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  • michael jackson
    Anyone else notice, in the Keith Levine article a few issues back, that there was no acknowledgement of Martin Atkins role in The Flowers of Romance ? I
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      Anyone else notice, in the Keith Levine article a few issues back, that
      there was no acknowledgement
      of Martin Atkins' role in "The Flowers of Romance ?" I seem to recall his
      being co-credited with much of
      the material. Indeed a wonderful record; I believe it was the first PiL
      record I heard ca. age 13.
      Sadly, I've still never heard the "Commercial Zone" version of the "This is
      what you want..." LP.
      Is bootlegging kosher on this site ? I'm a trader not a seller of course...
      michael jackson

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      >Kraig Grady wrote:
      > >Also Flower of romance if you can get a vigin as opposed to the warners
      >brothers is greatly underated. those who hear nothing but vocal and drums
      >are missing it entirely. lyrics apply now more than ever. far more
      >interesting than sex pistols, and at the time far more influential
      >Imagine a Russian jazz fan raised in the late 50s. And the cultural
      >situation in the Soviet Union contemporary to,say,Magma and/or Flowers of
      >I was not alone to hate Vander and Magma for faking Coltrane modalisms. The
      >childish language of the "Kommando" seemed to be a bad joke(we never saw
      >Star trek or Dr No on time).Actually verbal message was what separated
      >and rock sodes of jazz rock fusion - even for rghose of us,jazz
      >afficionados, who knew languages far better than me. Isn'tit a welcome
      >coincidence that Flowersof oamnce was one of the first rock records
      >which(we got the LP more or less at the same timeas Western listeners)
      >whichstruck me with irs energy differenf from jazz swing, drive, beat etc.
      >And i thought, the guy(of course i knew the Sex Pistols and punk and
      >post-punk new romantics) is worth something since there's so much energy"
      >and started ro listen to the lyrics attentively.
      >Actually i was even trying to write a Doctor thesis on reception of vocal
      >music by those who do not know the language. I failed.
      >dmitri from Moscow
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