors-broken, but no dust"
      peter kowald/damon smith

      bpa 002 "the sale of tickets for money was abolished"
      tony bevan/damon smith/scott r.looney

      coming soon:

      bpa 008 "the happymakers"
      wolfgang fuchs/jacob lindsay/damon smith/serge baghdassarians/boris

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