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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 226: e/sc®ape Maandag, 4 Augustus 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2003
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 226: e/sc®ape

      Maandag, 4 Augustus 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)

      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      "The thing about Florida is that people leave their homes / and
      families / All over the country / and come looking for the sun / They
      think life will be easier / because its warm / whatever was wrong /
      will change because the sun shines Š"
      o Margie Strosser, Stormy Weather, 1993 videotape*


      The Whole World is Watching > Chicago [1]
      Ballet Mechanique > Manufacture [2]
      Indian > Waldo, the Dog-Faced Boy [2]
      California Fairytale > Jimmie Haskell [2]
      Turnaround on The Tex-Mex Border > KLF [3]
      Pulling Out of Ricardo & the Dusk is Falling Fast > KLF [3]
      Surveillance > Pressure of Speech [4]
      How to Pray: Keep Practicing > NHFA [5]
      6 Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffe Going Cold > KLF [3]
      Railroad Gamelan > Ellen Band [6]
      Dream Time in Lake Jackson > KLF [3]
      Frajer Bodo > Pavel Fajt & Vaclav Korinek [7]
      Sal Got a Meatskin > New Lost City Ramblers [8]
      Madrugada Eterna > KLF [3]
      Railroad Gamelan > Ellen Band [6]
      Children of the Secret Intro > Trip Tech [9]
      Justified & Ancient / Elvis on the Radio > KLF [3]
      Young American in Trouble > Maybe Mental [10]
      Railroad Gamelan > Ellen Band [6]
      Prose of the Transsiberian > Blaise Cendrars [11]
      Purline > Zoviet France [12]
      Rain > Knights of the Occasional Table [4]
      Witchita Lineman was a Song I Once Heard > KLF [3]
      One Thousand Years > Tuu [4]
      This is My Heaven > Harpy [13]
      The Lights of Baton Rouge Pass By > KLF [3]
      First Snow, Last Year > Andrew Peckler [14]
      Rothko / Lo-Fi Soundscape > Morceaux de Machines [15]
      Prose of the Transsiberian > Blaise Cendrars [11]
      Into the Labyrinth > Hildegard Westerkamp [16]
      Frantic Freeway > Spike Jones [17]


      [*] quoted in "Felix / Landscape(s), distributed by Autonomedia
      <www.autonomedia.com>. Having recently visited Florida, one gets the
      sense that like those ads from the 50s promising waterfront lots for
      $50, Florida remains this El Dorado mall parking lot of dreams
      quashed. There is this deep sense of uprootedness, of spiritual
      dissatisfaction, of nonrelatedness, of a paucity of urban planning,
      alienation and a kind of willful lunge towards a police state.

      [1] "Chicago Transit Authority" The first Chicago remains interesting
      not so much musically as mnemonically. I first heard it in the Summer
      days of my first radicalization and is forever associated with the
      brother of one of my best friends, a cultural radical who intrigued
      me with his bohemian lifestyle especially in the middle of suburban
      upstate NY. Among the free jazz and Dylan and Hendrix was this
      at-the-time great document of the rising tension surrounding the
      generation gap [artificial] and the Vietnam War. This cut documents
      the chants and ensuing chaos around the Chicago 68 riots.

      [2] From an old WFMU WTM show in the early 90s.

      [3] "Chill Out" This disc pretty much was an aesthetic break-through
      for me. Its misnamed ambient-house, was more like sonic hikes through
      the world as fabricated by sound, media, hype, and expectation.
      Described as "an accidental recording of 1970 Pink Floyd sessions" it
      fixed the notion of theft as art in an ambient amniosis that fairly
      captures one's own daily wanderings through various urban sectors
      where one is attacked by incidental musics and snippets of car radio
      newsŠ It established on disc the notion of what I had already been
      doing myself, long stretched-out sessions during my show of found
      sounds mixed with beats and happenstance. It holds up for the most
      part marvelously because it manages to be both ambient and pomo

      [4] "Feed Your Head," various artists on Ultimate Recording Company,
      1993. Full of techno-hippie or electro-pagan yearnings for some
      amiable and perhaps simplistic intersplicing between spiritual thirst
      and the electronic sounds that will hopefully conjure up the same
      magic as has been documented among indigenous and acoustic musics.
      PofS is associated with Orbital and Meat Beat Manifesto and the
      Shamen. Knights was a London band that created electro-oceanic
      ambient music - atmospheres and electronics. TUU worked with the
      clichéd new age acoustic instruments like pan pipes and bowl gongs
      and combined it with synthesizer to fit into that early 90s notion of
      ambient that verged on New Age in its pre-ocs with spirituality
      conjured up by music.

      [5] "Savage Vigilance for a Rug-Free America" This disc documents the
      insanity surrounding call-in talk radio in the USA with specific
      emphasis on the incredibly convenient aberrations that pass as
      too-late modern Christianity. Hilarious mixing of self-help populism,
      confession, mis-readings of the Bible, justification of homo-hatred,
      pundit control of the flock via angst and incredible interpretations
      of the BibleŠ

      [6] "90% Post Consumer Sound" on XI <www.xirecords.org> Great effort
      at Zoviet France-like electronic mantra and trance work, this time
      focusing on the warning signals at a railroad crossing. Incredible
      piece. Brenda Hutchinson writes in the liner notes: "Part of its
      beauty has to with the relationship between the sounds we are meant
      to focus on and the sounds in the environment in which the recordings
      were madeŠ.Once firmly established in their ambient environment,
      Band's sounds are free to evolve and travelŠ"

      [7] "Ladakh 567" on Indies Records <www.indiesrec.cz>. One of the
      world's most creative percussionists, PF has worked for years with
      Iva Bittova. Here he tackles post-modern sounds like drum and bass in
      a good collaboration between free improv gestures and modern dancier

      [8] "The New Lost City Ramblers: Vol. 3" on Folkways vinyl.
      Intellectual hillbilly music with socially-conscious songs about
      working-class people.

      [9] "Children of the Secret" on Black Note
      <www.deconstructionist.com/blacknote> I really don't know what to
      make of this disc of trancey-lunges into New Age mysticism and
      diabolism. There is something that just doesn't line up quite right
      when it comes to dancing punk pagan style around the dolmens which
      may be huge speakers or labyrinths of crop circles on the craniums of
      the creatos. Although this disc has its techno-disco-mystical moments.

      [10] From an old WFMU WTM dating from 1993. This piece perfectly
      blends the insanely paranoid CB-radio crowd with techno dance beats.
      Plenty of white supremacists out there using what they must consider
      their survival medium. Has all of the voyeuristic aspects of a
      Scanner cut but with more of an urgent agenda: there are PLENTY of
      hatemongers using whatever media it takes to get their messages out

      [11] "Prose du Transsiberien et de la Petite Jeanne de France" on
      Folkways, 1967. Swiss-born Parisian poet, vagabond, adventurer worked
      in business, film, reportage, radio, TV, novels, essays, nonfiction.
      "The rhythms of the train / the train-like medulla of American
      psychiatrists / the noise of doors voices wheels grinding over the
      frozen tracksŠ / And my life doesn't keep me any warmer that this
      Scotch shawl / And the whole of Europe seen through the windcutter of
      an Express racing ahead at full speed / is no richer than my lifeŠ"

      [12] "The Decriminalization of Country Music" on Tramway. Soundings
      and manipulations of an industrial space from the masters of warm
      spiritual analog ambiences and strange loops that seem to
      syncreticize nature and rusting industrialŠ One of my all-time fave

      [13] "Sound Information Collection" on Echo Beach
      <www.echobeach.com>. Interesting collection of trancey post-hippie
      and dubby warm chill. Harpy especially sounds like the far edge of
      acidy post-rock - mellifluous and yearning, reminds me of Pink Floyd.

      [14] "Station to Station" on ~scape <www.scape-music.de> Seems at
      once original and yet somehow familiar, allusive; I keep hearing
      elements of those who came before him especially Eno and CanŠ Driving
      through empty gleaming urban centers with no destination.

      [15] "Grain" on Dame <www.actuellecd.com> Like the soundtrack to a
      film about someone slowly going off the deep-end with the whirling
      auras of sonic hallucination and of misapprehended signs in each
      incidental sonic whisper and audio gesture produced by the
      surroundings creating a slippery slope into a psychotic [normal]

      [16] "Into India: A Composer's Journey" on Earsay <earsay.com>. This
      Canadian composer <www.sfu.ca/~westerka> has travelled extensively in
      India. She is one of the more interesting composer-documenters of
      sonic landscapes. About sonic India she notes: "yes, it's terribly
      noisy there, but it's a social noise. The traffic noise is just as
      loud hereŠ everybody talks with their car horns to each other, to
      orient themselves." The compositions deal with her acculturation into
      strangeness. From her extensive and fascinating liner notes
      [soundscapes are necessarily sycophantically tied to critical text]:
      "Despite fearful incidents during my travels, repeated obstacles and
      difficulties, countless hassles and frustrations-desipte all that, a
      strong glow, a renewed and different love of life, remains for me the
      gift I received from my travels in India."

      [17] Off an old WFMU show. The genius of Spike Jones is no more clear
      than 50 years after he perpetrated some of his musical mayhem on
      listeners. Amazing stuff really. But no sooner had I spun this piece
      of cassette tape than the Boys from the Flatlands showed up with a
      copy of the newly-released compilation of Spike Jones material -


      o The second show in a row dealing with my old friend-nemesis
      soundscapes, something I zoned out on, and zoned in on, over the last
      decade when I attempted to obliterate the notion of borders between
      songs, the notion of authorship, of lone creators, of separate sonic
      entities and attempted to make sonic sense by utilizing the sounds
      already made by others. I still very much like the process which is a
      bit like using instinct the way a diviner looking for water uses a
      y-shaped divining rod. I am guided by vague themes, by inarticulated
      emotions, by desires not spoken. Although during the writing of my
      book on yodeling I rediscovered melody, song craft, lyrics and the
      magic of frivolous fluff.

      o The Clandestine Infrastructure Spotters
      Armed with steadycams, mics, old and digital camera, spotlights, and
      mobile telephones, these nocturnal investigators [self-described
      well-off tramps] of the urban terrain, document the sometimes
      aesthetically pleasing denouement of various formerly-glorious urban
      sites [companies and factories beyond collapse]. They also like doing
      the equivalent of messages in a bottle, leaving behind secret
      treasures and then giving out clues on their websites. They later
      post their wandering-investigations on the internet. Because after
      all, documentation is the data-era's version of religious witnessing
      and verifying one's place in this illiterate world.

      Urban Exploration in NL:
      < www.geocaching.nl>
      < www.urbanexplorers.nl>
      < www.forgotten-places.nl>

      o "My city exists both within and without the city where I live. You
      want me to tell you about my city yet I have noever lived there. I
      want to tell you about the city where I live but you say it is not
      mine to tell about Š The city where I live has many habits, hard to
      break. Yet, amnesia is an ingredient of the atmosphere, and pervades
      the growth of this city. Thus the city is always surging ahead,
      unshackled by the past, its growth swift and inventive. But it cannot
      remember, its structure carries no wisdom and this may be its
      o Meena Nanji, from "Felix: Landscape(s)", 1995, distributed by Autonomedia.

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/>
      o Recent selected Playlists [early stages] at
      o Special playlists can be found at 3am Magazine
      <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title "Radiophotogram: Visual
      Radio". Also posted is a depth-of-focus interview with Judy Nylon.
      Also excerpts from my psycho-eroto-geo paris novel, PARIS SEX TETE...


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