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LONG time back!!! ATATACCK

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  • Matthew Saint-Germaine
    Hello All-it s been some time. We here at Freedom From are dusting off the hell that has been the last year, sucking venom can have it s advantages. At the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2002
      Hello All-it's been some time.

      We here at Freedom From are dusting off the hell that has been the
      last year, sucking venom can have it's advantages. At the completion
      of this year we will have withstood every single possible bad thing
      that could happen to a label; namely having MSG run the thing. Now
      we are an organization huge, with many flailing appendages seeking to
      strike you in the head or maybe the side. Everyone is cashing in.
      We are cashing in for you. In this year we dropped our prices
      significantly while simultaneously dropping acid at least once a
      week. I peed on a guys order before it went out.

      What's the most pressing issue? The catalog, as it stands is going
      out of print. Well most of it, we will continue on with the
      merchandise that can save. You can still order stuff from the back,
      but you must do so by Jan 1, it will all be gone then. Get in touch
      soon bub. Also, out now are the hot vinyl hitters


      Both are going extremely fast, with the violent ramp essentially
      selling out in two days, though copies remain. if you want one, i
      highly suggest you write me today. No Doctors even have their own
      site, and we made MANY more copies to satisfy those in Europe. They
      too are just about gone, if you want one you need to contact us
      immediately. We don't plan a repress (and we aren't liars, ask any
      customer.) Who are these fools? Violent Ramp is in a nutshell Wolf
      Eyes doing hardcore skate punk a la negative approach or something
      like that, with ramp set up to kick drum, dudes carving Olson's
      face. No Doctors is the best rock band in the country, peroid. Pete
      Larsen of 'Fuck Pete Larson' fame will attest to this.

      Outside of this, there are some brand newbs coming very soon like an
      Ice Rod 7" (rapper that puts everyone else to shame, take a seat TB6
      acts), Hair Police 7", Reynols/Decaer Pinga LP, v/a like a rug in a
      lake cd with sonic youth, harry pussy, derek bailey, minutemen and
      lots more, ff-unplugged cs with scorces and other less hot items,
      golly gee so much. CHECK THE NEW FF SITE, it is here for you and it
      makes sense this time, no lies blatantly adverted accross it. We've
      gone legit, which means more cocaine belly rubbings.


      We ask you please and nicely to tell all your friends to sign up for
      this list. tell them to send a blank message to ff-l-
      subscribe@yahoogroups.com and you'll be on. there will be a message
      after this with a bunch of shit saying how good the world is right
      now. Not sure when we will write it, but it will make sense and you
      will understand. Almost every single order has been shipped and we
      are catching up big time now that all that dead weight has been
      shaved. Order in confidence, really.

      This is a terrific time. Well, for those who aren't gonna be
      killed. Please always remember that. get out of your house, touch
      people, lick the wind my children. There is no time to sit down.

      Freedom From's top 10 of 2002 (a work in progress) excluding our own
      records which would surely overtake all your poophanded ones...

      #1 ANDREW WK - I GET WET
      #3 MICHAEL YONKERS - MICROMINATURE LOVE (my dad set up his 1st show!)
      #6 COACHWHIPS - the first one
      #7 BLACK DICE - BEACHES AND CANYONS (live just insane)
      #8 25 SUAVES - 1938
      #9 CRACK: WE ARE ROCK cassette on folding

      there were plenty more but no one gave me a friggin copy.
      there is much more, and it will com esoon, buti suggest you order
      something right now and then i'll write more after i make a comforter
      out of the cash and hold your orders for 6 months. DIE CUSTOMER!

      BOOM, from the back.
      Freedom From
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