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  • d. daniell
    ... didn t realize the PDF would be deleted - here s the press-release in straight text: WREK 91.1 FM - Georgia Tech Student Radio 165 Eighth Street N.W.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 20, 2002
      d. daniell said:
      > picked this up on a list for the radio station WREK in Atlanta, Georgia,
      > USA, and thought it was worth passing along - two straight days of
      > Merzbow to be broadcast on this radio station in December. see attached
      > press-release.

      didn't realize the PDF would be deleted - here's the press-release in
      straight text:

      WREK 91.1 FM - Georgia Tech Student Radio
      165 Eighth Street N.W.
      Atlanta, GA 30332-0630
      voice: (404) 894-2468 fax: (404) 894-6872 web: www.wrek.org

      Unprecedented airing of massive collection of 20 years
      of works by "extreme" Japanese artist

      On December 18th starting at 7 PM and lasting through the
      19th and 20th WREK will be making history by broadcasting
      Merzbow's entire MerzBox collection without interruption.
      Merzbow [Mertz-bow] is the premier noise artist from Japan.
      Masami Akita [Ma-simi A-keet-a], the one-man driving force
      behind Merzbow, studied literature and visual arts in
      college and was heavily influenced by Salvador Dali. He
      began his experimentation in noise music by playing with
      broken tape recorders and broken instruments back in 1979.
      Since then, Akita has been featured on hundreds of albums,
      including the culmination of Merzbow’s artistic work, the
      Merzbox. The MerzBox is a 50-CD set containing 30 reissues
      from 1979 to 1997, and 20 discs of unreleased material. It
      remains the largest musical statement in the history of
      noise music, and WREK intends to make history by being the
      first station to play all 50 CDs back to back without

      Some critics do not consider Merzbow’s creations valid music.
      However, Alex LaRoche, WREK's Program Director and the main
      force behind the Merzbow Marathon, argues that, "On first
      listen, the music of Merzbow may seem to be pure noise and
      free of melody or structure, but there are musical systems
      beyond the western 12-note tonal scale that most people are
      familiar with. Merzbow has been at this for 20 years, and
      I think that after 20 years of improv in any genre, new
      structures can be found."

      There is no dispute that he is one of the pioneers of the
      genre. According to AMG (All Music Guide), "There is no need
      to argue: Merzbow stands as the most important artist in
      noise music" and he is sometimes referred to as the king of
      noise. Merzbow has been producing cutting edge noise music
      since 1979, although his first official American release
      "Venereology" was not released until 1994.

      Beginning in 2003, WREK, Georgia Tech's all student-run radio
      station, will be celebrating its 35th year of broadcasting
      at 91.1 FM. WREK pioneered Internet broadcasting in 1994
      with the launch of streaming content on www.wrek.org and
      continues to break new ground on the internet by offering
      online listeners a weeklong archive in MP3 format. WREK
      proudly brings quality diverse programming to our listeners
      by offering everything from big band jazz to the upcoming
      Merzbow marathon beginning December 18th. In addition to
      WREK’s cutting edge music programming, we broadcast news
      and analysis of current events that people cannot hear
      anywhere else in Atlanta.

      For more information on Merzbow in general:

      Or for imformation about the MerzBox (the 50 CD box set):

      For more information on WREK:

      To contact WREK:
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