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WRECK: On U On Me Dub

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 199: On-U On Me Dub Maandag, 11 November 2002 (17.00 to 19.00)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2002
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 199: On-U On Me Dub

      Maandag, 11 November 2002 (17.00 to 19.00)

      SIMULWEBCAST and streaming [sometimes!!] <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      Birth of ECHO: Eskimo [Nunivak Island] lore tells of a cormorant
      hunter who followed some cormorants into an opening in a cliff and
      found himself stuck in a cave. The cormorants tortured the man by
      turning into anus-drilling little men and then escaping through a
      small opening where the hunter got stuck. His brother came looking
      for him, calling out his name. The stuck brother responded with
      exactly the same words. Every word and sentence was mimicked
      precisely. They say this is what makes the echoes among the rocky
      cliffs. And the second brother was so haunted by the echoes and
      saddened by his brother's disappearance that he never came to hunt
      among the rocky cliffs again. And so the moral of the story is
      something like "May all errors take their places and make very little
      noise doing it!" [a]


      Tumbleweed > Mossman [1]
      Bedward of Perplex > Doug Wimbish [2]
      Binghi Brain Melter Mix > Twilight Circus [3]
      Book of the Great Awakening > Spectre [3]
      Provisional Dub > Systemwide [3]
      Etherealites > Dub Syngers & Players [4]
      Peer Dub > Ariadne Sheermonde [5]
      Hidden Agenda > Spectre [6]
      Noise Polluters > Bad Card [7]
      Follow Like Wolves > Zion Train [8]
      Do Anything > Kerosene Oil vs Henry & Louis vs Blue & Red [9]
      Warning > 3 Head [7]
      African Landing > Dub Syndicate [8]
      Witch Doctor Meat Mix > Small Axe [Ruts] [8]
      Make a Joyful Noise > Singers & Players [10]
      Cyberabad > Asian Dub foundation [7]
      One Drop Blues > Little Axe [7]
      Carrion Bird > Jah Works vs Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics [11]
      Le Mangers Hereux > Little Annie vs Keith LeBlanc vs Sherwood/McDonald [12]
      Others/The Dice > Judy Nylon vs Adrian Sherwood [13]
      Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhale > Sinead O'Connor [14]
      Xplanation > Adrian Sherwood [7]
      The Lunatics are Taking Over the Asylum > Mark Stewart [7]
      Shooter Dub > King Tubby & Santic Allstars [15]
      Snipers > Systemwide [16]
      Push on Thru [remix] > Salmonella Dub [7]
      Réclame > Systemwide [17]
      Peer Dub > Ariadne Sheermonde [5]
      Han Do Jin > Depth Charge [18]

      [a] A summation of the longer story by Hans Himmelheber, Where The
      Echo Began: And Other Oral Traditions from Southwest Alaska,
      University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks, 1999.

      [1] "Mossman vs The World Bank" on Dispensation <www.dublounge.net>
      is earnest screw-loose-rattling-in-my-brain-pan dub out of Canada. It
      is some of the heaviest progressive yet root beat based dub around
      [Twlilight Circus notwithstanding]. Mighty joyous beats, dub that
      goes to the core. One of this year's faves. Plus Mossman connects dub
      to insurrection: "Reggae music is the revolution of the future."
      Peter Tosh. You got to trust earnestness. As mossman writes: In a
      time where the World Bank and WTO continue to expand and where
      corporatist agenda and greed have appropriated the globalization of
      world trade and culture, Jamaica's revolutionary contribution to the
      planet continues to resist Babylon's institutions." And I just got
      the new one in "Mossman vs. Mr. Tsunami" it kills roaches dead! Get
      them both!

      [2] "Trippy Notes for Bass" on On-U Sound. Great ethereal psych-out blues.

      [3] "Wreck This Mess: Remission 2" on Noise Museum is the natural
      prosthetic extension of On-U and what better 1-2-3 punch than 3 of
      the best dub crews around back to back on this compilation. Spectre
      being the deep disturbed nihilistic deep Brooklyn crew. There ain't
      much upbeat about Brooklyn and it evident with all Crooklyn Dub
      stuff. Spectre being the dingiest and best.

      [4] "Etherealites Dub Syndicate" on Dubmission. The mysterious 45
      single from Dubmission via some major retailoring. Great stuff.

      [5] This is the mysterious single that is pure Creation Rebel gone
      global and omniverously sonic. Where did this come from? It mixes and
      veers and lists all over the place sampling everything from Klemzer
      to Eastern European chant. Hard, heavy, and overloads of sampling
      beat-noid pleasure. The envelope came mysteriously through a third
      party, the envelope marked Jamaica, NY, and Amsterdam! Label reads
      "Peer Dub/Sick [2001 Remix] - Ariadne Sheermonde." That's it. Anybody
      with leads pleaseŠ

      [6] "Crooked: The Movie & the Soundtrack", the soundtrack to a film
      that lets you see Brooklyn in all the soul-sucking [lack of] light.
      It's a gulag in a hurricane, it's a place where Word sound is HQ'd
      and this post-existential heavy stuff is what comes out. If you need
      to dredge a lake for bodies, look them up. With the better end of
      bunted ra, Sensational, like Barry White in a collapsing project
      hi-rise. The whole disc sounds like a submarine in muddy water,
      guided by captain Sun Ra.

      [7] "Chainstore Massacre" <onusonund.co.uk> is the long-awaited [it
      was right on time in Amsterdam!] un-pay-it-all-back, next generation
      On-U dub and it is killer for cuts 1-6, absolutely cutting edge,
      serrated jack hammerŠ really nice: one foot in the door of twilight
      zone, one foot in the door of Studio One and lots of dynamite in the
      crotch. BUT, it gets decidedly more uneven - some real potholes! -
      along the back road home. But, I am not complaining. And actually the
      Shadon has caught on. The Sinead vs Skip cut seems forced, and
      doesn't turn the corner. Jr. Delgado: voice excellent, passionate...
      i take it back what i sed earlier. Congrats to Salmonella! New
      Zealand dub at its earnest and best in remix. Little Roy is ok.
      Ghetto Priest sounds fine. Dub Syndicate could do with AS's help!
      Their non-AS discs are pedantic, humorless, flat. They need the mad
      twist of the knobs to keep the rasta rhetoric in ironic persepctive.
      Mutant Hi Fi goes right back to the essential Tackhead, Creation
      Rebel, Singers & Players stuff I really like. Mark Stewart remains
      the soundtrack of Guy Debord's spleen.

      [8] "King Size Dub Volume 1" Echo Beach <www.echobeach.de> keeping
      dub alive from the German front. One of the mainstays of post On-U
      loyalty. Zion Train: trip dub for the dance hungry.

      [9] "Do Anything / Plastic World" excellent 12-inch, particularly the
      non-vocal dub from the people at BSI <www.bsi-records.com>.

      [10] "Dub Xperience Dread Operators" on On-U/Cleopatra, 1996. Some
      great archival material.

      [11] "The Inspirational Sounds of Jah Works" on UE
      <http://wobblyweb.com/ue> is a very beautiful disc of subtle beats
      and harmonies. Heavy dub and lilting melodies, precious and magical.
      A great blend of Jamaican dub studio fiddling and UK new tech. Jah
      Works = Rej Forte, has come up with a very nice intuitive touch to
      match old with new. And the deep goes spatial, the roots go ecstatic.
      It gets better with repeated listenings.

      [12] "In Dread / 4 Pieces of Heart at 33RPM" on On-U Sound. 12-inch.
      Some interesting gestures here but after her killer solo album, this
      12-inch was a bit of disappointment, she is going a bit off the Edith
      Piaf, chanteuse side. It is almost too earnestly vamping and camping.
      But make no mistake, I consider her one of the most underrated female
      vocalists around.

      [13] "Pal Judy" on On-U/ROIR [1982/1990]. Get it even though it
      doesn't exist. For an interview I did with madam Nylon:

      [14] "Sean-Nos Nua" on Hummingbird, produced by Adrian Sherwood. God,
      this is great. I mean, just incredibly gut-wrenching vocals. In the
      pop world her and Bjork beat any other female vocalist. Period. And
      A. Sherwood's production is soŠ respectful, there but not,
      unobtrusive, evident, like gossamer. It makes me really really
      respect AS when he can keep back and just KNOW what someone like
      O'Connor needs! Some great samples - one of a billiard table and the
      clacking balls!

      [15] "Heavyweight 2" on Blood & Fire. On this song by one of
      Sherwood's heroes, you can almost feel the senseless shooting, the
      proliferation of firearms, smuggled in by the CIA in the 70s to
      destabilize the Socialist government. This agitation on the part of
      the CIA led to many deaths, and an assassination attempt on Bob
      Marley, the downfall of Manley's government and a country that has
      never recovered.

      ghetto (GET-o) noun

      1. Part of a city, typically densely populated and run-down, inhabited
      by members of an ethnic group or a minority, for social, economic
      or legal reasons.

      2. A situation or environment characterized by isolation, inferior status,
      bias, restriction, etc.

      [From a word for a foundry, to the name of an island, to the place where Jews
      were forced to live, to its current sense, the word ghetto is a fascinating
      example of how words come to mean something entirely different as they travel
      through time. The word originated from Latin jacere (to throw), the root of
      words such as project, inject, adjective, jet. Venetian getto is the word for
      a foundry for artillery. As the site of such a foundry, a Venetian island was
      named Getto. Later when Jews were forced to live there because of persecution,
      the word became synonymous with cramped quarters, populated by isolated

      2nd Radio 100 benefit festival
      The Radio 100 Sterrengala
      Moved to the 16th of February.
      Due to some unforseen problems and a very tight time-schedule we
      decided to change the benefit festival to another date; Feb. the 16th
      2003. This is causing us a lot of work again but it also means that
      the festival will be much better organized than when we would have
      let it happen in December and also we'll have more time to put
      together a good program. Beside this the 16th of February is on a
      Sunday and not a Monday as we were planning it in December first.
      We've asked all the artists that were going to perform in December if
      they are willing to perform on the new date as well but most likely
      the program will change.
      * "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands


      WTM Playlists archive [early stages]:

      Some of my playlists can be found at 3am Magazine
      <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title "Radiophotogram: Visual
      Radio". Also posted is a depth-of-focus interview with Judy Nylon. To
      appear soon: excerpts from my scandal-delicious paris novel, PARIS
      SEX TETE, a review of the spoken word works of Roberto ValenzaÉ

      "For a more international, commercial feel, try 3am Magazine. . . .
      The cosmopolitan, rive gauche quality of the site is wonderfully
      obvious. From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and
      music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and
      clued-up, and it counter-balances nicely the London/New York
      publishing behemoth." o Bill Broun, The Times (Monday April 30 2001).

      "Cool ezine 3am is worth taking a look at for a dip into the edgier
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