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  • luka zagoricnik
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
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      >From: Italian Jazz Rebels <italianjazzrebels@...>
      >Subject: Italian Jazz Rebels - eng
      >Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 03:07:03 +0200
      >Italian Jazz Rebels 2003
      >II Edition
      >Following the unbelievable success of last year first IJR edition (110
      >musicians involved and more than 2000 people attending in just two days),
      >here we are arranging the stages for the Second IJR edition, taking place
      >Bologna (on a larger three days scale) from the 31st of May to the 1st-2nd
      >of June.
      >Again entrance is totally free like last year, and the Festival
      >is still based on volunteers' activity.
      >Special invitations have been presented to associations and single
      >devoted to unorthodox jazz practice (free, avant-garde, jazz-core ecc.),
      >experimental musicians and improvisers, deliberately chosen to create
      >maximum interaction between musicians, expecially if they never met each
      >other before. It is also planned to form an orchestra working on original
      >music and compositions of the musicians involved.
      >Yet, the goal of the festival has changed since its former edition, it
      >"in opposition" to sad and sick italian jazz festivals anymore (though
      >things are not getting any better). This year will be against criminal
      >italian government led by rais Silvio Berlusconi, who's attacking every
      >single aspect of social life with deliberate fury.
      >Culture administration verges on the brink of collapse and we are reaching
      >complete desertification of consciousness.
      >The days at the festival will be an occasion to express our disapproval and
      >disgust, opposing ourselves to such an arts' poor treatment in our demented
      >country, expecially music.
      >Italian jazz festival, except very few heroic occasions, tend to re-present
      >the eternal jazz clich´┐Ż, and to have the same musicians on stage who impose
      >their ubiquitous presence to the "audience". In Italy we have tons of
      >talented musicians completely ignored because of such overexposure of
      >voracious players.
      >We are against all that and we wanna say it out loud!
      >We want to walk through unexplored paths. We are looking for musicians who
      >explore the possibilities of being human, chosing individuality instead of
      >Our purpose is that of showing off ourselves as partisans armed with our
      >instruments. Not merely preserving the general culture but being radical
      >through shape and utopic through sounds.
      >Sad international situation give us augmented force in action practice,
      >without carrying the flag of empty words.
      >Vivan las utopias! Will everyone speak its own voice!
      >Italian Jazz Rebels
      >Bologna, May 1st, 2003
      >You can express support sending messages to:
      ><italianjazzrebels@...> <lsettal@...>

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