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Re: [thewire] The Soft Pink Truth

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  • A.S. Van Dorston
    Okay, I finally found some more info. No more panic to get it before the polls are in, it doesn t come out til Jan. Revenge Of The Nerd
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 9, 2002
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      Okay, I finally found some more info. No more panic to get it before the
      polls are in, it doesn't come out 'til Jan.

      Revenge Of The Nerd http://www.jockeyslut.com/magazine/pulse/three.html

      Imagine Matthew Herbert getting jiggy to Miami bass. Unpleasant as that
      thought may be keep it in your head whilst Drew Daniel, the brains and
      balls behind the twisted sex-tech of Soft Pink Truth, explains why giving
      electronica a (meat) injection of lascivious fun on his 'Do You Party?' LP
      is A Good Thing.

      "I was at a party hosted by an on-line group called Intelligent Dance
      Music," says the San Francisco resident, "and I started dancing. Everyone
      there stared at me with complete horror. These people spend their time
      discussing what Aphex has for breakfast, so it's a backlash against all
      that seriousness. But it's still geeky, I guess."

      Still, tracks like 'Big Booty Bitches' - "My mom's favourite!" he claims -
      and forthcoming single 'Promofunk' pay no heed to the herd mentality as
      glitchy electro grooves squelch amongst R'n'B's sloppy seconds. "The chimes
      on R'n'B ballads are so terrible that I had to have one!" he laughs. "But
      what the UK media calls electro is really synthpop - I want you to put that
      in capital letters." It's a world away from his early days breakdancing in
      Kentucky - "Hardly the Bronx," Drew admits - or his day job in Matmos, the
      group who programmed Bjork's 'Vespertine' to perfection. Soft Pink Truth
      was conceived after Matthew Herbert asked him to make some house music for
      his label when the pair met in Paris.
      "It's a guilty pleasure for me," Drew says of the album, "because I've
      never been into house music. So it belongs on the dancefloor but in a
      dysfunctional way."

      Much like the man at a local gay club who unwittingly inspired Drew's
      pseudonym. "Everyone calls him Soft Pink Missy," Drew confides, 'because he
      takes so much crystal meth that he can't get it up."

      Soft Pink Truth, on the other hand, have really risen to the occasion.

      'Promofunk' is released on October 14. 'Do You Party' is out early next
      year. Both are on

      At 08:38 AM 12/9/02 -0800, you wrote:

      >Okay, so there's an enticing review of The Soft Pink Truth * Do You Party?
      >in the new Wire -- a solo disco project from one of the Matmos guys. Yet
      >from my Internet searches, it doesn't exist yet...

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