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Re: [thewire] PM Carey, our own "special/different" "contributor"

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  • Andrew Fleming
    ... Let me tell you about the 20-30 spam messages I get each day from bots that crawl the Mail to Owner link off of the list s site at Yahoo. They re also of
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 17, 2003
      On Monday, June 16, 2003, at 10:53 PM, chux wrote:

      > It shits me too. But only because I thought-wished-hoped that the
      > people who read this list might have some respect for one another
      > that transcended the desire to make a buck. However, the wire list is
      > only a psuedo-community, almost anyone can join, and anyone can
      > leave. You, me, we, have no chance of regulating what gets posted to
      > this list.
      > If you think that someone is probably never going to have anything
      > interesting to say just filter them off to the trash (they will never
      > know).
      > chx

      Let me tell you about the 20-30 spam messages I get each day from bots
      that crawl the 'Mail to Owner' link off of the list's site at Yahoo.
      They're also of the for-sale type, but they're certainly not from
      people trying to sell me records I might want to hear.

      Anyway. There is, in fact, an announcement/marketplace list:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thewire-announcements. You can subscribe
      to it if you like, but I have no part in it and don't communicate with
      the list owner.

      Concerning what's posted to this list, as chux says, it's up to each of
      us to separate wheat from chaff, and the criteria for each vary widely
      between individuals. Attempts at serious moderation in the past have
      failed, simply because I can't sit at a desk reading every post to the
      list, every day. Besides which, a truly moderated list would require
      me to approve every post before it goes through, which would destroy
      any sort of coherence of conversation here since I only do list admin
      stuff twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

      While Carey's for-sale posts are prima facie spam (and so are many
      others), chasing down every person who posts a for-sale or auction
      message is a waste of my time. On top of which, Carey's posts are
      clearly of a different class than, for example, our friend
      crazyspic70@..., who I just booted for posting OT crap about
      his 'tunes' and a site featuring games or some nonsense. This list is
      different from when it started, and the amount of spam is only one of
      the changes. I'm honestly sorry it's that way, and I wish the list
      were more like it was when I signed up for it five years ago, but the
      world is a different place than it was five years ago, and the amount
      of spam out there is only one of the changes. Perhaps mailing lists
      are no longer the best fora for discussing music, particularly as many
      new types of online communities have become widely successful in the
      time since this list began.

      Responding to spam has become primarily a technology problem, as the
      amount of spam exceeds any level of human effort. The IT industry is
      currently failing to respond adequately, and along with it, Yahoo does
      not provide adequate tools for me to control spam sent to this list.
      That appears to be changing. Yahoo has made some recent changes that
      make it slightly easier to deal with some spammers, especially hit and
      run style spammers (those who sign up for the list, send a message or
      two, and leave immediately); beyond that, anybody here who reads cnet
      or /. probably knows there are major anti-spam efforts in the works in
      the industry and in legislative bodies in the US and across the EU. If
      and when these new technologies are rolled out, and some stories say
      they could be implemented as early as this fall, I hope Yahoo will make
      them available to list owners. In the meantime, if anybody really
      wants to peruse every post to this list to make sure the big bad
      spammers aren't ruining our quality of life, send me a message off-list
      and I will make make you a moderator.

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