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WRECK: Bio-Electrical Women [playlist]

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 202: Woman s Copious Charge of Yin Maandag, 9 December 2002 (17.00
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      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 202: Woman's Copious Charge of Yin

      Maandag, 9 December 2002 (17.00 to 19.00)
      Simulwebstream <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      "At the time of orgasm she gives off a powerful pulse of psychic
      energy Š taoism, and other sex-magical systems,
      recommend that the magician seal her mouth with his at this moment
      and quaff the effulgent draught, while
      at the same time by an interior absorbent process draw up the transmitted
      orgasmic impulse through his member."
      o Benjamin Walker, Sex & the Supernatural

      The Utility of Space > Natasha Barrett [1]
      + Radio Ethiopia > Patti Smith [2]
      This is Where I Am Now > Beth Custer [3]
      Industrial Revelations > Natasha Barrett [1]
      Drop > Beth Custer [3]
      + Radio Ethiopia > Patti Smith [2]
      Vocalique / Récit 2 > Anna Maria Kieffer [4]
      Handel With Care + > Christine Lauterburg [5]
      Temenos > Shelley Hirsch [6]
      Albatros > Christine Lauterburg [5]
      The Moorlough Shore > Sinead O'Connor [7]
      A Think Within A Think > Osaka [8]
      Lord Baker > Sinead O'Connor & Christy Moore [7]
      Macao / De Kurd > Christine Lauterburg [5]
      Momo / Cri > Lizzy Mercier Descloux [8]
      Me Done > Ari Up [9]
      Places I Won't Go > Shadon [10]
      Problem What Problem? > Mechanical Servants [11]
      Janitor of Lunacy > Nico [12]
      One divided by Two > Beth Custer [3]
      Francouska > Iva Bittova [13]
      Holster > Beth Custer [3]
      Happy Dance > Beth Custer [3]


      [1] "Isostasie" on Empreintes Digitales <www.electrocd.com> Excellent
      electroacoustic material from this British composer. It has the
      trademark ED high quality acoustics and its typical breathtaking
      wooshes from left to right channel, from total silence to purposeful
      cacophony and lots of liner notes.

      [2] "Radio Ethiopia" on Arista, 1976. Still my favorite PS besides
      "Piss Factory" because it doesn't go all bloody anthemic. There is an
      obtuse and muddy wonderment here. The electronic frippery and wanking
      seems inspired and douses the rhetoric. Unselfconsciously
      psychotropically symphonic.

      [3] "The Shirt I Slept In" on BC, 1996 <b1custer@...>. I just
      rediscovered this in some back nook of my CD collection. Incredibly
      good a wonderful tension between tranquil ambiences and jazzy improv
      noise. Who can deny a San Fran woman with shaved head and
      challengingly high platform boots?

      [4] "Ways of the Voice" with Leo Kupper on Pogus <www.pogus.com>. I
      played this a couple of weeks ago as well but it got inadvertently
      dropped from the playlist. Interesting forays into the extremes of
      the human voice. She makes it do wonderful things. She really talks
      to the animals!

      [5] "Echo der Zeit" on CSR <www.csr-records.ch>. A great label
      producing an under-regarded mad yodeler in the vein of Shelley Hirsch
      from a snowy peak. Inspired reinvention of ethno-über-music combining
      real yodeling with hints of other-worldly musics splintered and
      melted into a mix worthy of Hector Zazou. And to think CL had only
      the second yodel hit on the pop charts in the history of Swiss pop
      charts with this disc!

      [6] "States" on Harvestworks <www.harvestworks.org>. This is great
      not only because she has some of the most amazing voices and develops
      an entire musical drama stage full of multi-personality characters
      that all speak through her mouth but this avant gardist is - dare I
      say it? - funny! There is a REAL lack of jest and humor in the avant
      garde productions I listen to. Not wakcy funny but inspired post-Dada
      funny. She is one of the featured profiles in my yodeling book as is
      Christine Lauterburg. Inspired by "silent footageŠ of a young woman
      writihing on the ground in a trance.

      [7] "Sean-Nos Nua" on Hummingbird, produced by Adrian Sherwood.
      Great, great. I mean, just incredibly gut-wrenching vocals. In the
      pop world her and Bjork beat any other female vocalist, hands down.
      There is hope for pop and female popular vocals with these 2 kicking
      around. Period. And A. Sherwood's production is soŠ respectful, there
      but not, unobtrusive, evident, like gossamer. It makes me really
      really respect AS when he can keep back and just KNOW what someone
      like O'Connor needs! Some great samples - one of a billiard table and
      the clacking balls!

      [8] "VA: Variable Access" on Active Suspension
      <http://www.chronowax.com> <contact@...> is an excellent
      sampler from this young French label that hearkens toward break beat
      and electronica and mille plateuax and ~scape. At once cohesive and
      eclectically all over making connections between sonic drony
      poppishness and abstract electronica. There is however a sense that
      minimalism has found a complex way to hear it. Outstanding trax are
      by My Jazzy Child and Osaka. They seem dedicated to getting unheard,
      obscure, unconnected music out there. I have already played the Osaka
      piece 4 or 5 times on my show... One of the singles of the year.

      [9] "Ari" is a promo CD of 6 cuts <bswirsky@...>. I like
      some of this especially the dubby slitsy-update redux stuff but when
      she tries to be with-it or tries to get on a pulpit higher than all
      the other pulpits things start to sound hollow. What happened to this
      and Ari?

      [10] "Chainstore Massacre" <onusonund.co.uk> is the long-awaited [it
      was right on time in Amsterdam!] un-pay-it-all-back, next generation
      On-U dub and it is killer for cuts 1-6, absolutely cutting edge,
      serrated jack hammerŠ really nice: one foot in the door of twilight
      zone, one foot in the door of Studio One and lots of dynamite in the
      crotch. BUT, it gets decidedly more uneven - some real potholes! -
      along the back road home. But, I am not complaining. And actually the
      Shadon has caught on. Shadon is the sister of Jr. Tucker and she has
      recently worked with Bunny Wailer, Jr. Delgado & Little Roy. Her
      silky voice booms.

      [11] "Min x Match" on Mystery Toast, 1980. On the fringe of the
      lively Albany scene of the ealry 80s, this great femme duo out of
      Saratoga Springs! rocked with robotic sensuality somewhere between
      late Devo and early Suicide - Kraftwerk in the ladiesroom.

      [12] "Desertshore" with John Cale on Reprise.

      [13] "Iva Bittova J.H." on Indies Records of Prague. One of the great
      living vocalists. <www.bittova.cz> <www.indiesrec.cz>.


      o Have to keep things to a minimum as I enter extreme crunch time
      with my yodeling book. Some surprising yodelers: Tremeloes, Bing
      Crosby, Del Shannon, Peter Orlovsky, BeethovenŠ

      o "Amazons who lived near the Caucasus Š as a rule selected their men
      from outside the community. Sometimes they broke one of the legs of
      their chosen capives, for, according to an Amazon princess, 'the lame
      best perform the act of love'." - Benjamin Walker

      o "'Women' say the Arabs, 'are the whips of Satan'." - Benjamin Walker

      o "'There are 7 kinds of poisons,' syas a Hindu text, 'and the most
      venomous is woman.'" - Benjamin Walker

      o "'Woman is a tool of Satan and the pathway to hell,' said St.
      Jerome." - Benjamin Walker

      o "'A man with 100 tongues who lives 100 years would not be able to
      describe completely the vices and defects of woman'." - Benjamin

      * "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands


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