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  • Stevo <stevolende@yahoo.co.uk>
    ... you ... problem is I can t type so I get typos. That s where it started , I also can t punctuate too greatly I then started noticing people getting uptight
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 26, 2003
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      <ingthibault@y...> wrote:
      > --- In thewire@yahoogroups.com, "Stevo <stevolende@y...>"
      > <stevolende@y...> wrote:
      > > the list and descriptions to my cdr guy ok?
      > > probly wrong correct me if you will
      > Steve:
      > While I appreciate your contributions to this list (and the others
      > crosspost to), I can't understand your total disregard for spelling
      > and punctuation. Some attention to detail would make your posts so
      > much easier to understand.

      problem is I can't type so I get typos.
      That's where it started , I also can't punctuate too greatly
      I then started noticing people getting uptight about spelling etc.
      worst example was some eejit on another list saying somebody
      should've used spellcheck on a Guardian article they posted to list
      cos all the spelling was English not U.S.
      Other thing is that most posts actually are improvised and done
      quickly and if they get the message across they serve their purpose
      don't they?
      The main thing with correct spelling/grammar/punctuation checking is
      to show that the material conveyed is seen as important enough to the
      sender for them to be taking their time to check things. Here I
      thought things were on a more casual basis, +anyway these things
      speak for themselves don't they?
      The message you replied to was cut & paste from something I wrote to
      the guy I was lending the cds to , written in a hurry after several
      pints. I thought it might spark conmversation so I sent it here too.
      Np Jefferson Airplane disc2 Ballad of you & me And Pooneil
      (Neil in the last word is apparently Fred BTW)
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