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Wrecking Women with gonads

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 230: Women with Gonads Maandag, 1 September 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2003
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 230: Women with Gonads

      Maandag, 1 September 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)

      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      "BE Lazy, Go Crazy"
      o Margaret Mead

      "If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the
      criticism of one man, go ahead, get married."
      o the mother of Katherine Hepburn to her daughter

      12 Song > Joan LaBarbara [1]
      Trafficopalyse > b/art vs Laurie Jordan [2]
      On the Ward of a State Psychiatric Ward > Brenda Hutchinson [3]
      Soundscape > Angel Alanis [4]
      Something You Can Hide In > The Magic Carpathians Project [5]
      Grey Waters > Beth Custer [6]
      You Have Taken My Soul > Marlene Dietrich [7]
      Club Enchantment > Shelley Hirsch [8]
      707 > Grand Mal [9]
      They Use Us Back > Claudia Bonarelli [10]
      Les Pons de l'Espace > Laurie Radford [11]
      Upstate > Anita O'Day [12]
      1st Movement [exc.] > Rachel Pollak & Deep Listening Band [13]
      She thought She Was in the Mafia > Lisa Suckdog [14]
      By Myself > Ursula Dudziak [15]
      Ee Che > Anna Homler [16]
      Jogging dans la Maison Hantée > Magali Babin [17]
      Nina Con un Tercer Ojo > Lizzy Mercier Descloux [18]
      2nd Movement [exc.] > Rachel Pollak & Deep Listening Band [13]
      Naming > Lisa Kucharski [19]
      Little Sister > Dodo Hug [20]
      The Apple Stretching > Grace Jones [21]
      Schat 1 > Grand Mal [9]
      Can't Be Funky > Bush Tetras [22]
      Pluie sur Fougeres > Les Poules [23]
      3rd Movement [exc.] > Rachel Pollak & Deep Listening Band [13]
      Public Transportation > Claudia Bonarelli [24]
      Stop Its Wonderful > Bonnie Baker [25]
      You Bug Me Bad > Wanda Jackson [26]
      Schat 2 > Grand Mal [9]
      Stop, Look & Listen > Patsy Cline [27]
      Checker Board intro > Ralston Purina Farm Products [28]
      The First Whippoorwill Song > the DeZurik Sisters [28]
      L'il Liza Jane > the DeZurik Sisters [28]
      Yodel Lady > > the DeZurik Sisters [28]

      A 1966 study in NY estimated that the avg homemaker worked 99.6 hours
      per week. Working women worked an extra 34 hours at home in the
      1970s. None of this unpaid labor is included in the GNP. I.e.,
      under-valued labor.
      o from the American Women's Almanac by Louise Bernikow

      UU UU

      [1] Great sublime extended vocalist.

      [2] One of my many live-radio mixes involving the sampling of traffic
      and weather reports after a major storm to make it appear that all of
      NY is in a frozen state of chaos. This one dates from 1992.

      [3] Great disturbing piece of exposé/voyeurism that lets you listen
      to the goings on in a women's psychiatric ward.

      [4] "Organic Moods" on BMT 12-inch. Female high energy deep beat
      techno and white noise.

      [5] "Water Dreams" on Fly Music <www.karpatymagiczne.vivo.pl> in a
      way I am reminded of Le Mystere des voix but Polonaise. Somewhere
      between Gothic and World and contemplative. Recommended. Their best

      [6] "The Shirt I Slept In" on BC <b1custer@...>. Underrated punk
      experimental and conceptual neo-combat boot ambiences.

      [7] "Lili Marlene" on Cameo/CBS vinyl 1983.

      [8] "Far In Far Out" on Tzadik. She does it all. One of the most
      gifted throats connected to a mind. Yodels, croons, and does comedy
      like her body is really inhabited by about 10 souls.

      [9] "Grand Mal" on Unsounds <www.unsounds.com>. This exciting new
      label of inventive sound here presents a strange amalgam between
      post-Brechtian cabaret and conceptual noisescape. Justin Bennett +
      conceptual vocalist Stephie Buttrich and Anne Welmer present some
      sonic apéritifs between absinthe whimsy and underground rigor.
      Recommended. Funny and yet challenging.

      [10] "The Freest of Radicals" on No Type <www.notype.com>[notice of
      correction - This does not appear on Presence III] I played it a few
      weeks ago and put it on the wrong compilation. This is a jaunty
      compilation combining the best of electro-acoustic high brow with the
      best of impulsive noise oriented punk. Trying clear out some dead
      wood and make room for the young. This material is varied going
      across a series of impulses. It moves from mego through empreintes
      digitales through mille plateaux and ant-zen on into bip hop. This
      piece is pure speed attention deficit channel surfing glitch hop.
      CB's piece makes me feel she is in a late model German car on the
      autobahn with Wolfgang Voigt [Gas] and Stefan Betke [Pole] looking
      for a gass tation that sells Kraftwerk 8-Tracks.

      [11] "Presence III" on Productions electro Productions & the CEC
      <http://cec.concordia.ca/pep/> is a 2-CD set with 28 composers, 7
      countries, attempting to construct audio contrivances of such
      audacity that they fail to move, succeed in separating expectation
      from result, desire from noise. We are all alone and the shadow we
      leave behind is in the shape of a mushroom. The radio is thrown
      against the wall. This is what we hear. D. Berezan I met and I
      appreciate his compositions. This piece captures "the perceptions and
      imaginings of northern Canada". It deals with north Š didn't Glenn
      Gould and Hector Zazou deal with north as well as hazard. I smell a
      theme coming on. Gotfrit deals with fragility. Goudesceune birds,
      math and music and she guarantees the "sounds are 100% retro double
      modulator FM. Kober does radiophonic self-reflexive piece. MacCormac
      sounds made exclusively by voice and penny whistle. Naylor's
      meditation on found sounds from urban JapanŠ LR performs in the
      tradition of Empreintes Digitales electro-acoustic top notch
      dramatics in the studioŠ

      [12] "The Big Band Sessions" on Verve vinyl, 1979. One of the most
      gifted and still living legends of experimental lounge scat singing.

      [13] "Unquenchable Fire" on Deep Listening <www.deeplistening.org> is
      a very interesting collaboration between Pauline Oliveros DL band,
      Joe McPhee Quartet and Transsexual Sci Fi author RP whom I first had
      the pleasure of really reading when she appeared in the well-regarded
      Peter Lamborn Wilson & Rudy Rucker edited anthology of new sci fi for
      Autonomedia <http://slash.autonomedia.org>, [which I had the honor of
      being part ofŠ The disc includes Arthur C. Clarke Award Winner RP
      reading from her work. From the liner notes:A mysterious revolution
      in the laws of the universe and political revolt on the part of the
      mostly female founders have transformed the country. When the future
      comes to Poughkeepsie, NY, politicians and movie stars take a
      backseat to storytellers; ritual and magic pervade everyday lifeŠ"
      But it is only excerpts with the improv taking off after a few
      minutes of recitation and some of it is inspired and some of it seems
      somewhat incidental to the work that inspired itŠ. Still a really
      interesting document.

      [14] I used to see her perform naked in Paris quite often and her and
      French hubby Costes seemed like the Sid and Nancy of the new
      underground back then. That she ended up moving back to the US where
      she began spewing white supremacist crap is something I never would
      have thought from meeting her. Kind of like idiot with some naïve
      savantist gestures. She came off like some atomic testing victim
      kitten backed by the Shaggs.

      [15] Yet another incredibly inspiring "other" worldly extended
      vocalist. From an old WFMU WTM tape.

      [16] Great abstract vocalist whom I was turned on to by David
      Newgarden, former WFMU DJ and music director.

      [17] "Chemin de Fer" on No Type <www.notype.com> Sounds produced by
      percussive metallic instruments recycled and reinvented by Magali.

      [18] "Rosa Yemen: July 1978" on Ze Records vinyl, 1979. I thought she
      was beyond critique, the coolest chick I almost met. I coulda been
      considred a weak-kneed stalker had that term come into common use in
      1980. Great euro-soul-punk with some bent femme-Rimbaud-plugged-in
      post-opiate poesie as well. Inspired first effort. The laziest most
      reculsive gal in the music world?

      [19] "A Variety of Barks, Hisses & Squeals" on Apart Mental
      Cassettes, 1993. Great cassette of sound samplings.

      [20] "Kaleidofon" on Zytglogge, 2001. Hug is a singer, songwriter,
      musician, comedienne, actress, and a yodeler. If you gave Nina Hagen
      a lot of things to do besides warble, you'd have Dodo Hug; she's a
      multi-lingual, one-woman Spike Jones. Her songwriting is witty and in
      the realm of Judy Tenuta. She has an amazingly versatile voice that
      you know could go one-on-one with Diamanda Galas. Hug's most closely
      associated with Zürich, having grown up in and around Northeastern
      Switzerland. She started out in the early-'70s doing dinner theatre
      and performing in the streets and pubs. She joined the musical comedy
      group Tarot (1974-78) and worked in TV, radio, and children's theatre
      until 1979. In the 1980s, she did theatre music, conceptual work, and
      began her own comedy theatre, Mad Dodo. In 1994, she began focusing
      on her music. [from: Yo De Lay EEE OOO: The Secret History of
      Yodeling Around the World [Routledge 2003]

      [21] "Living My Life" on Island vinyl. Sexy androgynous robotic model
      singer who managed to bring a cold remove to swinging numbers that
      created a delicious Frankenstein tension between soul and mechanics.

      [22] Back when soul punk funk and noise were really kicking through
      our NY veins. When I saw them at TR3 [later Teddys] I thought this is
      the future of Marlene Dietrich's offsrping.

      [23] "Prairie Orange" on Dame <www.actuellecd.com> Les Poules is made
      up of 3 Canadian WOMEN musicians who have managed a quirky and moody
      CD of controlled improv that avoids self-indulgence as it creates
      emotional landscapes composed of a sack full of highly varied sounds.

      [24] "No Type Sampler" on No Type . Beautiful Wolfgang "Gas"
      Voigt-like trance-loops that remind me also of Rapoon. Like Gas,
      Zoviet France, Rapoon I can play these kinds of mesmerizing and
      meditative loops over and over. I did just that, playing this lilting
      cut some 50 times on repeat.

      [25] Blossom Dearie meets Annette Funicello at a pajama party.

      [26] "Let's Have a Party" on Charly vinyl, 1986. Sexy Baptist Queen
      of rock'n'roll toured with Elvis in the early days who encouraged her
      to rock out. Also produced some rockin' yodel numbers. Cooler chicks
      never rolled out of any hay anywhere.

      [27] "Love and Lost Again" on 51 West vinyl, 1982. One of the great
      proto-rockabilly cowgal stylists. Woe-is-me but watch out for the
      metal tips on my cowboy boots buddy.

      [28] The DeZurik Sisters were a yodeling duo popular between the
      1930s and 1950s. Carolyn (b. 1919) and sister Mary Jane (1917-1981)
      were proto-feminist pioneers. They invaded the male hayseed preserve
      with an infec-tiously successful style of singing and yodeling, which
      included yodeling extremely high notes. They performed some mean scat
      singing and could re-create the sounds of chime bells and trumpets.
      But most interestingly was their propensity to sound like yodeling
      chickens with a full repertoire of trills, whistles, and cackles.
      Their cackling was later encouraged by their sponsor, Purina, maker
      of animal feed and pet food to the point where, during World War II,
      they became known as the Cackle Sisters. [from Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The
      Secret History of Yodeling Around the World
      [Routledge 2003] For more info:

      UU UU

      o Jessica Lynch, the brave soldier rescued from under the noses of
      perplexed Iraqi doctors during the invasion of Iraq has sold her
      story for $1 million! To Knopf! I AM A SOLDIER TOO is to be
      ghost-written by Rick Bragg who is aptronymically notorious for
      having forged/plagiarized stories that appeared in the New York
      Times. Lynch's choice seems particularly poetic because, after all,
      her tale is basically more fiction and wishful thinking than truth as
      well. The fact that her rescue had little to do with fact or bravery
      does not and did not matter to hero-starved Americans.

      o An Islamic fanatic who sensed that women were stepping all over the
      image and authority of the prophet by letting their hair pour out
      from under their required Burka decided to take matters into his own
      hands in the name of holy Islam. Saeed Haneis murdered 16 women he
      considered nothing more than blasphemous prostitutes in the Iranian
      city between July 2000 and July 2001 in the name of Allah. He
      strangled them with their own veils. This, of course, mirrors the
      countless men in the West, particularly in the America over the past
      25 years who have carried out similar executions in the name of
      Christ or God. The only positive effect of these murders has been the
      humbling of the holy idiots ruling Iran. They must now recognize that
      they have social problems - there are at least 300,000 women working
      as prostitutes in Iran. The fact that women are married off at young
      ages, are disowned by parents and families, thrown out of the house,
      are abused, are not educated and are not allowed to work legitimate
      jobs has all pushed many women into a life of prostitution. There are
      some 2,000,000 Iranian women who are abandoned, runaways, widowed,
      homeless, and/or tramps.

      o The very idea of prostitution in a holy state that projects itself
      as morally superior to the corrupt west must be quite an annoying
      blemish on the collective soul of Islam. Of course, no amount of
      stoning to death and other extreme punishments inflicted on women can
      totally squelch the human libido.

      o Amina Lawal, the most famous unwed mother in the world has had her
      punishment, sharia - stoning to death - as issued by an Islamic court
      in Kenya, postponed - and now stayed - once again due to public and
      political pressure to end this barbaric form of punishment. The
      23-old became pregnant after her divorce two-years earlier. The court
      ordered her to be up to her neck in sand and then to be stoned to
      death. She has won several reprieves over the past year, one
      involving the detail that she cannot be stoned to death as long as
      she is still breast-feeding. The father has denied any blame and has
      been set free. Worldwide outrage apparently had some effect on the
      ultimate acquittal. Although she is saved, there are hundreds more
      who may suffer the same anonymous and cruel deaths.

      o In Mister S a bio about Cole Porter, George Jacobs tells how Porter
      wrote the song for Sinatra. The song title comes from an incident
      involving Porter, propositioning a truck driver with his homosexual
      advances. The driver then kicked the poofster out of himŠ.

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
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      bart plantenga
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      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/>
      o Recent selected Playlists [early stages] at
      o Special playlists can be found at 3am Magazine
      <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title "Radiophotogram: Visual
      Radio". Also posted is a depth-of-focus interview with Judy Nylon.
      Appearing now: excerpts from my eroto-cartographical Paris novel,


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