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WRECK: Jazzed-up Anti-Military Sounds

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 221: Back on the Air with Jazzed-up Anti-Military Sounds Maandag, 23
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2003
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 221: Back on the Air with
      Jazzed-up Anti-Military Sounds

      Maandag, 23 Juni 2003 (17.00 to 19.00)

      SIMUL-streaming <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      Port of Call > Marcos Fernandes [1]
      Snake > Curd Duca [2]
      Sun Salutations > Shiva Rea [3]
      L'Envers du Temps > Arturo Parra [4]
      Peak > Curd Duca [2]
      Stereoisomerism 1 > Aphasia [5]
      Star Dancing Exc. > Sydney Thompson [6]
      The Clouds, To Whom Do They Belong > Hamilton, Silverton & Margolis [7]
      Resonance Head > Gestalt [8]
      Games > Headphone Science [9]
      Sonic Carrier Pigeons > Radio Emits Itself [10]
      Vent > Justin Bennett [11]
      Albarad > Janek Schaefer [12]
      Heeble > Hübsch, Van Beeber & Blonk [13]
      Great American Marriage > Al Kooper [14]
      Go Heitel > Hübsch, Van Beeber & Blonk [13]
      Sonic Carrier Pigeons > Radio Emits Itself [10]
      Echo Anita > Olga Lowina [15]
      Media Tactique > A. Dontigny & Diane Labrosse [16]
      Urantia > Mental Nomad [17]
      Vox > Curd Duca [2]
      Media Tactique > A. Dontigny & Diane Labrosse [16]
      Bass, The Final Frontier > Tassilli Players [18]
      I-Transmission > Bauchklang [19]
      Wide Opening > Williams, Stevens, Fonda, Robertson & Sorgen [20]
      Universal Radio exc. > Nina Hagen [21]
      The Üblog Tide > Hübsch, Van Beeber & Blonk [13]


      [1] "Hybrid Vigor" on Accretions <www.accretions.com> is a great
      example of hybridized musical genres that come together as a cohesive
      and organic form. A highly successful fusion of disparate sources and
      influences. He grew up in a Portuguese-Japanese household. And that's
      just the beginning. A disc of loud ambiences, news bites, freeform
      jazz, creative manipulation of found sound, abstract electronica,
      native rhythms, and mayhem. Highly recommended.

      [2] "Waves" presumably on Milles Plateaux <www.milleplateaux.com>
      although I have a CDR. Excellent exploration of the more
      contemplative side of famed glitsch sampleophoneon from Vienna. How
      does electronica handle the search for some kind of numinous personal
      feeling. His most soul searching effort to date.

      [3] "Yoga Sanctuary" on Sounds True <www.soundstrue.com> were
      designed to give purpose, structure and motivation to yoga sessions.
      Lives are easily filled with distractions. Hatha yoga is an ancient
      holistic system that uses the body as the starting point to affecting
      the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.

      [4] "Parr(a)cousmatique" on Empreintes Digitales <www.electro.cd> AP
      is a Bogota Columbia-born composer and guitarist who here interprets
      the works of 5 contemporary acousmatic composers which AP recomposed
      as a piece for guitar and tape. This piece explores the nature of
      time: "Time's linearity has broken up under the impact: It floats,
      and so do we, contemplating the cities and their unending bustle as
      if from above."

      [5] "Aphasia" on Staalplaat. Brit Richard Johnson was born in
      Abu-Dabi and produces sound collages consisting of on-site
      recordings, electro-acoustic objects, analogue electronica,
      instruments, noise, tape reels, old records, radios, and drum n' bass
      to produce a kind of manipulated post-legitimate sonic reality.

      [6] "Star Dancing: Latin America" on Dance Records, 1969. A record
      for dancing with yourself in front of a broken mirror in an outfit
      you wouldn't be caught dead in.

      [7] "Analogue Smoque" on Pogus <www.pogus.com> is a strange double
      disc of spoken word and freeform soundscaping. The narrator is
      something of a prim fantabulist whose use of language spins a
      wonderful aura of other worlds and strange perceptions in an even
      stranger world. Silverton claims an interest in theosophy, and
      "cryptorchidistics, i.e., state of non-descent." Hamilton is a
      30-year vet of electronic music and proffers something called
      "present-time listening" while Margolis is a man of many wigs, having
      run Sound of Pig, a cassette label devoted to adventurous music into
      the sky. He describes his music as "sound fingerpainting."

      [8] "Distortion Future" on MS Records <m-s-@...>. Japanese
      white noise distillations of ill-tempered sonic hurricanes.
      Dissonance given shape and purpose just short of program music. Like
      driving through a misty sour haze, a fog composed of dubious

      [9] "We Remain Faded" on No Type <www.notype.com>. Deconstructive
      strategies applied to rap, hiphop, film soundtrax, and poesie with
      interesting if mixed results. Reminds me a bit of the mid-80s
      experiments with parsed poetics, concrete poetry and early cut and
      paste composition.

      [10] "Radio Emits Itself" on b/art <ninplant@...>. REI is
      self-referential radio, psycho-radio-graphies, deep statical
      archives, radio hypnosis, and unconscious radio dérives ... REI has
      been performed 7 times and with each subsequent radio broadcast
      performance, the morphed mix of worldwide radio sounds becomes
      denser, deeper, and more far-reaching. REI is both a creative
      project and an anthropological endeavor. It is a sound document that
      will continue to collect ephemeral radio moments and will continually
      recontextualize them in a creative collage style. The 3-CD set
      encompasses a sonic mix that allows listeners to hear the sounds of
      radio as if it were browsing the radio band of the entire world to
      generate the ephemeral and vanishing voice of radio as global
      soundscape, as worldwide tower of babel. It features hundreds of
      pre-recorded radio samples and, on several occasions, an old dial
      radio plugged into the soundboard that was utilized as a
      freeform/chance musical instrument. The collage can best be
      characterized as a pastiche of overlapping and intermingled radio
      archival references funneled into the bandwidth of the host radio
      station. It ultimately hopes to highlight both the under-valued
      nature of radio as permanent [folk] document while continuing to
      question the sonic aesthetic and content value of most radio. Radio
      Emits Itself requires both - or either - deep listening or peripheral
      backdrop cognizance.

      [11] "Demolitions" on Spore <spore@...>. What would
      happen if you placed a small parcel of plastic explosives in Brian
      Eno's record collection? The sound of imploding post-industrial home.
      The rousing smell of nitro-glycerine. It is as if JB has implanted a
      technique or device that can unravel, unmask, comment upon the sounds
      as they are played.

      [12] "Above Buildings" on Fat Cat <www.fat-cat.co.uk>. Is this the
      sounds of a man wandering around various abandoned squares and
      housing projects with a microphone dragging from his pant leg? Or is
      he investigating the unconscionable living conditions of the average
      housing project where humans are warehoused?

      [13] "Imp Rovi Sors" on Kontrans <toondist.nl>. If god ever needs to
      bewilder his flock he will hire Blonk & co. to head off the rabble at
      the gates to heaven. Inspired meta-language for a new start. Very
      interesting combination of abstract scat and conceptual Esperanto in
      a mix of electronica revenge. When you hear this you seem to have
      that strange audio-hallucinatory sensation that you are understanding
      a foreign language. If aliens attempt to establish communication and
      contact with use earthlings I nominate Jaap Blonk as our spokesman.

      [14] "You Never Know Who Your Friends Are" on Columbia. AK most
      famous for playing organ on Dylan's Blond on Blonde, was also in
      Blood Sweat & Tears, before they went bad [i.e., after the second
      album]. Slender almost tender voice in the middle of quaint
      Vietnam-era American insanity [cover shows cops beating up Chicago
      protesters in 1968] makes this record a weird, uncomfortable and
      entertaining mess.

      [15] "Het Beste Van Olga Lowina" on Telstar. Olga Helena Lowina van
      Puttenmusters (1924-1994) was one sturdy dirndl-clad,
      Wagnerian-operatic belter, who deep into her 60s was still able to
      amaze people with her vocalizing prowess, an untutored singing voice
      of crystal. They called her the "Nightingale with a Throat of Iron,"
      but it wasn't all mastery and volumeŠ. Lowina was an artist, although
      not everyone's idea of an artist. And Lowina was a pop star, an
      unassuming one who loved giving audiences what they wanted:
      pathos-drenched tearjerkers. Lowina's singing, gilded with an
      obligatory healthy lungful of gymnastic yodel refrains, somehow found
      its way into many Dutch hearts and ears. She came to prominence after
      World War II during a time when all inspiration and longing was
      fulfilled by other places-mostly North America. But there was also a
      flat-land fascination for everything snow-covered-the Alps, Tirol. It
      all seemed so peaceful and free there. This Dutch obsession inspired
      a slightly fever-pitched yodel rage. Lowina was the perfect
      unofficial Dutch tour guide to take money-strapped post-WWII
      Lowlanders where they could ill-afford to travel. She also served as
      the perfect soundtrack for returning mountain vacationers who wanted
      to extend their vacation moods by a few days.In the 1990s, Lowina
      continued yodeling despite being diagnosed with liver and kidney
      cancer. At her memorial service, outside Rotterdam, where she lived
      most of her life, mourners could view Lowina's signature red Tyrolean
      hat placed on her casket with lying and were treated to her
      "Droomland" (Dreamland) emerging from the crematorium's speakers. She
      never got rich but she lived, in her own estimation, a charmed life.
      And as people left the memorial service they heard her yodeling,
      yodeling all the way to heaven: "Hola hola hola hie-tierie / Hola
      hola hola hie-tierie." [Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: The Secret History of
      Yodeling Around the World (Routledge: New York / London]

      [16] "Telepathie" on No Type <www.notype.com>. Actually one of the
      best abstract conceptual discs I have received in some while. It
      seems to regard the unused and discarded noise produced by radios as
      fine raw material. It is a bit of adventurous sound seeking and
      giving shape to collections of sound found in the cracks between
      frequencies like there is some possibility for communicating with
      spirits to be found there.

      [17] "Mentallica and its Inhabitants" on Word Sound
      <www.wordsound.com>. Deep in the subterranean outbacks among
      Brooklyn's disgruntled sonic idealists there is some incredible if
      densely nihilistic and dingy sounding dub going on. Mental Nomad
      seems to be a youthful offspring of Laswellian ill-bient raised on
      the consistent quashing of all-hope. This is a mental, spiritual, and
      sonic dérive along the banks of the Gowanus Canal and through various
      abandoned urban corridors where fantasy goes gothic and Mad Max.

      [18] "Outer Space" on Universal Egg. One of the greatest dub records
      devoted solely to the totally self-referential and self-involved
      exploration and documentation of the sounds and sensations of dub.
      Dub about dubŠ

      [19] "Jamzero" on Ecco Chamber <www.ecco.chamber.com> In a kind of
      revamped DNA-warped version of doo wop a capella we have some
      wonderful voice-based material with a lead vocalist whose voice
      sounds too much like Sting's for comfort. Although they could be
      samples, in that case they have done an amazing job to render this
      voice less execrable. They are like the punk a cappella obverse of
      Zap Mama. I could see them working together actually. They combine
      dub, interesting mixing with doo wop, Sting-inflected vocals, street
      corner ur-rap, chants in a psycho-electro-acoustic atmosphere where
      people remain distinctive individuals and nationalities disintegrate.

      [20] "When the Lost Becomes the Found" on Kali <www.kalirecords.com>
      True non-noodling inspired improv. It does not arrogantly rule out
      the enjoyment of the listener like some aspects of the farflung
      improv genre that sometimes sounds like a philosophy PhD trying for
      heavy metal.

      [21] "Ekstasy" on CBS 1985. NH is the best example of squandered
      talent as she went out looking for her ET doppelganger and came back
      empty-headed. I saw her live in NY around this time. It was one of
      the worst concerts I ever saw. Th LA-session-men-like slick metal
      guitar sounds were a painful declaration of war against my mind.

      o What is the radio situation?: Radio Patapoe goes on unabated.
      Meanwhile, Radio 100 hesitates and maneuvers as it readies to
      re-enter the ether shortly. Meanwhile Patapoe has offered its
      frequency to the other 2 stations [100 and Vrije Keyser] to use to
      keep up the energy and momentum. Meanwhile, the inside gossip is that
      the Dutch Congress has fairly nonchalantly and without qualm given
      free radio stations the go-ahead to pursue and squat unused
      frequencies, in effect, condoning a sonic equivalent of tolerated
      culture [see prostitution and coffeeshops]. We are still pursuing the
      possibility of having our status be legitimized and justified or even
      recognized as important in a culture that professes some oddly
      defined notion of individual and cultural/artistic freedom.

      o My plans are to gather the incredible dossier of impassioned and
      articulate letters I have thus far received [some 40] and print them
      out and send them as hard copy to various important people in the
      media and the government. Second, I plan to produce a radio show that
      focuses on the work or interests of most of the letter writers. Some
      are producers or musicians or label owners orŠ

      o American National Pride Day [this comes to me courtesy of Brad, an
      American ex-pat living in France]

      As we all know, the Taliban considers it a sin for a man to see a
      naked woman, who is not his wife. So, this Saturday [presumably to
      celebrate Independence Day] at 2:00 PM all American women are asked
      to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any
      neighborhood terrorists.

      Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this
      anti-terrorist effort. All men are to position themselves in lawn
      chairs in front of their house to prove they are not Taliban,
      demonstrating that they think it's okay to see nude women other than
      their wife and to show support for all American women.

      And, since the Taliban also do not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack
      at your side is further proof of your anti-Taliban sentiment. America
      appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your
      participation in this anti-terrorist activity.


      o Wearing a Wire [courtesy of listen Siobhan Wall]

      For privacy advocates, the idea of having a unique identifier on
      everything they buy is a nightmare. If RFID readers become ubiquitous
      - which RFID manufacturers bet they will - it could mean that every
      time you pass by a reader, it could "talk" to your sweater and shoes.
      Match up credit card records with your sweater's ID and presto: It's
      a system for monitoring your every move.

      o Plastic Pinkies Help Yakuza Sever Ties with Underworld [courtesy of
      Carola Solomonoff <ontheqt@...>, check out her On the QT, an
      on-line crusade against local corruption among tri-state politicians
      and "businessmen".]

      OSAKA -- For yakuza posed with the question of how to wash their
      hands of the underworld for good an Osaka woman has got the answer
      fingered --literally. Reams of gangsters who've given up being crooks
      in favor of the straight and narrow are struggling to find legitimate
      work in a Japan where it's become common for new unemployment records
      to be set each month and employers have traditionally shown a
      reluctance to hire mobsters even in good times.

      Though it's possible to hide some of the trademarks of their one-time
      profession -- "punch perms" are allowed to grow out, tattoos are
      covered up -- gangsters are at a loss when it comes to dealing with
      missing pinkies, a symbol of a yakuza who has severed the little
      finger of his left hand to atone for some misdeed. But unlike many
      other job-seekers in this age of information technology who've found
      their way out of the dole queue by going digital, yakuza looking for
      work are choosing to go digit.

      And that's where Yukako Fukushima comes in. The 31-year-old
      technician working at Osaka prosthetics manufacturer Arute is giving
      hopes - and fingers -- to yakuza who've "washed their feet" of the
      underworld, as local parlance has it.

      A 37-year-old former Yakusa wiseguy cut off his left little finger in
      front of his boss to show the remorse he felt for bungling
      investments made on behalf of the gang. He left the underworld five
      years ago and used a fake little finger to hide his past from a
      would-be boss. As he works in a manual job, he's already had Š four
      fake fingers to cope with the way they are quickly ground down
      because he's constantly rubbing the fake digits against the stump of
      what had been his real one.

      o Rumsfield and Saddam: Once the Best of Friends [courtesy of Black
      Sifichi and Jonno Sly <jonno.slysa@...> from a site called
      "Forgotten History" By Denis Mueller] If you're wondering WHY the
      US/UK were so worried about Iraq's military capabilitiesŠ

      "In 1988, the war between Iraq and Iran had reached gruesome
      proportions. Chemical warfare between the two counties shocked the
      world. It was at this time the infamous gassing incident regarding
      the Kurds happened. But in 1983, President Ronald Reagan turned to a
      former secretary of defense to carry a hand-written letter to Saddam
      Hussein saying the United States wanted to restore normal diplomatic
      relations with Iraq. The man who carried the message was none other
      than Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld was the highest ranking official to
      visit Baghdad in nearly six years. The meeting was cordial with
      Saddam telling Rumsfeld Iraq was not interested in causing trouble in
      the region and Rumsfeld commenting that the U.S. was interested in a
      relationship with Iraq. The United States quickly informed Iraq's
      neighbors that its defeat would not be in the United States' interest.

      During this period, Iraq was desperately purchasing military hardware
      from American firms. This went on with the total blessing of the
      Reagan administration. Saddam was a busy shopper. He bought 60 Hughes
      helicopters worth over $200 million. While all this was going on, the
      UN issued a report about the allegations of Iraq's use of chemical
      weapons. Rumsfield said nothing and the New York Times reported that
      "American diplomats pronounce themselves satisfied with relations
      between Iraq and the United States and suggest that normal diplomatic
      ties have been resorted in all but name."

      In May of 1984 Rumsfield resigned and, later that year, full
      diplomatic relations were restored between the two countries. A
      couple of years later, Rumsfield was testing the waters, regarding a
      possible run for the presidency in 1988, and was pushing his
      achievements in helping to re-open ties with Iraq. All of this was
      occurring at a time when Saddam was gassing the Kurds.

      What makes this important now is that, in 1984, Rumsfield was in a
      position to condemn Saddam but said nothing. Furthermore, despite the
      gassing of the Kurds and the use of chemical weapons, Rumsfield
      viewed his work as one of his accomplishments. He could have asked
      questions but he didn't.

      At the time, Iran was viewed as a threat. So, anyone fighting Iran
      was considered our friend. We knew about Saddam and what he was doing
      quite well. He had murdered leftists and followers of Nasser, but
      that was alright with us. So Saddam was a thug all along, the only
      difference being that he was, at one time, our thug. His great crime
      was to become an independent thug. The idea that this war is being
      done for democracy is not at all connected with the past history of
      the area. It is hard to believe."

      [Sources. Washington Post / New York Times / Newly de-classified documents]

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands


      o "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra
      o Old playlists archived at <http://www.wfmu.org/~bart/>
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      o Special playlists can be found at 3am Magazine
      <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title "Radiophotogram: Visual
      Radio". Also posted is a depth-of-focus interview with Judy Nylon. To
      appear soon: excerpts from my scandal-delicious paris novel, PARIS
      SEX TETE, a review of the spoken word works of Roberto Valenza...


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