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2/5BZ in John Peel Session BBC Radio1

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  • ali_kuzan
    2/5BZ in John Peel Session BBC Radio 1 in 6 may 2003 . http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/johnpeel/index.shtml will play in international World Wide Video
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2003
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      2/5BZ in John Peel Session BBC Radio 1 in 6 may 2003 .

      will play in international World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam 23
      may 2003 .

      2/5bz played in Austria,Russia in april 2003

      http://www.kuryokhin.com/enghtm/list.html st petersburg 25 april
      2003 international SKIF 7 festival performance live audio and video
      http://www.dom.com.ru/event/2003/04/23/ DOM club moscow in 24
      april performance audio and video
      http://www.aktuellekunst-graz.at/2003/gal24.shtml 26 april 2003
      live performance audio and video in graz/austria and also solo
      exhibition for video art and sound instilation from 2/5BZ

      2/5 BZ performed ' No Turistik No Egzotik Improvise/Electro Folk
      Cut ' in 28 cities in the countries like
      Poland apart from Turkey it s called ' 2/5BZ union in eurOPUA Tour '
      and participated to some international festivals like Berlin
      Clubtransmediale.03 Festival , Istanbul Phonem Festival ( turkish
      headliner ) , St Petersburg SKIF 7 Festival . The style varies
      between traditional music, via experimental electronic sounds, to
      improvisation with elements that stem from Turkish cinema.2/5BZ aka
      Serhat Köksal composed musics for some international experimental
      films from Germany,Iran,Switzerland and living and working in

      2/5BZ aka Serhat Köksal
      No Turistik No Egzotik Electro Folk Cut 2003 Tour

      6 february international Clubtransmediale Festival Berlin
      10 february Elektrohaus Hamburg
      15 february Orkz Groningen
      21 february Extrapool

      http://www.extrapool.nl/200325bz.html Nijmegen

      22 february international Rotterdam Music Bienal/Worm Rotterdam
      25 february Eschloraque/Neurotitan Berlin
      26 february Salon Bruite/Dienstbar Berlin
      27 february Galerie 5300/Bauhaus Univercity Weimar
      28 february Voxxx Chemnitz

      '2/5bz union in eurOPUA' 7 city/9 show tour finished .
      played in international clubtransmediale festival in 6 february .
      other some participiants ; recherzentrum ,random inc.,negativland ,
      scanner , ultra red , otto von schirach , pansonic ,john oswald ,
      people like us ,...

      also played improvise with acoutic saz and electronics in
      international rotterdam bienal in 22 february Worm .other artists in
      this bienal participiants ; chris cutler ,george lewis , eddie
      prevost ,..

      20 march 2003 2/5BZ played in istanbul/Phonem festival . with
      other participiants ; recherzentrum ,mu-ziq , carl craig ,
      pansonic ,thomas brinkmann,..
      stage in 1 univercity , 2 club 1 venue .


      http://www.istfest.org/pilato/20mart.htm 2/5bz played headliner in
      turkish electronic artists performance day in 20 march in Istanbul
      Phonem Festival .

      web - info ; http://www.2-5bz.com
      2/5BZ contact ; P.K.55 Suadiye 81070 Istanbul - Turkey

      e - mail ; serhatkoksal@...
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