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Fwd: Introducing a new label : BOWINDO !

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  • luka zagoricnik
    Sorry for another promotional one, but maybe it s akind of thing of interest to some of you... ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2003
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      Sorry for another promotional one, but maybe it's akind of thing of interest
      to some of you...

      >From: Giuseppe Ielasi <giielasi@...>
      >To: Giuseppe Ielasi <giielasi@...>
      >Subject: Introducing a new label : BOWINDO !
      >Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 12:24:51 +0100
      >BOWINDO is a new italian label founded by ....
      >Alessandro Bosetti
      >Giuseppe Ielasi
      >Elio Martusciello
      >Renato Rinaldi
      >Domenico Sciajno
      >Valerio Tricoli
      >....and distributed exclusively through Fringes Recordings.
      >More info will be available soon at
      >(probably next week, at the moment this page is down).
      >Each cd is 14,00 euro (except the Bowindo 02 which is 10,00 euro).
      >....these are the first four releases....(shipping from the 1st of June)
      >Bowindo 01
      >Elio Martusciello
      >�aestethics of the machine�
      >Composed between december 1999 and january 2000.
      >�The musical research that I have undertaken goes beyond man's "point of
      >listening" (instead of "point of view") to experiment what could be
      >as the machine's "point of listening" (the aesthetic of the machine).
      >Therefore it is an aesthetic that privileges a "beyond-feeling", the
      >with the "outerness", with the "totally-out". The audio frequency field of
      >this work is beyond the possibilities of our "perceptions"; it is in fact
      >the range of the "ultrasounds" (up to 20kHz) and the infrasounds (down to
      >16Hz). Throughout this work the sounds were generated at the maximum volume
      >available for digital systems (0dB). Therefore this composition is totally
      >full, saturated, without dynamics, with a volume level consistently turned
      >up to "fortissimo" (classical notation), just outside the range of human
      >perception. What remains for our hearing? Only silence? However all that we
      >perceive in this work is entirely the result of what has been discarded,
      >driftage, the limits of technology and our auditory apparatus; anything
      >springs out of those interferences, from those collisions, the clashes of
      >those hyper-frequencies, their results, the difficulties and the noises of
      >the sound-reproduction system (amplifiers, loudspeakers, filters, etc.)
      >actually produced by the surrounding space (those objects that vibrate),
      >very own auditory apparatus and body (often it is not our ear but our whole
      >body that feels and vibrates)� (Elio Martusciello)
      >Bowindo 02
      >Valerio Tricoli
      >"did they ? did i ?"
      >Modernism a Go-Go
      >Who�s Valerio Tricoli?... an enigma of italian electronic music.
      >What�s �Did They? Did I?� after an unobteinable tape on Freedom Form
      >documenting years of his activity, this is a record made up of flesh, blood
      >and spirit solving at last the mystery that has been wrapping his true
      >�Did They?�: 1999, the room of a motel... voices echoing in the
      >a few contact microphones applied on a door... external world. �Did I?�
      >sensibility and sensations expressed through sounds... internal world. The
      >inner surface superimposes the outer one like a colour image on a black and
      >white background.
      >�Did They? Did I?� is a record in which the contrasts, like those provoked
      >by the impulses of inner and outer ego, are defty worked by violating any
      >physical and biological rule, for the outer impulses - here sounding
      >and unreal- would in fact prevail if the real features were respected. The
      >inner impulses appear clean both in tones and in presence, elements that
      >reflected in the sharpness of details and in the structural depth. Thus,
      >sound sculpture is the appropriate definition to refer to the brightness of
      >single sounds that increasingly become transparent, and to the use of a
      >prominent perspective.
      >The structure of �Did They?Did I?� is so plastic as to touch light and
      >shade, while other components interact creating lines, spaces, and light
      >effects: presence and absence, long and short sounds, reality and
      >imagination� Probably this music � that Tricoli himself defines as
      >modernism a go-go -, finds its place between imagination and reality just
      >where internal and external world meet each other. Is my interpratation of
      >his work correct? Don�t know yet, for Valerio Tricoli still foments the
      >mystery that has wrapped him for years by including a ghost track where
      >inner ego is kept silent apart when investigating memory. Am I ?...am I not
      >?...were I ?... what we have in the end is a blurred black and white
      >background (Mario Biserni)
      >Bowindo 03
      >Alessandro Bosetti, Antje Vowinckel
      >"Charlemagne, la vue attach�e sur son lac de Constance,
      >amoureux de l'abime cach�"
      >Two electro-acoustic compositions from 2000 and 2002 by Alessandro Bosetti,
      >, and a recent text-sound composition by Antje Vowinckel. Finely composed
      >abstract music that, starting from microscopic sound details develops
      >organically and highly dynamically despite the very reduced structures.
      >of the pieces make an extended use of silence, space and very small,
      >carefully shaped, sound particles creating a feeling of natural "breath"
      >and flow. Although this music shares some techniques with the "musique
      >concrete" it goes much beyond in giving new musical life to sounds and
      >suggesting new approaches in listening perception. For those who know
      >Alessandro Bosetti for his activities as improvising saxophonist in the new
      >minimal scene with Phosphor, Annette Krebs and others and for his text
      >compositions, it will not be difficult to recognize his personal way of
      >organizing sounds. Also hearing Antje Vowinckel�s piece, could be a
      >for those who know her as one of the more significative and granted author
      >of new experimental radio plays in Germany.
      >Bowindo 04
      >Domenico Sciajno, Gert-Jan Prins
      >"the d&b album featuring: do shine'o & prinsjan"
      >This is the first re-drum & re-bass album from the electronic duo of
      >Domenico Sciajno and Gert-Jan Prins. They are both wellknown in the world
      >experimental electronic music, with releases on Erstwhile, Fringes, and
      >Grob. On this album Prins' analog shake-pulses and sweeps are directly
      >plugged into Sciajno's specific powerbook aesthetics and vice versa. As a
      >whole, the five pieces on this adventurous cd form a precision-combination
      >of sharp computer-energy, rocking selfmade electronics ,and fluid music
      >recombination-technics creating a grinding-spatial-musical concept, which
      >by times reminds of Shine'o's & Prinsjan's rhythmic- and playtechnical
      >backgrounds on drums and double bass
      >Giuseppe Ielasi - Fringes Recordings

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