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Re: [thewire] Not so much "peeved" anymore

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    Hello Rob, As I said at first glance . I haven t even had a chance to run my eyeballs through the words. Knowing that you and the Wire staff have never let me
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 4, 2002
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      Hello Rob,
      As I said "at first glance". I haven't even had a chance to run my eyeballs through the words. Knowing that you and the Wire staff have never let me down in the past. I will only expect the best. I guess "half hearted" was a poor choice of words. I'm sure condensing twenty years of a magazine into anything is a chore in itself. I'm glad I spoke to soon about the founders and originators and am happy we get to here from past members of the magazine.

      By the way I'm also quite glad to see a piece on the Anticon collective. Check out the brilliant new Subtle CD "Winter". Another cLOUDEAD / This Mortal Coil / Geir Jensen type soundscape.
      Running a record shop that is a bit like Hornby's "Championship Vinyl" has given me the opportunity to corrupt a few ears and minds with some Anticon. Hopefully the Wire will open up some more.

      Apologies again

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      >OK so my November issue finally arrived on December 2nd. All is good
      >in Woburn, MA. Call back the hounds all is good in the world again.
      >Though I will say at first glance 20 years condensed into 10 pages
      >seems a bit half hearted. I did read Rob Young's "Editors Idea" and
      >I guess it makes sense since nobody on the staff has been there
      >longer than 1992. Which to me seems quite odd anyway. How about a
      >piece on what the founders and originators think of the current Wire.
      >Now where is my December issue!!!!!!<ha ha>

      Half-hearted!!?? You've got to be joking, surely? We were afraid
      people would think even 10 pages was self-indulgent of us. I can
      assure you there was nothing half-hearted about the way that feature
      was put together. We were absolutely up to our eyeballs in back
      issues in the period while that piece was assembled.

      As for founders and originators, there is a long comment from
      Chrissie Murray, the first publisher who was there when Anthony Wood
      set up the magazine. We tried to contact Wood for his comments but he
      is a very elusive character - all the phone and fax numbers we were
      given for his whereabouts were either dead or kept ringing out with
      no answer machine. Read on: all the previous editors, publishers etc
      who are quoted do indeed offer their opinions on the current Wire.


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