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Big Block 454 review

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  • bb454@boltblue.com
    Review of Big Block 454 s CD That s a Nice Hat on the Chain DLK website : Playing this CD alone some time ago, I got taken back to when my dad introduced me
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2003
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      Review of Big Block 454's CD "That's a Nice Hat" on the Chain DLK
      website :

      Playing this CD alone some time ago, I got taken back to when
      my dad introduced me to Frank Zappa's music........... That same
      odd, weird, rather Dadaist vibe minus some of the crude humor
      (more along the lines of witty British humor). This group's music
      through 4 songs with titles as head scratching as "Canned Food In
      Combat" is like the musical equivalent of Monty Python's "And
      Now For Something Completely Different"; switching off in
      strange, nonsensical segues that still captivate us in its beautiful
      cascade into the absurd.
      Playing it for a table full of friends, one a Britpopper, one a
      veteran in the goth-industrial scene, another a newcomer to that
      scene,and me, all over some Portuguese dinner, the looks varied
      slightly but the tone was the same. Fits of laughter burst out and
      each one of them shrugged and went "what the fuck is this?!?!
      This is hilarious!" with that universal look of befuddlement.
      I love this band's offbeat humor and knowledge of post Dadaist
      philosophy towards art that even Andre Breton himself would
      take notes on. It also keeps you wondering what sharp cul-de-sac
      this group's sound will drive you into, like a lo-fi (complete with
      that retro-70's sound production) paper shredder chasing you
      around the house searching for your cookies.
      No deep dogma or preaching here, folks, just good old fashioned
      music to get the masses to scratch their heads in unison. Just like
      its current brainchild, power metal, krautrock is the surrealist
      answer to technical music. And this is the genre's Dream Theater.

      Big Block 454, Manchester, England

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