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Battle of the Bean Field - BBC Radio 4 Listen.... URL enclosed

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  • viziondanz
    Battle of the Bean Field - BBC Radio 4 Listen.... URL enclosed In living memory was broadcast a few days ago It is powerful and moving, and puts the work we
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002
      Battle of the Bean Field - BBC Radio 4 Listen.... URL enclosed
      "In living memory" was broadcast a few days ago It is powerful and
      moving, and puts the work we are doing in creating the summer
      solstice celebration in context, along with the whole party, festival
      movement.in the UK.
      If you can't get it to play from the site, download it by right
      clicking and save.

      see the video there too

      I cried through most of this program, it brings home the issue and
      the importance of the work we are doing with the Truth and
      Reconcilliation Commission, the round table
      and the stonehenge solstice celebration.

      I was away from '78 till '99
      I knew nothing of what was going on
      I went to stonehenge with my teenagers in '99 as a tourist
      a summer vacation to re live my hippy youth.I knew nobody here, not
      even from my past. I was amazed and horrified by the circus that I
      found when I got to Stonehenge. A fence, helicopters, police, tv
      crews from all over the world. I'd only been back in england a week
      and I was on the late news - my mum loved it.

      Since then, I have met many induviduals who's lives were so
      traumatized by the event that they have spent years in a twighlight
      world of post traumatic stress - existing not only on the periphery
      of society, but over the edge.

      And others who's empowerment, who's sense of what is possible has
      been crushed by the example that was made of what happens to you if
      you attempt to live freely.

      A whole generation stunted, cut back ... and now back sprouting
      again, stronger than ever.

      Its all very well to say its past, and it is, but at the same time
      there are many individuals who for them it is still present, and
      imprisons them in a half life of broken dreams. We need to acknowlege

      And what hapenned in Leeds?
      ( Saturday night 100 tooled up riot cops used a battering ram to
      gain access to a building and randomly sprayed people with CS gas see
      the end of this e mail )-

      Is the same mistake going to be made again by the present generation
      of authority.

      The work we are doing to build a relationship with the authorities to
      have our dreams come true will grow to encompass the entire issue
      nationally. There is no need for anyone to be disenfranchised in
      this society, where a peace and happiness is the core of our values

      This program file needs to be emailed to everyone we know, so that
      thay can get taste the flavour of where all this began.

      see the video there too
      "there is nothing wrong with our world, we are just having a weird
      conversation - Reclaim the converstion!

      The Stonhenge Peace Process, join the conversation @
      Interested in being involved in the Stonehenge Solstice Celebration
      Meeting @ The Arts organisation - 491 grove green rd - leytonstone
      Sat 11am, bring food etc to share
      From Schnews http://www.schnews.org.uk

      Late last Saturday night, 100 tooled up riot cops used a battering
      ram to
      gain access to a building and randomly sprayed people with CS gas. So
      provoked such a heavy police response? Er, a party in Leeds at the A-
      squatted social centre. Once again the dance-police have been out in
      executing a pre-planned operation against unlicensed fun. Fortunately
      no one
      was injured in the panic, thanks to safety procedures put in place by
      organisers, but 20 people were arrested and 4 have been charged with

      The A-Spire squat had been used for housing homeless people, hosting
      workshops, talks, film shows, a vegan café and children's area.
      reckons that Leeds Council and local police didn't like that the A-
      crew had been providing free space, outside the confines of consumer

      As SchNEWS went to press on Thursday, it became apparent just how far
      Council and police will go to protect their new yuppy-friendly image.
      Thursday afternoon, police apparently stormed two squatted buildings
      connected to the long-running Leeds housing co-op, Cornerstone. When
      activists arrived on the scene, they found both buildings boarded up
      many of the squatters missing. It still remains unclear exactly what
      happened and or how many people have been nicked, but there's one
      thing for
      sure-Leeds police are on an arsehole roll!

      * A group of party goers who were attacked by riot police at a rave
      in the
      Cumberland Basin, Bristol, back in July are looking to sue the
      police. They
      want witnesses of the night's events to come forward and write a
      of what they saw. If you can help email disruptive@dangerous-
      minds.com. The
      attack seems prompted by the massive rave that took place on Steart
      over the Jubilee Weekend (SchNEWS 363). The cops came under a lot of
      for not stopping the Steart beach party and afterwards promised to do
      next time. To see the letter from the cops
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