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WRECK the Blue of Bleu & Blauw

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 225: blauw/bleu/blue2 Maandag, 21 Juli 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)
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      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 225: blauw/bleu/blue2

      Maandag, 21 Juli 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)

      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      Blue, blue, my world is blue
      o the Petards

      "Red meat isn't bad for youŠ BLUE-green meat, now that's bad for you."
      o Tommy Smothers

      Le Temp Bleu > Les Poules [1]
      Blue Skies > Shelley Hirsch [2]
      Blue Dreamers > Optic Eye [3]
      Blue Moon > Shelley Hirsch [2]
      Misty Blue > Dorothy Moore [4]
      Love is Blue > 101 Strings vs The Petards [5]
      Devil With the Blue Dress On > Shorty Long [6]
      Blue Man Chu > Craig Flory & Doug Haire [7]
      Blue Monk > McCoy Tyner [8]
      Blue Monk > Craig Flory & Doug Haire [7]
      Blue > Ken Nordine [9]
      Famous Blue Raincoat > Leonard Cohen [10]
      All Blues > Miles Davis [11]
      Blue Monday People > Curtis Mayfield [12]
      When Sunny Gets Blue > Blossom Dearie [13]
      Two Chords Less Than the Blues > Tim Brady [14]
      Blue Jeans, Hot Dogs, Pop Musik > Boris Mikulic [15]
      Blues Minor > John Coltrane [16]
      Blue Yodel > Jack Collom [17]
      Blue > Geb.el [18]
      Little Blue Man > Petula Clark [19]
      Paint It Green & Blue > Jane Gilday [20]
      Blue Balloon > Ewan Stefani [21]
      Blue > Derek Jarman & Simon Fisher Turner [22]
      Blue Buddha > Robin A. Anders [23]
      + Spewing Blue > Spiro Agnew [24]
      Blue Thighs > V/Vm [25]
      Hallucination Blues [LSD] > Anonymous [26]
      Moon Blues > Mossman [27]
      I have produced several programs on the spectrum of colors for my
      overnight show on Radio 100 as well as an earlier one devoted to that
      most musical of colors, blue.

      Blue is, somehow, the most emotional of colors because it calls up
      the infinite sea and the infinite sky, both places of eternal
      fascination and fear, both associated with the hereafter. Of course
      there are colors more associated with heated emotions like red and
      while each color has its emotions and personality traits associated
      with it - green with envy - it is blue that ends up in songs the most
      because of the blues, which derives from "to feel blue, or down or
      dejected or despondentŠ"

      I am wondering if the saying "I feel blue" doesn't stem from the
      feeling of the color of a person's face when s/he has lost
      consciousness, has lost all air in the lungs and oxygen from the
      blood. I wonder if the blues don't have something to do with that
      frightening shade of blue of a person about to die. But then I
      immediately wonder whether blacks turn blue when they lose
      consciousness, this is especially pertinent when you look back at
      fairly recent US history and discover how many blacks were hung until
      their bodies no longer held oxygen. Did they turn blue?
      Unfortunately, most of the photos that document this horrible
      crime/punishment are black and white.

      Blue is also, however, commonly associated with control and
      oppression as in "the men in blue."

      I could have played the Blue Man Group whom I saw in NY in 199? And
      was impressed by back then. But the disc, "The Complex" is
      nondescript rock for a commercial for a mediocre beer.

      In film there is Le grand Bleu [The Big Blue], the Blue Angel,
      Soldier Blue, Blue [1st of Kieslowski's "Three Color" trilogy],
      Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons, Blue Collar [assembly line drama], Blue
      in the Face [a mess], Betty Blue [ love it], Blues Brothers, Blues
      Busters [the Bowery Boys!!], Blue Velvet [Lynch is really overrated],
      Blue Jeans [has yodeling]Š
      [1] "Prairie Orange" on Dame <www.actuellecd.com> Les Poules is made
      up of 3 Canadian musicians who have managed a quirky and moody CD of
      controlled improv that avoids self-indulgence as it creates emotional
      landscapes composed of a sack full of highly varied sounds. Nice.

      [2] "Far In Far Out" on Tzadik. She does it all. One of the most
      gifted throats connected to a mind. "BLUE moon / Now I'm no longer

      [3] "Feed Your Head," various artists on Ultimate Recording Company,
      1993. Full of techno-hippie [Optic Eye even describe themselves as
      "space-out hippy types"] or electro-pagan yearnings for some amiable
      and perhaps simplistic intersplicing between spiritual thirst and the
      electronic sounds that will hopefully conjure up the same magic as
      has been documented among indigenous and acoustic musics.

      [4] "Soul Classics" on Super Doubles. "Just the thought of you /
      turns my whole world misty BLUE / Š I think of things we used to do /
      and my whole world turns misty BLUEŠ"

      [5] "BLUE, BLUE, my world is BLUE / BLUE is my world now that I'm without you."

      [6] "The In Crowd: The Ultimate Mod Collection" on Style Movement. A
      questionable fusing of soul geniuses with British pop rock 1964-67 in
      an attempt to render the Brit pop more important than it was.

      [7] "Wigwam Bendix" on Franchise. A bunch of skinny white guys
      sitting around conjuring up the big black jazz godheads out of the
      smoke they manage to blow out of their horns.

      [8] Oops. This genius piece, where did it come from?

      [9] "Time was when BLUE was the saddest, sadder than that, BLUE was
      the BLUEst BLUEŠ BLUE wasn't making itŠ"

      [10] "The last time we saw you / you looked so much older / The
      famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulderŠ"

      [11] "Kind of Blue" on Columbia. Probably the most written-about disc
      of all-time [well, maybe Dylan's Blond on Blonde or Highway 61
      Revisited comes close]. This is a near perfect jazz disc because it
      is both difficult and accessible. Crowd-pleasing and confounding. It
      is MD's cool approach to blues that pretty much defined a couple of
      generations of intense-slack jazz. MD was "cool," a desirable, moody
      prick, his music defined the entire feel and sound of cool and the
      blues applied to jazz - "fewer chords but infinite possibilities as
      to what to do with them," as MD noted. And as Robert Palmer observes
      in the liner notes "all melody and atmosphere." Blue[s] as atmosphere
      and ambiences. Drummer Jimmy Cobb said of "KIND": "It must have been
      made in heaven."

      [12] He always sounds like he's about to cry. He always embodies that
      brittle understated part of soul music.

      [13] "May I Come In?" on Capitol, 1965. Breezy and tender, beguiling
      and alluring. Like you would imagine a petunia to sound.

      [14] "Unison Rituals" on Ambiances Magnetiques <www.actuellecd.com>
      with lots of ensemble saxophones to create intricate ensemble playing.

      [15] "Blue Jeans, Hot Dogs, Pop Musik / this song this track are
      inspired by desire of making money"

      [16] "Africa / Brass" on Impulse. Here best displaying his "sheets of sound."

      [17] "Blue Yodel, Blue Heron" by Colorado poet from the
      Boulder/Naropa 'region'. This is great mythical story-telling with
      yodeling, political commentary, a great [Burl Ives] voice that
      rambles gently and patiently through a mythical tale of a blue heron.
      Highly recommended. Available thru: Baksun Books, 1838 Pine St.,
      boulder, CO 80302. "I keep on stuffin' goodies in the icebox of my
      mind / But reach into the back the lord knows what I might find / I
      found out that the blues is just nature's bastard child / It's a blue
      baby but it's sliding into the wildŠ"

      [18] "The Eclectic Sound of Vienna II" on Spray
      <spray@...> is interesting compilation that gives you an
      update on what is happening in Vienna beyond Mozart and the Strauss

      [19] "The Petula Clark Story: Vol. 1" on Golden Hour vinyl. "He loved
      me said the little blue man / and scared me right out of my wits / Š
      I hurried back to my apartment / I rushed in and I closed the door /
      But there on my desk stood the little blue manŠ"

      [20] "Paint it Blue and Green" personal CDR. Fragile effective
      message punk. "I want to see it blue and green like eternityŠ"

      [21] "Presence III" on Canadian Electro-acoustic Community"
      <http://cec.concordia.ca/> is a compilation of international but
      mostly Canadian composers of electro-acoustic work. The series
      maintains a hopeful open channel between sonic investigation and a
      hint of entertainment in the conventional [non-academic] sense.

      [22] "Blue flashes in my eyes / Blue bottle buzzing / lazy day / Sky
      blue butterfly sways on a cornflower / lost in the warmth of the blue
      heat days / singing the blues / quietly and slowly blue of my heart
      blue of dreams, slow blue love a delphinium dayŠ Blue transcends the
      solemn geography of human limits / Š the blood of sensibility is

      [23] From a September 1993 WFMU Wreck program tape.

      [24] to think that William Safire used to write this heightened
      schlock. It is like something from a Vidal-Twain-Thompson-Vonnegut

      [25] "Sick-Love" on Offal. Like a Pac-Man chomping its insatiable way
      toward the center of your belief system. Escape down the long

      [26] "Dig the Body Chemicals" A kind of informal compilation of
      wacked and sub-cinematic hysteria and Americana. Can someone gimme
      the singer.

      [27] "Mossman vs Mr. Tsunami" on Dispensation <www.dublounge.net> is
      clearly the great White Frigid North's answer to King Tubby and
      Prince Far I. Brilliant replicant dub.


      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
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      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

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      appear soon: excerpts from my scandal-delicious paris novel, PARIS
      SEX TETE, a review of the spoken word works of Roberto Valenza...


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